6 Steps to Franchise your Business in India (Best Guide)

Franchising your business is the best way to expand your business in PAN India. It is also one of the most profitable ways to earn money.

Giving the franchise means giving a part of your business to someone not very well-known. So, it is important to check the background of the franchise seeker.

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6 Steps to Franchise your Business in India


Standardization means the process of making something similar every time. This will keep the taste of the products the same in each and every outlet of the franchise.

You will get a similar taste of a burger in every outlet at McDonald’s or You will get the same taste of pizza in every outlet of Dominos.

Distribution Network

The franchise has to provide the major raw materials to the franchisee. Therefore, the taste will remain the same in every outlet.

The franchise is known for its taste, Quality of Food, and services. Therefore, any low in these 3 departments will be a negative for any franchise.

Support Team

There should be a proper support team to guide the franchise seeker. They will guide the franchise seeker about the franchise details, Success Stories, Investment Details, and Benefits of taking the franchise.

Training of Workers

The franchisor has to provide the working staff to the franchisee or they have to give proper training to the working staff sent by the franchisee.

The franchisor should keep the manuals ready to train the workers for the franchise. Every worker should know the Aim, Vision, and Mission of the franchise. The workers should be well trained so that the food quality will not be impacted.

Franchise Fee and Royalty Decision

In the early stage, the franchise fee and Royalty fee should be less as the brand name is not strong initially.

The franchise can also be Royalty-free so that the franchisor can ensure that it is just a 1-time payment for a specific period of time.

After building a great brand, you can increase the Franchise Fee and Royalty of your franchise.

The appropriate franchise Fee and Royalty for No. of Outlets are-

  1. For 50+ Outlets, Franchise Fee= 5,00,000 Rupees, Royalty= 2%
  2. For 100+ Outlets, Franchise Fee= 8,00,000 Rupees, Royalty= 5%
  3. For 250+ Outlets, Franchise Fee= 12,00,000 Rupees, Royalty= 8%


The franchisor should have a good presence on Social Media and the company should be digitally active. The franchisor has to keep a small budget for advertisement expenses to expand the franchise business.

The franchisor can advertise through Google Advertisements or influencer marketing. However, marketing will only be effective when the investment is affordable and the products offered by the franchise are great.

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Things needed to franchise your Business

Franchising License

The franchisor has to issue a license for giving the franchise. This is an entry pass for an outlet to expand itself as a franchise. Hire a good lawyer for all the legal formalities.

Franchise Licensing can also be done through 3rd party agents on the internet.

Franchise Brochure

The first thing that you will send to the franchise seeker is your franchise brochure. The franchise Brochure should consist of About the Company, Investment Details, Franchise Informations, Success Stories/ Achievements, contact Details, Menu, and some pictures of the outlet.

The brochure should be well designed and in PDF format. You can also keep some prints of the brochure. If someone visits your outlet offline and asks for the brochure.

Franchise Support Staff

It always looks professional when there is an expert to solve the franchise-related issues. The conversation rate for franchises is only 1%. For example, If you receive 100 queries regarding franchises then only 1 will get converted.

The owner will get frustrated after answering the queries of the franchise seeker. Therefore, a separate person should be hired for the same job.

Franchise Brand Logo, Branding, and Packaging

The franchise should have a Brand Logo, Branding, and Unique Packaging so that the customer from any corner of the country remembers your outlet.

Packaging and Logo always attract the attention of the customers and make them more aware of the brand.

It is the most compulsory step that every franchisor should take if they to expand their franchise PAN India.

Interior of the Outlet

The franchisor helps in setting up the Interior. Therefore, you should hire an Interior Designer or help the franchisee in setting up the Interior along with the Exterior, Hoardings, and Signage.

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