How to Start Meat and Eat Franchise: Cost, Profit, Review

Meat and Eat Franchise is a Quick Service Restaurant like KFC and Subway. They serve great quality Veg and Non-veg fast food to customers.

Starting in 2013, it now has 150+ outlets across 10 cities in India especially in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and North Eastern states.

Let’s explore Meat and Eat Franchise Cost, Profit and Review. You can directly enroll for the Meat and Eat Franchise by filling up the Google Form or on Whatsapp.

Meat and Eat Franchise Cost

Meat and Eat Franchise Cost

Meat and Eat Franchise Cost is around 15 Lakh Rupees for 150-500 Square feet. The franchise fee is 2,00,000 Rupees for takeaway and 3,00,000 Rupees for Dine-in. No royalty will be charged at all.

Meat and Eat have 2 types of franchise models-

  1. Dine-in Restaurant (200-500 Square Feet)
  2. Takeaway (150-200 Square Feet)
ParticularsInvestment amount in Dine-In FranchiseInvestment amount in Takeaway Franchise
Franchise Fees with GST
(for 5 years)
3,54,000 Rupees2,36,000 Rupees
Interior and Furniture2,60,000 Rupees1,50,000 Rupees
Machinery5,50,000 Rupees4,80,000 Rupees
Branding90,000 Rupees
(Menu Cost Included)
70,000 Rupees
License30,000 Rupees30,000 Rupees
Advance for Material (Rotational Capital)1,25,000 Rupees1,25,000 Rupees
Total Investment (approx)14,15,000 Rupees11,00,000 Rupees
Particulars for MachineryAmount
Display Unit22,000 Rupees
Breading Table18,000 Rupees
Burger Station with chiller, Fryer Table, Working Table28,000 Rupees
Fryers (25 L gas= 2 nos and 10L electric fire)2 Lakh Rupees
POS45,000 Rupees
1 Verticle Chiller 300L and 3 Freezers (500L, 500L and 300L)1.15 Lakh Rupees
Small Kitchen Wares35,000 Rupees
Power Upgrading50,000 Rupees
Generator/UPS 1.5 KVA31,500 Rupees
Industrial Griller10,500 Rupees
Total Investment for Machinery5,50,000 Rupees

The company charges 50% on raw material which will be delivered through Cold Room Vehicle.

Meat and Eat Franchise Profit

We are taking an example to analyze the profitability of the franchise. We are taking Gross Sales as 1,50,000 Rupees.

I have taken a very amount of Sales because in the initial period, there is a lack of local marketing and branding. The profits will increase with the increase in Sales. So consider this as the profit in the initial months only.

Let’s see the monthly expenses of Meat and Eat Franchise-

Gross Sales1,50,000 Rupees
Raw Material @50% of Sales75,000 Rupees
Rent18,000 Rupees
Electricity, Water Supply12,000 Rupees
Salary of Workers35,000 Rupees
Other Expenses5,000 Rupees
Net Profit 5,000 Rupees

If the Sales will increase to 2,00,000 Rupees then the profit will also increase to around 25,000 Rupees.

A franchise with a good brand is not enough for local marketing so location plays the most crucial role in the success of the franchise. The location of the franchise should be on the main road with a high footfall.

If you want great profits in the initial period and personal branding and knowledge of a great location is a must aspect to consider.

Meat and Eat Franchise Review

The franchise has a good brand name in South India especially in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The best part is that they do not charge any royalty so there is only an initial investment needed for that you will have a good brand name and everything established.

The investment is not very high as compared to other franchises. I recommend you to opt for the Dine-In franchise Model because there is not much difference in investments. Sitting arrange will charge only 2-3 lakhs extra with some additional space needed.

The franchise offers both vegitarian and non-vegetarian food which is an added advantage.

Most importantly the food is great especially the chicken gives equal competition to KFC so you can analyze the food quality.

The interior is not very special. Ambiance plays a major role these days so the franchise should focus on the interior as well in exchange for some additional cost. The restaurant is more focused on its food quality which they offer at an affordable price range.

In a nut shell, If your investment range is 15 lakh rupees and you want to enter the quick service restaurant industry so this investment is worth it. It is an emerging franchise so you can be the first mover.

If you have any other questions regarding the franchise then you can fill the form below or ask me in the comment box.

How to start Meat and Eat Franchise

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