Wow Momo Franchise Cost and Profit (Review)

Wow Momos is a sensation in the last few years. We will discuss how to start the Wow Momo Franchise, its cost, profit and its review.

Wow Momos is a Quick Service Restaurant (like McDonald’s) with a mind-blowing valuation of 1225 Crores.

You will definitely get the most reliable information regarding Wow Momo Franchise here because I directly enquired from the Public Relationship Manager (PR). If you want his mobile number for a detailed inquiry then you can message me on Instagram after following. (Instagram Link)

You can directly enroll for the Wow Momo Franchise by filling up the Google Form.

Wow Momo Franchise Cost

Wow Momo Franchise Cost

The cost of the Wow Momo Franchise Depends upon the type of outlet you want to open. You can open a Wow Momos Dine-in restaurant, Wow Momo cloud kitchen or Wow Momos Takeaway stall (KIOSK).

The minimum area required to open a Wow momo franchise is-

  • Dine-in Restaurant- 800-1200 Sq. feet
  • Cloud/Takeaway Restaurant- 100-400 Sq. feet

In a Dine-in Restaurant, Wow Momos provide Furniture, Decoration, Interior, Marketing, training and some other services. You just need to invest money in Manpower, Rent, Electricity and Water Supply.

In a Takeaway Wow Momo Restaurant, there is no furniture and interior cost required. People can take the food directly from the outlet or order it from digital platforms like Zomato and Swiggy.

In a Wow Momo cloud kitchen, you can make the momo and sell it on digital platforms like Zomato and Swiggy. It can be started at your home. This type of business model requires less manpower. You will just get the training and brand name of Wow Momos.

The cost of the Wow Momo Franchise varies between 3 lakh rupees to 15 lakh rupees depending upon the type of outlet. Apart from this, the following are the monthly expenses-

ItemsAmount for Takeaway StallAmount for Restaurant
Rent20,000 Rupees30,000 Rupees
Working Capital10,000 Rupees40,000 Rupees
Manpower (Worker)15,000 Rupees50,000 Rupees
Other Expenses3,000 Rupees15,000 Rupees
Opening Investment
(1st Time)
5 Lakh Rupees10-15 Lakh Rupees

Wow Momo provides 2 weeks of classroom training to the franchise employees. The training includes speaking skills, customer service and improving the culinary skills and how to achieve the sales target of the outlet.

The franchise itself is responsible for the digital marketing of all the outlets. The brand marketers are responsible for the local marketing and customer services of the franchise.

Wow Momo Franchise Profit

Wow Momos charges 2% royalty on Profit. Therefore, the owner enjoys a very high return apart from the initial investment.

If the profit of the outlet for the whole will be rupees 1,00,000 still Wow Momos charge only 2,000 rupees as Royalty. Another detailed example of your profit in Wow Momos franchise is given below-

Amount for Takeaway StallAmount for Restaurant
Total Profit70,000 Rupees1,20,000 Rupees
Rent(20,000) Rupees(30,000) Rupees
Electricity and Water Supply(5,000) Rupees(10,000) Rupees
Salary of Worker(25,000) Rupees(50,000) Rupees
Other Expenses(5,000) Rupees(15,000) Rupees
Net Profit15,000 Rupees15,000 Rupees

You may get the idea that how much profit you can earn on a particular amount of profit. This is the minimum profit that I have taken. The profit also depends upon many factors like Location, Hygiene, Service and quality at that particular outlet.

How to start Wow Momos Franchise

Wow! Momo has opened over 350 outlets in 17 cities. The brand exists in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Lucknow, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Noida, Gurgaon, Cuttack, Jaipur and Kanpur.

To start the wow Momos Franchise, you first have to search for a good location. Then you have to register on the official website ( with the basic details given like Name, City and email Id.

For the final registration, Things needed to start a Wow Momo Franchise are-

  1. Adhar Card
  2. Pan Card
  3. Front Page of Bank Passbook
  4. 1 Passport Size Photograph
  5. 3-4 Location Images

After applying, you will get a reply within 2 days. Other than that, The employees should have good communication skills, culinary cooking skills and should be courteous to the customers. The candidate should at least be 10th pass.

Wow Momo Franchise Review

Momos is not a dish, it’s an emotion for people. There is no alternative for momos, we realise that during the pandemic. There is no prominent competitor of Wow Momos till now so taking the franchise is a good and affordable investment.

The company claims that the initial investment will be covered within 8-9 months. However, I still recommend opening a small outlet of Wow Momos instead of a dine-in restaurant.

The specialty of Wow Momos is that it offers a variety of Momos with other Chinese dishes and cold drinks. A small outlet or cloud kitchen can also be a great option for Wow Momos because Momos is a quick food service. Try to open the outlet on a running road with a high footfall of students, families and corporate employees.

Wow Momos Dine-in Restaurant needs high investment so it may take a long time to build a good brand image in a particular area. However, the marketing and branding of Wow Momos is excellent still I recommend investing less in a Momo franchise.

Thanks for being patient and reading the blog thoroughly. If you want to gain information about other franchises then you can check this list-

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