MLM is good or bad? Everthing cleared regarding MLM

Some of the statements that will prove that MLM is good or bad. Obviously, MLM is bad because of the following-

Every 2-3 days, I received a DM on my LinkedIn and Instagram that “Do you want to be super-rich/Millionaire? I am earning 70k a month, You can also earn the same”.

Then I ask them for their own Passbook entry as Proof. They always send me a message with big amounts Credited or they show me their money on an App. I asked them again for their own Passbook entry but they have no words. I can’t trust a message or an Application. The bank statement should give me a clear picture. But they never showed me their passbook. 

The simple reason is that because they are lying. They are not even earning a single penny. They spend money on their companies every month but in return, they are getting nothing.

Dear Network Marketer, ‘Banks exist’ start showing us your bank statements.

Then I ask them why their Products are 5 times more expensive than the best Brand’s Market Price?

They said because the product quality is good. But they themselves use the best brands of the market instead of their Network Marketing Company’s brand. 

The simple reason is that they also trapped in this scam scheme so they are continuing it for no reason. They are not referring their products but they are referring their scam scheme.

Dear Network Marketer, ‘Business Ethics exists’.

Then I asked them why are calling themselves Entrepreneur?

Is it your own startup or are you doing anything creative in this Business? Are you part of the top management of the Company? 

Leave this, Do the Top Management even knows you?
In this sense, every Salesman is an Entrepreneur. 

Then they start calling me low mentality person, start abusing and even start telling me that they are so busy and have no time for me(They approached me first).

They even start posting that they are getting so many messages so that they are unable to answer everyone. This is totally a false statement.

They are the most free people I have ever seen because they have the time to talk to every person personally and conveying their scam scheme again and again.

Dear Network Marketer, “Did I asked something wrong”?

Why people commit suicide after joining MLM?

You people should ensure innocent people that they will get good returns. But afterward, you blame them that they are not hardworking or they do not have a good network.

Just an awareness because Network Marketing is spreading like Coronavirus these days.

An offensive statement, but the harsh reality is that
“Jo Zindagi me kuch nahi krr sakta vo Network Marketing karta hai”.

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