Cambridge Montessori Franchise: Cost, Profit In 2024

Cambridge Montessori Franchise is one of the best preschool franchises in India. We will discuss Cambridge Montessori Franchise Cost, Profit, Review, and How to Start the Franchise.

The franchise has 350+ outlets in India. You can directly enroll for the Cambridge Montessori Franchise by filling up the form on their website or the Google Form given on this website.

Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Daycare offers business with low investment and the investor will easily get a 40% to 45% return on investment. A professional support will be provided by the International Council of Montessori experts.

Cambridge Montessori Franchise Cost

Cambridge Montessori Franchise Cost ₹9,00,000 Rupees as an initial investment Pre-School. The minimum area required is 2000 Square Feets. The Franchise Fee charged by the brand is 2,50,000 Rupees. The Franchise Agreement will be for 10 Years.

Fun Zone: INR 1.15 Lacs plus Transportation
Mind Lab: INR 1.15 Lacs (Optional After school activity)
Other Expenditures: INR 4 Lacs

(LED TV,  Projector + Bean bag (Theatre cum Activity room), Painting + Theme at school, Furniture for the counselling room, Computer + Printer, Whiteboard (5) + Soft board (5), Soft toys, AC + CCTV, Beds (4) for Day Care, Candies + bowl + height chart + weighing machine + cordless bell + first aid box / suggestion box, Power backup + Fire extinguisher, Kitchen material, Matt for classroom, Mobile + Internet)

  • The expected Return on Investment is 1 Year.
  • The brand promotes guidance of site selection
  • The setup of the school will take around 25 days
  • No other Cambridge Montessori Preschool will be Opened in a radius of 2 kms from your location to maintain your exclusivity.

Business Development Benefits-

  • Our managers do a proper mapping of Market, Area, Feasibility
    and Demand Forecasting.
  • Regular support in terms of Tie-ups, Vendor Management,
    Parents, RWA & Corporate.
  • Regular updates and intervention by the management in running
    schools smoothly.

All marketing and promotional materials will be provided by the company along with-

  • Pre-launch strategy for the successful launch of the brand
  • Support and active role in launching of school
  • Corporate tie-ups and visits by the operational team
  • Participating and organizing trade fair seminars, business
    meet and presentations
  • Local Media – Strategy, Layout, Planning, Conceptualization,
  • National reach through Newspapers, Magazines, Electronic &
    Network platforms
  • Digital and Social Media outreach campaign on Facebook,
    LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs etc.

Other Benefits-

  • International standard curriculum and training manuals.
  • Hiring of Resources & HR support
  • Montessori Training to all staff members as per training manual
  • Regular training programs on various subjects
  • Academic audit of teaching and delivery as per curriculum
  • Curriculum, Activities, Worksheets, Allied Issues
  • Sourcing of time tested books, publications and the latest in the
    field of preschools
  • Industry updates and key challenges
  • Competitive strategy and product development
  • E-learning contents and tools
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Students Kit List

Cambridge Montessori Franchise Profit

We will analyze the Cambridge Montessori Franchise Profit Margin with the help of an example. We will deduct all the expenses from the Gross Sales.

We are assuming Sales of 3,00,000 Rupees per month or 36,00,000 Rupees per year. The best part is that there is no Royalty and no profit sharing for lifetime.

Gross Sales3,00,000 Rupees
Rent(60,000) Rupees
Electricity and Water Supply(15,000) Rupees
Salary of Workers and their Expenses(60,000) Rupees
Other expenses for Students
(Like Student Kits)
(60,000) Rupees
Net Profit1,05,000 Rupees

We can conclude that the Profit Margin of Cambridge Montessori Franchise is 35% for Sales of 3,00,000 Rupees. The outlet may have less profits in the initial days but the school will gain high popularity eventually and will have great demand in the market.

After good Local Marketing and Branding, the Sales will increase to 4 Lakh Rupees per month and the profit margin will be 43% on Sales or 1,72,000 Rupees.

Location is crucial in determining a franchise’s success rate along with quality and service.

The location should have a very high footfall. It should be in the main market of that area. A corner outlet is the most preferable option.

You can open the outlet nearby colleges, corporates, or any place where people love to have Preschools.

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How to get Cambridge Montessori Franchise?

To get a Cambridge Montessori Franchise, you have to fill out the Google form below then we will allot you a franchise specialist who will guide you the best.

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