Is Modeling a Good Career? Yes, Everything about Modeling

Modeling is one of the most emerging careers after the social media boom. It is definitely a good career option. Here is everything about modeling- How to start modeling, types of Modeling, Modeling profile and How to grow your career in Modeling.

Types of Modeling

The first step in modeling is to decide which type of model you want to become. Choose the field wisely on the basis of your passion, personality or in the field you can do better. You can choose your cup of tea in modeling from the types below-

High Fashion Model

High Fashion Models are those who do catwalks in all the fashion shows for the famous Fashion Week.

These fashion shows are for entertainment purposes and motivation for people who wants to groom themselves.

High fashion modeling is the basic modeling that every model will do in their career. Height and walk play a very major role in high fashion modeling.

The minimum height required to become a high fashion model is-
For Males- 5’11-6’3 feet
For Females- 5’8-5’11 feet

Commercial Model

Commercial models do campaign shoots, Catelogue shoots, online commercials, TV Ads and Online Shoots.

Height is not an issue for Commercial models. Commercial modeling is the boom field in the coming years due to the increase in the number of brands everyday.

High Fashion Modeling and Comercial Modeling are the two major types of Modeling.

Fitness Model

You need to have a good lean body like bodybuilders. The kind of modeling in which the body matters the most. Therefore, a fitness model should be well-defined. Height is not an issue for fitness models. Fitness models have to focus a lot on their diet and physique.

Fitness models mainly do advertisements for Supplement products, Sportswear, Fitness items, or Sports-related items.

Social Media Model

Social Media Model is the most trendy and emerging field in the modeling Industry. Anyone can ve a Social Media Models, we can also call them Social Media influencers.

This kind of model needs to be matched with the intent of the product. A Social Media model should know how he/she can best promote the particular products with their skill set.

Social Media Models should actively post on their profiles to engage their huge fan following. A person with low followers can also be a Social Media model but that person should have a target audience as their followers.

Types of Modeling| Social Media Model

Plus-Size Models

Plus-Size Models are heavy in terms of weight. Most Plus-Size Models are females. Plus-Size Models basically influence looks for fat people.

Special clothes are specifically designed for plus-size models. These types of models are very high in demand. Brands play a huge amount to plus-size models.

Types of Modeling Plus-Size Models

How to make a modeling profile?

To start your career in modeling, you have to make your modeling profile. There is no degree or qualification needed. You just need to have a great profile and personality.

Modeling profile is like the CV for models so the more attractive the profile is, there are greater chances to get shortlisted in the auditions.

Brands, Modeling Agency, Ads Agency and Model Coordinator first oversee your profile and then they will contact you.

A model should have a personality with confidence, body, facial expression, good posing, and be well-groomed.

Modeling Profile consists of the following parameters-

1. Polaroids

Polaroids are raw shots and test shots in which models shoot their natural pictures without any editing and makeup.

The shots show the real character and personality of the model. Brands and agencies want to see that how you actually look in real.

Polaroids include atleast 3 close-up shots and 3 full-body shots. (1 front profile and 2 side profiles namely left and right).

2. Modeling Introduction Video

Introduction Video consists of your name, height and walks with front profile, back profile and side profiles. You can see modeling introduction videos on Youtube.

3. Body Measurement

A model profile requires your full body measurements. The body measurement of your height, weight, biceps, chest, shoulder, and waist.

4. Model Portfolio

Model Portfolio consists of your best pictures. You can edit pictures and do makeup in the model portfolio.

There should be a variety of pictures in the model portfolio. Variety of pictures means you can shoot in swimwear, aesthetics, high fashion and smiling, etc.

A model portfolio reflects your looks, body language, posing, facial expressions and camera confidence.

5. Compcard

A Compcard is like a 1 page CV for models. It consists of your best pictures, body measurements, basic information, achievements and contact details.

How to start Modeling Career?

1. Freelance Modeling

In Freelance Modeling, you are a brand yourself. You have to promote yourself that you are open to opportunities. You have to search work yourself from different platforms or by directly approaching brands.

The freelance model needs to have great contacts. You need to have contacts with Model Coordinators, big modeling agencies, Makeup Artists, Stylists and fashion choreographers.

This type of modeling is not recommended for beginners because of a lack of experience and contacts. It is also important to make contact with the right person.

2. Model Competition

Model Competitions can give you a kickstart. Model Competitions are a great way of getting exposure and insights into the modeling industry.

Top 5 Model Competitions-

  1. Elite Model Look
  2. Mr. India by Times of India
  3. India’s Next Top Model
  4. Miss Diva
  5. Femina Miss India

3. Modeling Agency

A modeling agency is the best way for a fresher to grow and make good contacts. You may need to work for free in the early days but trust me the experience of a modeling agency is worth it to have a bright modeling future.

You may be required to buy their courses as well then you will hire the best performers. But you will learn the most basic thing that “How to walk” when you observe 100 other people walking out there.

Instagram handles of Best Modeling Agencies-

  1. toabhcreative
  3. runwaylifestyle

Bad Aspects of Modeling

Modeling is not an easy job as it looks.

  • Very High competition, the competition rate is very high in the modeling field. The success rate is only 3-5% in the modeling Industry. But those 3-5% percent people earn insane amount of money. They charge lakhs of rupees per show or per brand shoot.
    Brands also started approaching influencers of the particular fields. For example- Some makeup brand approaches a famous makeup Youtube influencer instead of a commercial model.
  • Wrong Perception about modeling in the society. Anyone can be model, your body never defines your career in modeling but your personality does.
  • You have to face a lot of criticism in modeling. It is advisable to take the feedback in a positive manner and never let it come on ego. Some shoots can be bad, someday it can be bad. Always stay down to earth and open to learning.

I can conclude that modeling is a great career. Even it can also be an entry gate for Bollywood. Actors like Deepika Padukone and Arjun Ram Pal started their career models.

If you have any queries regarding the modeling career then you can ask in the comment box below. Thanks for reading the whole blog- If you are interested in exploring more Career Option Blogs then you can check our list.

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