10 Best Lounge and Clubs in Punjabi bagh for Party

Punjabi Bagh is known as the real party hub of Delhi because of its Clubs road. We will discuss the 10 best Lounge and Clubs in Punjabi Bagh for Party.

The best part about Punjabi Bagh Lounges and Clubs is that they always remain crowdy therefore it can create a great dancing vibe. Mostly clubs call dhols in the evening time.

I also mentioned the per person price of each club assuming that each one will order 1 dish. You can go to the cafes according to your affordability. The per person pricing of clubs and Lounges in Punjabi Bagh is 500 Rupees per person.

You can also avail up to 40% additional discounts in these cafes, you can ask about that magic on our Instagram. You can also follow us on Instagram to get club party updates in advance.

All the clubs and lounges in this list are the best in every aspect. I can’t rank any club above the other. Punjabi Bagh clubs and Lounges are really amazing in terms of vibes, music and Interior. If you love dancing then Punjabi Bagh is your place to go. Let’s explore the best Lounge and Clubs in Punjabi Bagh-

Infinity Club

Infinity Club is the most beautiful club in Punjabi Bagh and they probably have the best dance floor. There is nothing in this club that I should complain about. If you are going to Punjabi Bagh for the first time then Infinity Club should be your 1st preference. The prices are similar to every club in Punjabi Bagh.

Stag entry is not allowed on weekends or at night. You can do stag entry on weekdays for 1,500 Rupees per person.

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Raftaar Bar and Lounge

Raftaar is known as the best Lounge in Punjabi Bagh due to its high popularity. It is the most crowdy club in Punjabi Bagh. This club is famous among college students because of the College Events organized here. This club should be your 2nd preference if you are exploring Punjabi Bagh Clubs and Lounges.

You can watch people enjoying themselves from the Raftaar lobby. You can enjoy the food along with Live TV like in a Cafe or you can also book your table near the Bar area and Dance Floor.

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Clue Lounge

Clue Lounge is known for its amazing food experience. Clue Lounge is also among the best and most famous Lounge in Punjabi Bagh.

Sometimes, Stag entry is free in this club (weekdays) so couples can visit this club in the weekends for a good crowd experience.

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Troy Lounge and Bar

Troy is among the oldest clubs in Punjabi Bagh. Troy Lounge is the best club in Punjabi Bagh in terms of Live music. You will definitely have great pictures in this club.

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Teo Lounge and Bar

Teo Lounge is among the most underrated clubs in Punjabi Bagh. I personally love the interior the the Lounge. Teo is also known for its great live music.

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Sixth Empirica

Sixth Empirica is the best club in Punjabi Bagh in terms of Rooftop experience. If you are going on a date then Sixth Empirica is the best place for Couples. The food is really amazing so you can have a great time in this lounge.

Try to go when it’s not hot outside otherwise you have to sit inside the club with loud music that can spoil your date. You can have a dance session afterwards.

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Breath Bar

Breath Bar is known for its great ambience. The bar is graced with its great lighting that makes the ambiance look so attractive. The food is also great in this club.

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Raas Party Club

Raas Party Club is not among the most famous clubs in Punjabi Bagh but it is one of the most affordable and value-for-money clubs. This club is also known for its great lights. The theme of the lights changes every day according to the mood of the crowd.

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An Ivory Region

An Ivory Region is also known for its great rooftop. It is not among the best clubs but it is surely among the one in which you can go once a while.

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Skyheart Bar and Lounge

Skyheart bar is also an okish Lounge in Punjabi bagh. You you visited all the clubs then you can visit this club as a one time experience. I can definitely rank it #10 in this list but it is better than other clubs in Punjabi Bagh.

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