Zolocrust Jaipur: Menu, Review, Photos (2024)

Zolocrust Jaipur is one of the Best Cafes in Jaipur. We will discuss the Zolocrust Jaipur Menu, Timings, Photos, Contact, and Review of the Cafe.

Zolocrust Jaipur Timings

Zolocrust Jaipur Timings are mostly 11 am to 11 pm in the night. The everyday schedule is given below-

MondayOpen 24 Hours
TuesdayOpen 24 Hours
WednesdayOpen 24 Hours
ThursdayOpen 24 Hours
FridayOpen 24 Hours
SaturdayOpen 24 Hours
SundayOpen 24 Hours

The timing of the Zolocrust Jaipur depends upon the party sometimes. During New Year & Special Events, The party goes till 3 AM in the night.

Zolocrust Jaipur Address

Zolocrust Jaipur Address is- Hotel, Clarks Amer, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Lal Bahadur Nagar, Chandrakala Colony, Durgapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302018

Zolocrust Jaipur Contact Number

You can contact Zolocrust Jaipur for a reservation on our Whatsapp then we can add you to the groups that give regular updates regarding the Cafes, Clubs, and price discounts and you can also become a guest entry.

Zolocrust Jaipur Menu

Dive into a sea of green delicacies at our cafe, where every bite is a burst of freshness and flavor. At Zolocrust Jaipur, every dish is a celebration of freshness and innovation.

Hot CoffeeAMOUNT
EspressoRs 195
AmericanoRs 205
CappuccinoRs 295
Café Latte(Oat milk available)Rs 295
Cold CoffeeAMOUNT
Iced AmericanoRs 205
Iced latteRs 295
Iced espresso & creamRs 325
Thick espresso shakeRs 395
Mocha frappuccinoRs 395
ChamomileRs 295
Jasmine whiteRs 295
BasilRs 225
Desi cardamomRs 225
Fizzy lemon iced teaRs 295
Other BeverageAMOUNT
Orange & basil soda popRs 345
Jalapeno lemon mint soda popRs 295
Nimbu sodaRs 295
Ginger aleRs 295
Banana & peanut butterRs 375
Dark chocolate & hazelnut ice cream shakeRs 525
Hot ChocolateRs 295
Apple cinnamonRs 225
Coffee orangeRs 225
PeachRs 225
Fresh JuiceAMOUNT
AppleRs 275
Apple & beetrootRs 275
OrangeRs 275
PineappleRs 275
Jungle mix
(Spinach, beetroot, apple, tomato, ginger & black pepper)
Rs 275
Barbecue greens (12 noon to midnight)Rs 445
ZesarRs 445
FalafelRs 425
Vegetable brothRs 365
Tomato & basilRs 365
Toasted Focaccia with DipAMOUNT
Cherry tomatoRs 195
Bell pepperRs 195
Hummus & pitaRs 295
Mac & cheeseRs 395
Panko potato bitesRs 295
Vegetable DaliaRs 395
French friesRs 225
Falafel wrap (whole wheat)Rs 495
Grilled Vegetable PaniniRs 495
Green chilli & cheeseRs 295
Tadka Hung-curdRs 295
Curry & potatoRs 295
Minced meatRs 295
Sauteed mushroom & cheeseRs 295
Air ToastAmount
Jalapeno chilli marinaraRs 260
AmazonRs 370
Pesto tomato mozzarellaRs 310
Jungle marinaraRs 280
Barbecue (12 noon to midnight)AMOUNT
Charred broccoli with mushroom xoRs 795
MushroomRs 725
PaneerRs 825
BroccoliRs 725
PotatoRs 525
Charcoal masala chaapRs 725
Barbecue platterRs 1395
Sigdi dal palakRs 625
BBQ paneer lababdarRs 825
Sigdi dum biryaniRs 895
Fire Pit Phulka (3 small pieces)AMOUNT
Whole wheatRs 165
6 grain (gluten-free)Rs 195
Little AsiaAMOUNT
Yasai Yaki Udon noodle(contains rice wine)
(Japanese thick wheat flour noodles, tossed with broccoli, spring onion, bell pepper, mushroom & zucchini, topped with roasted sesame seeds)
Rs 625
Rice noodle
(Sauteed mushroom, oven-dried tomatoes, juliennes of yellow & green bell pepper, soya sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, onion, garlic & EVOO)
Rs 595
Mushroom fried riceRs 525
Mock duck & baby onion rendang curry
(Served with Jasmine rice)
Rs 1095
Vegetable Thai green curry
(Served with Jasmine rice)
Rs 925
Aglio E Olio
(Spaghetti tossed in EVOO, garlic, chilli flakes & parsley)
Rs 725
Cacio e pepe
(Spaghetti cooked in homemade vegetable stock and tossed in parmesan & black pepper)
Rs 835
Zucchini, broccoli penne arrabiata
(Green & yellow zucchini, broccoli, basil, garlic, parmesan, chilli flakes, marinara, EVOO* & vegetable stock)
Rs 795
Creamy penne pesto with black olive, mushroom & paremsanRs 795
Mushroom Risotto
(Creamy mushroom, arborio rice, sauteed mushroom, parmesan, truffle oil & basil Gluten free option available)
Rs 925
Square pan pizza (8″)AMOUNT
DetroitRs 695
AmazonRs 895
MowgliRs 695
Tandoori pizza (whole wheat)(12pm to 3pm & 7 pm to 12 am)AMOUNT
Barbecue vegetableRs 445
MargheritaRs 445
Pesto & 5 cheeseRs 495
Thin Crust Pizza(8″) AMOUNT(13″) AMOUNT
Al caprinoRs 725Rs 1095
MargheritaRs 725Rs 1095
MexicanaRs 795Rs 1125
Grilled VeggieRs 725Rs 1095
DessertPortionFull tray/ Pie
Valrhona chocolate truffleRs 300Rs 2100
Blueberry cheesecakeRs 300Rs 2700
Nutella cheesecakeRs 350Rs 3000
Apple crumble pieRs 250Rs 2000
Chocolate & walnut pieRs 250Rs 2000
Creamy double chocolateRs 345Rs 3000
Red velvet jarRs 300
Tiramisu jarRs 425
Mango cheese cakeRs 350
Dessert platterRs 750
Cupcake (per piece)Rs 115

The Prices on this menu may change in the future. Please recheck the prices at the cafe whenever you visit Zolocrust Jaipur.

Zolocrust Jaipur Review

Zolocrust Jaipur is one of the Best Bakery Cafes in Jaipur. The cafe is known for its delicious taste and presentation of food. It is one of the great places for good food anytime.

Zolocrust is a subsidiary bakery cafe brand of the famous Clarks Amer in a high-end hotel offering a vegetarian continental menu. The cafe is open 24/7 every day. Therefore, you can visit this place at your convenience.

Furthermore, if you want the best out of Zolocrust Jaipur then visit the place after 12 AM for the best cafe experience. The cafe is great for people who love desserts.

Zolocrust Jaipur Photos

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