How To Get The New Shop Franchise: Cost, Profit (2024)

The New Shop franchise is one of the great retail store Franchises in India. We will discuss The New Shop Franchise Cost, Profit, Review, and How to Start the Franchise.

The New Shop is a 24/7 store with retail items and a Cafe under the same roof. The franchise has 120+ outlets in India. You can directly enroll for The New Shop Franchise by filling up the Google Form.

The New Shop Franchise Cost

The New Shop Franchise cost ₹33,00,000 Rupees as an initial investment. The minimum area required is 2500 Square feet. The Franchise Fee is 5,00,000 Rupees.

Franchise Fee5,00,000 Rupees
Interior and Equipments15,00,000 Rupees
Advance for Inventory10,00,000 Rupees
Rental Security Deposit1,50,000 Rupees
Other Expenditure
(Marketing and Misc)
1,50,000 Rupees
Total Investment33,00,000 Rupees
  • The agreement will be for 5 Years, and 5 Lakhs will be the renewal fees for the next 5 years
  • 4 team members + 2 managers are required
  • Remote and on-site training of franchisee and franchisee’s staff on usage of inventory management and billing software, customer service, visual merchandising, F&B operations, stock management, ordering, sales, and marketing.
  • The expected Payback Period is 2 years
  • Labour license, FSSAI, trade license and 24 hour operating permission. TNS will support in procurement of licenses.
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The New Shop Franchise Support

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  • Providing layout designs in a 2D format according to the dimensions of the site as per our business model.
  • Providing handbook detailing specifications related to the materials, dimensions, vendors and brands of racks, counters, ceiling, flooring, wallpapers, electric work, air conditioning, air outlets, plumbing, signages, woodwork, and branding.
  • Providing list of equipments according to layout with vendor/brand options.
  • Providing access to all marketing/branding content including banners, videos, pamphlets, hoardings, posters, signages, menus, and visual merchandising.
  • Providing HR manual detailing manpower requirements along with key competencies, documentation, job responsibilities, organization chart and policies
  • Assigning accounts/relationship manager from TNS to act as a single point of contact for franchisee
  • Providing list of initial SKUs to be sold along with distributor details
  • Alignment of vendors from where the accessories have to be procured.
  • Dashboard Access and creating user credentials for management and
    billing software
  • Listing on Google My Business with location coordinates 3rdParty Listings
  • Listing on Swiggy, Zomato, Magicpin, and any (wherever
  • Listing on TNS website and delivery app

The New Shop Franchise Profit

We will analyze The New Shop Franchise Profit Margin with the help of an example. We will deduct all the expenses from the Gross Sales. We are assuming Sales of 90 Lakh Rupees per month i.e. 3 Lakh Rupees per day.

We can conclude that the Profit of The New Shop Franchise is 6 Lakh Rupees per month for Sales of 90 Lakh Rupees per month. The outlet may have less profits in the initial days but the store will gain high popularity eventually and will have great demand in the market.

After good Local Marketing and Branding, the Sales will increase to 1.5 Crore Rupees per month and the profit will be 12 Lakh Rupees per month.

Location is crucial in determining a franchise’s success rate along with quality and service.

The location should have a very high footfall. It should be in the main market of that area. A corner outlet is the most preferable option.

You can open the outlet nearby colleges, corporates, malls, or any place where people demand to have Retail items.

How to get The New Shop Franchise?

To get The New Shop Franchise, you have to fill out the Google form below then we will allot you a franchise specialist who will guide you the best.

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