How to Start Monginis Franchise: Cost, Profit, Review

Monginis is a Cake/Bakery Franchise that offers the best quality products. We will discuss Monginis Franchise Cost, Profit, Review, Details, and How to open the Franchise.

Monginis is one the oldest and most trusted brand in India which has over 1000 Franchises across India.

The demand for Cakes and all the bakery items are increasing at a rapid pace so starting your bakery with a great brand name will be a huge plus.

You can directly enroll for the Monginis Franchise by filling up the Google Form.

Monginis Franchise Cost

Monginis Franchise Cost

Monginis Franchise cost rupees 10,50,000 Rupees as an initial investment. The franchise fee is 1,51,000 which is very affordable. The minimum area required is 100-300 Square Feet.

Franchise Fees1,51,000 Rupees
GST on Franchise Fees27,000 Rupees
Security Amount (Refundable)2,00,000 Rupees
Interior and Civil Work3,00,000 Rupees
Machinery2,00,000 Rupees
Advance Raw Material1,00,000 Rupees
Government and License Fee30,000 Rupees
Other Expenditures42,000 Rupees
Total Investment10,50,000 Rupees
  • The cost of the goods to the franchise will be 80% of the selling price or the profit margin on every product will be 20%.
  • For initial 21 days from Cake Shop opening, Company will reimburse 100% cost to dealer for unsold or returned products. After 21 days, Monginis will reimburse 85% of the cost for unsold or returned products.
  • Products will be delivered by the company distibutors every morning.
  • 2 people are more than sufficient to run the outlet. 1 Sales person can also manage easily.
  • The following licenses are compulsory- FSSAI License, GST no., Shop and Establishment License
  • Proper guidance and support will be provided
  • It takes 25-30 days to start the outlet
  • The franchise is not allowed to sell any other product in the Monginis outlet. It is an exclusing store for Monginis products only.

Monginis Franchise Profit

Let’s analyze Monginis Franchise Profit Margin with the help of an example. We are assuming that the Sales per month is 4,00,000 Rupees. We will deduct all the expenses from Gross Sales to get the Net Profit.

Particulars Amount
Gross Sales4,00,000 Rupees
Products Cost from Company @80%(3,20,000) Rupees
Rent(22,000) Rupees
Salary of Workers(15,000) Rupees
Electricity and Water Supply(5,000) Rupees
Other Expenses(6,000) Rupees
Net Profit32,000 Rupees

We can conclude that Monginis Franchise profit margin is 8% in the initial days for the Sales of 4 Lakh Rupees.

The average Sales of Monginis outlet is 6-8 Lakh Rupees per month. The profit margin on this much Sales will be 12%.

Location plays the most crucial part in the success rate of a franchise. You can prefer a small outlet but never compromise with the location.

The Franchise should be on the main road preferably a corner shop. The bakery should be on the ground floor with appropriate parking space.

Monginis Menu

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Other than these, 3D Cake, Pinata Cake, Tall, and Fancy Cake prices will depend upon the size and customizations.

Monginis Franchise Review

Monginis is the most trusted and well-known bakery brand in India. This franchise does not need any review. The brand name speaks more.

The best location for a Monginis Franchise will be any Tier 1 or Tier 2 city where the disposable income of people will be high.

If you never tasted the Monginis swiss roll then how do you even exist. The quality of the products is really premium. The tea products and cakes are their best sellers.

There are very few brand that offer customized cakes for Corporates with Logos. The 3D Cakes and Pinata Cakes are the newly trending Cakes. This shows that the company is evolving with the changing environment.

The investment is very affordable. There is not much efforts or specialization needed to open the franchise. You just have to run the bakery and be polite to the customers that’s all.

The profitability can be low but there are very low chances of suffering the loss. It means that Success is almost certain in this Franchise.

I definitely recommend Monginis Franchise in a Tier 1 city at a good location.

Monginis Franchise Review

Monginis products Shelf in renowned shopping malls.

How to start Monginis Franchise?

To start the Monginis Franchise, you have to fill out the form given below then we will allot you a franchise specialist who will guide you the best.

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