Rosado Jaipur: Entry Fee, Menu, Contact, Photos (2024)

Rosado Jaipur is one of the Best Night Clubs in Jaipur. We will discuss Rosado Jaipur Entry Fee, Menu, Timings, Photos, Contact, and Review of the club.

Rosado Jaipur Entry Fee

The couple entry is free on Weekdays. On Weekends, entry is free before 9 PM afterwards, 4000 Rupees will be charged for a couple entry on Thrusday, Friday and Saturday. Out of which 3900 Rupees are cover charges.

For stags, 4000 Rupees will be the entry charge out of which 3900 Rupees will be the coverable.

Rosado Jaipur remains open every day except Tuesday. Rosado Jaipur remains closed on Tuesdays expect if there is a special event.

Rosado Jaipur Happy Hours

Rosado Jaipur Happy Hours are on weekdays before 8 PM. You will get amazing discounts during happy hours.

Rosado Jaipur Timings

Monday2:00 pm – 2:00 am
Wednesday2:00 pm – 2:00 am
Thursday2:00 pm – 2:00 am
Friday2:00 pm – 2:00 am
Saturday2:00 pm – 2:00 am
Sunday2:00 pm – 2:00 am

The timing of the club depends upon the party sometimes. During New Year & Special Events, The party goes till 4 AM in the morning.

Rosado Jaipur Contact Number

You can contact Rosado Jaipur for a reservation on Whatsapp then we can add you to the groups that give regular updates regarding the Cafes, Clubs, and price discounts and you can also become a guest entry.

Rosado Jaipur Address

Floor No.10&11, Mall Of Jaipur, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021

Rosado Jaipur Menu

Dive into a sea of green delicacies at our club, where every bite is a burst of freshness and flavor. At Rosado Jaipur, every dish is a celebration of freshness and innovation.

Veg StartersAmount
Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom (10 Pcs.)Rs 425
Tandoori Soya Chaap (10 Pcs.)Rs 425
Cocktail Samosas (9 Pcs. Aloo/mutter Com/ Chowmein Samosa)Rs 420
Honey Chilli PotatoRs 375
Masala PeanutsRs 270
Veg StartersAmount
Paneer Cheddar Chutney Tikka (8 Pcs.)Rs 485
Paneer Tikka (8 Pcs.)Rs 455
Malai Soya Chaap (10 Pcs.)Rs 440
Hara Kebab Mozzarella (B Pes.)Rs 425
Dahi Ke Kebab (8 Pcs.)Rs 425
Veg StartersAmount
Taiwanese Chilli Paneer (8 Pcs.)Rs 425
Crispy Thai SomtamRs 425
Tandoori Momos (Veg.) (8 Pcs.)Rs 405
Crispy CornRs 375
Thai Crispy Golden Prawns, Sweet Chili Peanut Dip (6 Pcs.)Rs 670
Taiwanese Chilli Chicken (8 Pcs.)Rs 565
Tandoori Momos (Chicken) (8 Pcs.)Rs 510
K.F.C. (8 Pcs.) Korean fried chicken, its hotRs 565
Thai Basil Chicken (8 Pcs.)Rs 530
Japanese Chicken Gyoza (8 Pcs.)Rs 485
Non Veg StartersAmount
Chicken Lollipop (6 Pcs.)Rs 530
Fish Tikka (6 Pcs.)Rs 525
Kalmi Kebab (6 Pcs.)Rs 510
Afghani Malai Tikka (6 Pcs.)Rs 510
Chicken Tikka (6 Pcs.)Rs 485
Tandoori Chicken Special (6 Pcs.)Rs 425
Non Veg StartersAmount
Lipta Hua Mutton Kebab (Boneless)Rs 670
Makhanwala Tandoori Chicken (4 Pcs.)Rs 640
Mutton Seekh Kebab (6 Pcs.)Rs 565
Goan Chicken Cafreal (8 Pcs.)Rs 530
K 65 Kerala Pepper Chicken (8 Pcs.)Rs 530
Malan to Morocco StartersAmount
Aranccini (8 Pcs.)
Italian botto mozzarella bullets
Rs 455
Harissa Falafel Sliders (4 Pcs.)
Chickpea fritters in pita pockets
Rs 455
Italian Fritto Misto
Crispy batter fried veggies
Rs 455
French FriesRs 270
Moroccan Crispy Fried Prawn Phyllo Cigars (6 Pcs.)Rs 670
Moroccan Chicken Kefte Sliders, Garlic Yogurt Dip (4 Pcs.)Rs 525
Greek Crispy Chicken Mozzarella Cutlets (6 Pcs.)Rs 525
Mexico to Madrid StartersAmount
Garlic bread, pita crispy, parmesan, tomato dip, greek feta do
Rs 425
Jalapeno Cheese Poppers (8 Pcs.)Rs 425
Aubergine Parmesan FrittersRs 425
Cheese Baked Nachos Salsa and Hot JalapenoRs 425
Vegetable Quesadillas (6 Pcs.)Rs 455
Fish Fingers (8 Pcs.)Rs 565
Classic Spanish Piri Piri Chicken. Its Hot (8 Pcs.)Rs 565
Piri Piri Chicken Quesadillas (6 Pcs.)Rs 525
Veg Magnum SeriesAmount
The Last Samurai
Japanese veg. Gyoza (8 pcs.), Crispy Corn, Crunchy California Roll (8 pcs.), Kikkoman, Sunamono, Dips
Rs 1390
Milan to Madrid
Dunkers, frito misto, dips, mozza and olive aranccini (8 pcs.) home made dips, relishes
Rs 1370
(Moroccan crispy pita, baba ghanouj, hummus been feta dip, chermoula falafel sliders (4 pcs.), phyllo paneer cigars (6 pcs.))
Rs 1345
Mexican Table
(Baked veg. cheese nachos, veg. Quesadillas (6 pcs.), jalapeno cheese poppers (8 pcs.), not salsa, dips)
Rs 1345
Mekong Magic
(Crispy sentam, twenese chilli paneer (8 pcs.). tandoori momos 18 pcs.), asian dips and condiments)
Rs 1345
The Kebab Chronicles
(Hara kebab mozzarella (8 pcs.) paneer tikka (8 pcs.), malai soya chaap (10 pcs.). chutneys and papadum cigars)
Rs 1345
The Rosado Magnum Pizza
(Yard long thin crust pizza with flame girlied organic veggies, yellow cheddar mozza)
Rs 1315
Magnum Fries & Nachos Wagon
(Selection of crispy french fries homemade nachos with salsas, jalapeno cheese fondua flery dips)
Rs 1235
Non Veg Magnum SeriesAmount
The Last Samurai
Japanese chicken gyoza (8 pcs.), Korean fried chicken (8 pcs.), crunchy california roll (8 pcs.). kikkoman, sunamono, dips
Rs 1665
Milan to Madrid
Dunkers, spanish piri piri chicken (8 pcs. mozza and olive arranccini a pcs.), home made dips, sauces
Rs 1425
Moroccan crispy pita, haba ghanou) hummus, beet feta dip, moroccan phylic wrapped crispy fried prawn cigars (6 pcs.), moroccan chicken kefte sliders (4 pcs.)
Rs 1640
Mexican Table
Mexican beer batter fried fish fingers (8 pcs.) chicken quesadillas (6 pcs.), jalapeno cheese poppers (8 pcs.), nachos and salso
Rs 1640
Mekong Magic
Thai golden prawn (6 pcs.), talwanese chill chicken is pcs.) tandoori chicken momos, dips and sauces
Rs 1665
The Kebab Chronicles
Chicken tikka (6 pcs.), mutton seekh (6 pcs.), kerala chicken 65 (8 pcs.). chutneys, pickles, papadum cigars
Rs 1640
The Rosado Magnum Pizza
Yard long thin crust pizza with piri pin chicken, peppers, jalapenos, cheddar, mozza
Rs 1450
Asian MainsPaneerChickenPrawns
Thai Green Curry455525565
Thai Red Curry455525565
Veg. Manchurian440
Spicy Korean Kimchi Fried Rice Veg425
Chicken Sichuan Gravy550
Chicken Manchurian Gravy550
Vegetable Hakka Noodles375
Chicken Hakka Noodles420
Spicy Korean Kimchi Fried Rice Chicken530
Jalapeno Pizza
American corn & cheddar
Rs 565
Quattro Stagioni
Tomato, mozzarella, roasted vegetables
Rs 525
Tomato, fresh mozzarella basil
Rs 485
Moroccan Keema
lamb keema, harissa spice, sumac. mint and mozzarella
Rs 590
Devils Own
Tomato and peri peri sauce, mozzarella, peri peri chicken
Rs 590
Devils Own
Tomato and perl peri sauce, mozzarella, peri peri chicken
Rs 565
Main CourseAmount
Paneer Tikka MasalaRs 445
Paneer LababdarRs 445
Butter Paneer MasalaRs 425
Kadai PaneerRs 425
Malai Kofta Red Gravy/ White GravyRs 425
Palak CornRs 425
Nizami HandiRs 425
Soya Chaap MasalaRs 425
Dal FryRs 350
Dal MakhaniRs 405
Rosado Special DalRs 455
Desi Ghee Mutton CurryRs 725
Laal MaasRs 700
Mutton Rogan JoshRs 670
Handi MeatRs 670
Matka ChickenRs 700
Desi Ghee Chicken CurryRs 670
Handi ChickenRs 620
Chicken Tikka Butter MasalaRs 590
Chicken Tikka MasalaRs 590
Fish CurryRs 670
Egg CurryRs 420
BONELESS Mutton/ ChickenRs 75/50
Rice/ Pulao/ BiryaniAmount
Jeera RiceRs 270
Veg PulaoRs 310
Steamed BasmatiRs 240
Paneer Makhani BiryaniRs 485
Nizami Subzi BiryaniRs 510
Chicken Tikka BiryaniRs 620
Rosado Special Murg Biryani [Boneless]Rs 620
Mutton Biryani [Boneless]Rs 670
Egg BiryaniRs 510
Blueberry Cheese CakeRs 405
Belgium PastryRs 405
Chocolate PlantRs 375
Gulab Jamun with Vanilla Ice-creamRs 350
Rotis/ ParathasAmount
Tandoori RotiRs 50
Butter RotiRs 60
Plain NaanRs 100
Butter NaanRs 125
Garlic NaanRs 160
Cheese NaanRs 195
Laccha ParathaRs 120
Pudina ParathaRs 120
Mirch Pyaz KulchaRs 135

The Prices on this menu may change in the future. Please recheck the prices at the club whenever you visit.

Rosado Jaipur Review

Rosado Jaipur is one of the Best Night Clubs in Jaipur. The Club is known for its mesmerizing dance floor and lights. Undoubtedly, this lounge in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur is among the trendiest spots.

One of the standout features of Rosado is the presence of an incredible dance floor where patrons can let loose and groove to their heart’s content. The sound system is also top-notch, ensuring a fantastic auditory experience for guests.

When it comes to food and drinks, Rosado Pub doesn’t disappoint. The extensive drink menu includes a wide range of beverages, including signature cocktails, premium spirits, beers, and wines. The food menu offers a fusion of cuisines, with options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Overall, Rosado Pub provides an awesome interior, excellent service from the staff, and a memorable experience with its top-notch music, delicious food, and impressive drink selection.

Furthermore, if you want the best out of Rosado Jaipur then visit the place after 8 PM for the best crowd experience. The club is great for people looking for a great dance session with friends.

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Thanks for reading our blog on Rosado Jaipur, hope you reserve your seat and enjoy an amazing discount from our side.

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