Dulux Paints Dealership: Cost, Profit Margin in 2024

Dulux Paints Dealership is one of the best premium paint dealerships in terms of profit margin and affordability. We will discuss Dulux Paints Dealership Cost, Profit, and How to Start the Dealership in 2024.

Started in 1931, Dulux Paints Dealership has 5,000+ dealers PAN India. You can directly enroll for the Dulux Paints Dealership by filling up the Google Form.

The USP of the brand is its Decorative coatings business while the Performance Coatings business provides solutions to many industries and sectors including automotive, consumer electronics, power, aviation, shipping & leisure craft, construction, and many more.

The brand’s Idedication to Health, Safety, Environment, and Security (HSE&S) stands out as exemplary on a global scale, demonstrating meticulous attention to safeguarding both individuals and the environment.

Dulux Paints Dealership Cost

Dulux Paints Dealership cost is 6,50,000 Rupees as an Initial Investment. Branding and Shop development will be handled by the brand. The Brand also helps in connecting with the local contractors. Color Mixing Machine will be provided for free. Dulux Paints provides low-cost dealerships on an India basis:

Investment Amount
Registration (Refundable)25,000 Rupees
Security Deposit90,000 Rupees
Inventory5,00,000 Rupees
Computer & Printer10,000 Rupees
Other Expenses25,000 Rupees
Total Investment6,50,000 Rupees
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Dulux Paints Dealership Profit Margin

Dulux Paints Dealership Profit Margin (Gross) revolves around 15% profit margin on products. So you will be able to scale the business, and you will be able to generate higher income. The Sales volume is high in the paint business.

If the Sales are 3,00,000 Rupees per month then the Net profit margin will be 30,000 Rupees. After good Local Marketing and Branding, the Sales will increase to 6 Lakh Rupees per month and then the net profit margin will be 12% on Sales or a profit of 72,000 Rupees.

The cost of every paint box is around 900 Rupees and an average bill per customer is 2,000 Rupees so it is assumed that at least 8-10 customers purchase every day which will lead to sales of 20,000 Rupees per day or 6 Lakh Rupees per month.

Location plays a very crucial factor in determining the success rate of a dealership along with quality and service.

The location should have a very high footfall. It should be in the main market of that area. A corner outlet is the most preferable option. You can open the outlet near places where people demand high for Paint shops.

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How to get Dulux Paints dealership

To apply, go to www.duluxpaints.com, fill out all required information, and submit the question form.

Within 24 hours, you receive a call from the Dulux paints representative. He’ll set up a meeting with you to learn more about your financial and industry experience.

The density of other Dulux paints dealers in your area, your experience in the field, shop location, financial background, site condition and other factors all play a role in your eligibility for the dealership.

Make sure that there isn’t another Dulux paints store within a 2 to 3 kilometer radius of your proposed location. The dealerships are legally bound for a 2 km range.

Documents required-

  • To become Dulux paints Dealer, you must have documents like
  • Dulux paints Authorization Certificate
  • Trade License
  • GST Registration
  • Land Documents/Agreements, as well as the shop
  • A bank statement for the previous six months
  • 3 Blank Cheques
  • Electricity Bill
  • Ration Card
  • Qualification Certificate
  • Photograph, Email Id, Mobile Number, Current A/C, and PAN Card
  • NOC for a shop agreement/sale document
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