How to Start Giani Ice Cream Franchise: Cost, Profit, Review

Giani Ice Cream Franchise offers a variety of Premium and Fresh Ice Creams. We will discuss Giani Ice Cream Franchise Cost, Profit, Review and How to start the franchise.

Giani Ice Cream offers a fusion of multiple ice creams and chocolates to give the best experience to its customers.

You can directly enroll for the Giani’s Franchise by filling up the Google Form or on Whatsapp.

Giani Ice Cream Franchise Cost

Giani Ice Cream Franchise Cost

Giani Ice Cream Franchise Cost is 15 Lakh Rupees as Initial Investment. The franchise fee is 5 Lakh Rupees. The area should be 200-400 Square Feets. No Royalty will be charged.

Franchise Fee5,00,000 Rupees
18% GST on Franchise Fees90,000 Rupees
Interior Cost5,00,000 Rupees
Machinery and Equipments3,90,000 Rupees
License and Establishment Expenses10,000 Rupees
Other Expenses10,000 Rupees
Total Investment15,00,000 Rupees
Investment in Machinery and EquipmentsAmount
POS System40,000 Rupees
250-300 ltr Freezer20,000 Rupees
AC40,000 Rupees
CCTV20,000 Rupees
Computer Printer40,000 Rupees
Music System5,000 Rupees
Air Cutter15,000 Rupees
Mosquito Solution5,000 Rupees
Ice Cream Parlour, size (L) 6′54,000 Rupees+ Cartage
Fudge Machine (4 Container)16,000 Rupees
JTC Blender12,500 Rupees
Faluda Counter / Sundae Counter32,000 Rupees
Deep Freezer(Elanpro)EF-555,520 ltr22,685 Rupees
Display Freezer(Elanpro)EKG-205,205ltr15,225 Rupees
Software10,000 Rupees (1st Year)
Basic utensils+ Disposables15,000 Rupees
Ice Crusher5,000 Rupees
Waffle Machine (Cone)8,500 Rupees
Weight Machine3000 Rupees+licence fee
Total Investment on Machinery3,90,000 Rupees
  • The Franchise agreement is for 5 Years.
  • No Royalty will be charged by the Giani Ice Creams
  • 50% is the cost of the Ice Creams (or Raw Material) which will be provided by the company itself.

Giani Ice Cream Franchise Profit

To know the profit margin of the Franchise, we are taking an example below. We predicted our monthly Sales as 2,00,000 Rupees and deducted all the expenses from the Gross Sales.

Gross Sales2,00,000 Rupees
Raw Material @50%(1,00,000) Rupees
Rent(20,000) Rupees
Salary of Workers (2-3 Workers)(30,000) Rupees
Electricity and Water Supply(20,000) Rupees
Other Expenses(10,000) Rupees
Net Profit20,000 Rupees

By the example, We can conclude that Giani Ice Cream Franchise Profit is 10% in the initial days. The profit margin after good local branding will generate a Gross Sales of Rupees 4,00,000 will be 20% which is totally fair enough.

Location plays the most important factor in determining the success of a franchise. Prefer a place where most families or students wish to visit frequently. A place with a high footfall always generates very high Sales if the product quality is good and offered at affordable prices.

Ice Cream is something that can easily attract kids and youngsters so it’s easy to sell if the location will be appropriate.

Giani Ice Cream Franchise Review

The Ice creams are actually amazing and worth eating. There are a variety of flavours and fusions of Ice creams so there is a high probability of recurring Sales from the same customer.

The prices are not very high and completely worth the Ice Cream. The franchise also offers Ice Cream Shakes and Ice Cream Soda which makes the outlet a complete dessert spot to visit.

However, great quality at an affordable price means lower profitability. Ice Cream is a highly profitable business but in Giani, the Gross Profit Margin is only 50% and the Net Profit Margin is 20%. But the flip side is that the higher the value, the more the Sales.

The initial investment is high as compared to other Ice Cream Franchises but no royalty will be charged so it’s a balance of investment.

Opening the outlet inside a mall or a place with very high footfall will definitely lead to quick success. So instead of opening a big outlet, prefer to open a small takeaway shop inside a mall. This will also save a lot of interior cost as well.

Giani Ice Cream Menu

How to start Giani Ice Cream Franchise?

To start Giani Ice Cream Franchise, you have to fill the form below then we will allot you a franchise specialist on Whatsapp.

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