How to Start Kulfi House Franchise: Cost, Profit, Review

Kulfi House serves more than 100+ flavours of Kulfis and Natural Ice Creams. We will discuss Kulfi House Franchise Cost, Profit, Review, and How to start the outlet.

Kulfi House has 75 outlets across 12 States. They also have an international presence in Dubai.

You can directly enroll for the Kulfi House Franchise by filling up the Google Form.

Kulfi House Franchise Cost

Kulfi House Franchise Cost

Kulfi House Franchise Cost 7,50,000 Rupees as the initial investment. For a Tier 2 city, the franchise cost is 6,00,000 Rupees as initial investment.

The franchise fees and Brand fees are not fixed in this franchise. It depends on the city. For Tier 1 cities, the franchise fee is 4,00,000-5,00,000 Rupees. For Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, the franchise fee is 2,50,000 Rupees.

Franchise and Brand Fee4,00,000 Rupees
GST on Franchise Fee72,000 Rupees
Interior50,000 Rupees
Machinery and Kitchen1,50,000 Rupees
Other Expenses28,000 Rupees
Raw Material in advance50,000 Rupees
Total Investment7,50,000 Rupees
  • The Franchise agreement is for lifetime
  • The minimum area required is 150 Square feets
  • No Royalty will be charged
  • The raw material cost 55% of the Sales which is generally very high as compared to other brands.

Kulfi House Franchise Profit

Let’s take an example to analyze the Kulfi House Franchise Profit. We are assuming the daily Sales as 5,000 Rupees i.e. monthly Sales of 1,50,000 Rupees.

We will deduct all the expenses from the Gross Sales to get the Net Profit-

Gross Sales1,50,000 Rupees
Raw Material @55%(82,500) Rupees
Rent(20,000) Rupees
Salary (2 Workers)(25,000) Rupees
Electricity(7,500) Rupees
Other Expenses(5,000) Rupees
Net Profit10,000 Rupees

The profit margin of the Kulfi House franchise is below 10% for generating Sales of 1,50,000 Rupees.

The Profit margin is very low because Ice Cream is a seasonal product so the Sales are very unpredictable. Also, the company is charging a very high cost for Raw materials. Therefore, the profit margin is low.

For great Sales, having a great location is the most crucial factor. The location should have a very high footfall. It should be in the main market of that area.

You can also open the outlet nearby colleges, corporates, Malls or any place where people love to have desserts.

Kulfi House Menu

Kulfi House Franchise has the following items on their Menu-

  • Natural Kulfis
  • Ice Creams
  • Falooda
  • Milk Shakes
  • PaniPuri

Kulfi House Franchise Review

The Sales of Kulfi must be higher in Tier 1 cities because true ice cream lovers will definitely prefer Ice cream over everything. In Tier 2 cities the amount of Ice Cream lovers are comparatively low so the Sales will be dependent upon Summer Season.

The Faloodas and Kulfis are very delicious. The best part is that there are variety of Kulfis so the product is not monotonous and gives consumers great choices to select their favourite flavour. We can conclude it as a great dessert spot.

The quality of Ice Cream and Kulfis are great, the Ice Creams are slightly overpriced as compared to the product.

I personally don’t like the franchise support management of the Kulfi House. Inexperience was reflected in their work when I talked to the franchise executive. It is very important to have great management to achieve Success while opening a franchise outlet.

The franchise is not recommendable as per my personal experience because the management is very bad and suspicious.

The franchise fee is not fixed, it is different for Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. The franchise fee is dependent upon the city. I never heard such a concept like that.

The cost of Raw materials is also very high (55%). The reason is very clear why they are not charging any royalty.

The marketing support is not very good. The digital presence is very less. They are just offering the logo, product, and brand name.

I can say that the quality of the product is great but their franchise model is not appropriate. Their intent is just to generate high profit for themselves rather than the franchise.

Hope they will improve the management and their franchise model.

How to Start Kulfi House Franchise

To start the Kulfi House Franchise, you have to fill out the form below and then we will allot you a franchise specialist who will guide you the best.

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