How To Get Ferns and Petals Franchise (Cost and Profit)

Ferns and Petals franchise is the best flower Franchise in India. We will discuss Ferns and Petals Franchise Cost, Profit, Review, and How to Start the Franchise.

From just 1 flower shop in Delhi during 1994, Ferns N Petals is now the largest florist chain with more than 450+ stores across all the major cities and towns of India. Out of 450+ floral/cake franchise stores,50% are being managed by women entrepreneurs.

One clearance, the brand name is Ferns N Petals, not Ferns and Petals. The brand is also known as FNP.

Their vision is to be the most trusted gifting brand to celebrate the joy of giving. You can directly enroll for the Ferns and Petals Franchise by filling up the form on their website or the form given below on this website.

The services offered by Ferns and Petals are-

  • Weddings & Events Decor – Wedding Garlands
  • Car Decor, First Night Decor, Trousseau & Gifts Packaging
  • Landscaping, Balcony Gardens, Vertical Gardens
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Plants on Hire
  • Domestic & International Deliveries

The sources of Profit/Sales from Ferns and Petals are-

  • Bouquets & Arrangements
  • Chocolate Bouquets & Arrangements
  • Dry & Artificial Flowers
  • Plants
  • Gifting Corporate
  • Gifting Occasions (like Valentine’s Day)
  • Personalized Gifts

Ferns and Petals Franchise Cost

Ferns and Petals Franchise Cost ₹16,47,000 Rupees as an initial investment according to the business model. The Franchise Fee is ₹5,00,000 Rupees+GST. A 5% Royalty will be charged on Sales or 15,000 Rupees per month whichever is higher.

The minimum area required is 300 Square feet. The minimum Frontage required is 10 feet and above.

Franchisee fee5,00,000 Rupees
Store décor/Interior (300 Sqft)5,20,000 Rupees
First fill of stock2,75,000 Rupees
Equipment & Accessories1,71,000 Rupees
LED signage (10ft X 3ft)32,000 Rupees
POS software24,000 Rupees
Personalized Machines1,25,000 Rupees
Total16,47,000 Rupees
  • GST, store setup & transportation on actuals
  • The Agreement will be for 5 years
  • Other Investments include Branding, Marketing and Licensing
  • The expected Return on Investment is 1.5 Years
  • Trained Manpower will be provided by the brand
  • FNP Website Support
  • Dedicated Sucess manager for every Store
  • Google Business Listing for Better Reach
  • Social Media Marketing Support
  • The entire process will take 30 days of time to launch the store after the date of finalizing the shop
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Ferns and Petals Franchise Profit

We will analyze Ferns and Petals Franchise Profit Margin with the help of an example. We will deduct all the expenses from the Gross Sales. We are assuming Sales of 5,00,000 Rupees i.e. 16,666 Rupees per day.

Gross Sales5,00,000 Rupees
Material Cost @32% (inc.GST)(1,60,000) Rupees
Rent(60,000) Rupees
Electricity and Water Supply(10,000) Rupees
Salary of Workers and their Expenses(45,000) Rupees
Royalty @5%(25,000) Rupees
Other expenses(15,000) Rupees
Net Profit1,85,000 Rupees

We can conclude that the Profit Margin of the Ferns and Petals Franchise is 37% for Sales of 5,00,000 Rupees. The outlet may have less profits in the initial days but the store will gain high popularity eventually and will have great demand in the market.

After good Local Marketing and Branding, the Sales will increase to 9 Lakh Rupees per month and the profit margin will be 50% on Sales or 4,50,000 Rupees.

Location plays a very crucial factor in determining the success rate of a franchise along with quality and service.

The location should have a very high footfall. It should be in the main market of that area. A corner outlet is the most preferable option.

You can open the outlet nearby colleges, corporates, or any place where people love to have flower shops.

How to get Ferns and Petals Franchise?

To get the Ferns and Petals Franchise, you have to fill out the Google form below then we will allot you a franchise specialist who will guide you the best.

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