15 Best Pubs in Hyderabad With Dance Floor

There are so many amazing Pubs in Hyderabad. We’ll explore the 15 best Pubs in Hyderabad with Dance Floor.

The city is also home to a vibrant nightlife scene with several Pubs that offer a fun and energetic atmosphere.

Some of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad offer a variety of music genres such as Bollywood, EDM, and Commercial Nights. There will be free entry on Weekdays in most of the clubs.

It is easy to get free stag entry at Pubs In Hyderabad except sometimes on Weekend nights. Free Entry does not mean that you can visit for free. You have to pay for the food because the management will reserve you a table after a good dance session. Some clubs may take some money prior, These are known as the cover charges. The clubs may open till 3-4 AM.

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Here are the 15 Best Pubs in Hyderabad-

Best Pubs In Hyderabad

Prism Club & Kitchen

Prism Club & Kitchen is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. It is a trendy and elegant pub & resto bar with a cool ambience and great music that will make you groove on the dance floor. It attracts a cream crowd and hosts happening events. Located in the financial district of Gowlidoddy, it is one of the most popular places in Hyderabad.

The club features a unique setup of 3 layered rotating lights at its center, which adds to its charm. The dance floor is spacious, and their Bollywood nights with the best DJs are always a hit. The club boasts top-notch light and sound production. In terms of food, they may have a limited menu, but everything is delicious.

They also offer home drop services with drivers. The club operates from 8 PM to 1 AM, with the last entry allowed by 9 PM, and it is a couple entry only. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Pubs in Hyderabad for party vibes.

Price- 2500 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
Old Mumbai Hwy, Financial District, Gowlidoddy, Hyderabad, Telangana 500075

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TOT is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. It sounds like an amazing party place with a fantastic ambience and great features.

The upper deck view of the bar counter, dance floor, and DJ discotheque must create an exciting atmosphere for guests. The dark theme, disco lights, and minimalistic decor contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The graffiti on the walls adds a touch of warmth and creativity to the venue, making guests feel welcome right from the entry. The well-designed interiors, along with the amazing music, enhance the overall experience and create a lively atmosphere.

The different levels of seating, VIP party area, and dance floor provide various options for guests to enjoy themselves. Additionally, the availability of good food adds to the overall appeal of TOT as a party destination.

Price- 3000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
115, Road Number 10, Sravanthi Nagar, ICRISAT Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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Sounds & Spirits

Sounds & Spirits is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. This pub offers a great experience with live cricket matches and a vibrant ambience. The sound system is impressive, and the food is enjoyable. It stands out as a top-notch pub with a dance floor and a talented live DJ.

While the prices may be slightly higher, the overall experience justifies the cost. It’s a fantastic place to have a great time with friends and is worth multiple visits. It’s important to note that the drink prices are three times higher than the MRP, so be prepared for that aspect of spending.

Price- 3000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
 Jyothi Elegance, 302 1-65/40-43, 54-57 Tf/S2 Madhapur Road, above Ratnadeep Supermarket, 100 Feet Rd, Guttala_Begumpet, Kavuri Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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Block 22

Block 22 is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. The lighting, ambience, and sound at this place are really impressive.

The spaciousness and the presence of a separate smoking zone add to the overall comfort. The staff is supportive and maintains the venue well.

However, when it comes to the food, it’s a good option to consider. It’s important to note that stags are not allowed to dance on the common dance floor. Despite that, the place is relatively new and vibrant, with an amazing sound system that enhances the overall experience.

Price- 4000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
Hitex Exhibition Center – Hitex Hall 1, Survey Number 5, 6 to 5/12, Hyderabad, Telangana 500084

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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. It’s a delightful place to enjoy a Saturday evening with great company, drinks, a pleasant ambiance, and lively music. They even have a live band that adds to the atmosphere, allowing you to sing along to your favorite tunes. Nevertheless, the dance floor awaits for those who want to dance the night away.

Price- 2500 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
724/A, Rd Number 37, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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Amnesia Lounge Bar

Amnesia Lounge Bar is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. The place had a lively party vibe. They had a live music band playing, and the DJ took over during their break time.

They also had sports screening available for entertainment. The venue had some outdoor seating options, but there was no specific designated dance floor, which made dancing a bit congested.

However, the music was excellent, and the sound system was of good quality. The entry fee was 500 rupees per person, but overall, it was an enjoyable experience and worth a visit.

Price- 2000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
SBR PEARL-Shop No:103,104&105 1st Floor, Opp Raheja Mind Space, Sy no 64 Sector 3, Opp. Raheja mind space main gate, Hyderabad, Telangana 500049

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SNORT is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. It’s a lively and energetic destination that offers an unforgettable experience.

As soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a vibrant atmosphere that sets the tone for a memorable night. The pub boasts a well-stocked bar with an extensive selection of drinks to cater to every taste. From classic cocktails to innovative creations, their skilled mixologists will leave you impressed with their craftsmanship.

SNORT takes pride in serving up delectable dishes that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. The menu offers a range of options to satisfy any craving, from flavorful appetizers to hearty mains. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared and presented, showcasing the culinary expertise of the kitchen staff.

The ambiance at SNORT is designed to create an upbeat and exciting environment. The trendy decor, stylish furnishings, and vibrant lighting contribute to the pub’s unique atmosphere.

One of the highlights of SNORT is its spacious dance floor, inviting you to let loose and dance the night away. With a carefully curated playlist and talented DJs, the pub ensures that the music keeps you grooving throughout the night.

SNORT also takes care of its customers by offering reliable and safe transportation options. They provide drivers for home drop-offs, ensuring that you can enjoy your time without worrying about getting back safely.

Price- 2500 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
Survey no 41/6, Opposite Meenakshi Sky lounge, Hitex Road, Khanammet, Telangana 500081

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Kismet is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. It is undeniably one of the great places in Hyderabad for music lovers, particularly those who enjoy tech and house music. If you’re looking for a crazy party with like-minded souls, this is the place to be.

The ambiance at Kismet is stylish and inviting, providing a comfortable setting for a memorable night out. The pub features modern decor and well-designed seating arrangements, ensuring that you can relax and enjoy the music in a visually appealing environment.

While Kismet offers a lot to enjoy, it’s important to note that there is no designated smoking area. As a result, you may notice smoke clouds throughout the establishment, including the dance floor and sitting areas. This could be a drawback for some, especially those who prefer a smoke-free environment.

Undoubtedly, Kismet is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad in terms of its glass ambiance.

Price- 4000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
1st Floor, The Park Hyderabad, 22, Raj Bhavan Rd, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082

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STR8UP is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. This venue is known for its vibrant and lively atmosphere, making it a popular destination to party until 3:00 am.

The menu at STR8Up features a delightful combination of North Indian and Chinese cuisine, offering a diverse range of flavors to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you’re in the mood for aromatic Indian spices or savory Chinese dishes, STR8Up has something to tantalize your palate.

Talented DJs take over the stage and spin a mix of chart-topping hits, hip-hop beats, electrifying EDM tracks, and more. The music selection caters to a wide range of musical preferences, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. The lively beats and infectious rhythms will keep you on your feet and the dance floor will be buzzing with energy.

In terms of aesthetics, STR8Up boasts an industrial look with smoothly finished brick walls, a black-colored ceiling, and exposed copper-painted pipelines.

It is also one of the best Instagrammable Pubs in Hyderabad. You will definitely have amazing pictures in this club.

Price- 4000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
2nd Floor, SBR Surya Pearls Building, opp. Mindspace Road, near IKEA, Phase 2, HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

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Club Rogue

Club Rogue is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. Rarely experiencing large crowds, this place allows you to have a fantastic time with your friends.

Weekends at this place are known to be wild with talented DJs who excel at their craft. The ambiance is pleasant, creating a nice atmosphere for party-goers. A notable feature is the daily ladies night, where free drinks are offered from 8-10 pm, which is certainly a highlight.

The DJ starts at 10 pm, but unfortunately, their set finishes by 11:45 pm, which could be a disappointment for those looking for a longer night of music and entertainment.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Pubs in Hyderabad in terms of Instagrammable clubs.

Price- 2000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
CCH6+V9P, Rd Number 36, Opposite Jaguar Showroom, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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Spoil is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. This place is truly awesome for hanging out with friends and enjoying a great time.

The DJ is fantastic and plays a wide range of music, from 90s Hindi hits to current EDM favorites. The crowd is usually packed during weekends, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Stag entry is chargeable, but couples enjoy free entry on weekends. It’s worth noting that the space is limited, but it’s a perfect spot for partying, dancing, and enjoying drinks. The ambience is good, adding to the overall experience.

Price- 3000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
8-3-293/82, Anshu Colors Building, 4th Floor, A/70, Road No. 1, opposite Chiranjeevi eye and Blood bank, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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Mustang Terrace Lounge

Mustang Terrace Lounge is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. This venue offers a cozy atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

A standout feature is the dedicated dance floor, accompanied by an excellent DJ and a lively crowd. The service, however, can be a bit slow, and they provide bar chairs for seating.

The ambiance is perfect for capturing great pictures, and they even offer terrace seating. The overall Pub experience is delightful, transporting you to another world with enjoyable food, music, and atmosphere. It’s worth noting that stag entry is not permitted on the dance floor.

Price- 3000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
Level 5 Satyanarayana Arcade Rooftop, Gachibowli Rd, Vinayakanagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032

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Resign Skybar

Resign Skybar is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. The location of this place is easily accessible, situated behind the Raidurg metro station. There is ample parking space available, although valet service was not found during the visit.

The ambiance immediately captures your attention. The energy is electric, with lively music from the DJ, strobe lights, a large projection screen showing live sports, and pleasant scents in the air.

This venue caters specifically to a younger, affluent party crowd who would resonate well with the atmosphere. There is a traditional standing area near the island bar, as well as different types of seating areas outside, providing nice views (excluding the part facing the metro station).

The menu is digitally available through a QR code, which can be a bit inconvenient as it requires frequent phone usage to navigate through the extensive options. Speaking of the menu, it offers a wide range of choices.

Price- 2000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
Centre, Ohris Cyber, Huda Techno Enclave, 4/1 &4, 64, Mindspace Madhapur Rd, HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

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Insomnia is one of the Best Pubs In Hyderabad. This club is a fantastic spot to hang out and have a great time with friends! The prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious. They offer a wide variety of drinks.

The music is outstanding, especially the bass, which adds another level of enjoyment. It’s important to note that stag entry is not permitted; you need to be accompanied by at least one girl. Additionally, dancing without a female partner is not allowed.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Pubs in Hyderabad in terms of value for money.

Price- 2000 Rupees for Two Persons (with Alcohol)
Jaya Chambers, 3rd Floor, Rd Number 36, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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