10 Best Night Clubs in Noida (Free Entry)

Apart from the Corporate area, Noida is famous for its night Clubbing. We will explore the 10 Best Night Clubs in Noida For Party.

Only Couple entry is allowed in Night clubs in Noida, No Stag Entry is not allowed in Night Clubs. The entry into every club starts between 9-10 PM. The departure time depends upon the party, mostly it’s after 3 AM.

If you will go after 11 PM then you have to pay 3,000 per couple as an Entry fee (in most clubs if you don’t have your name on the guest list). You can redeem this amount by taking drinks and food in some clubs.

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Let’s explore the 10 Best Night Clubs in Noida-

The Time Machine

The Time Machine Club literally gives you the vibe of a different world. Definitely, it is among the Best Clubs in Noida.


Imperfecto Ruin Pub

Imperfecto is one of the best Night clubs in Noida if you want to vibe with music and hearts. It is known for its live music. You can vibe here with great drinks and music.

You can see the amazing interior in the image below which is made from waste. So, it will be a worth going experience. It is also the biggest Night Club in Noida.

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The Irish House

The Irish House club is based on the Cow Boy theme. It is one of the best Theme Based Night Clubs in Noida. You can vibe here by dressing up like a cowboy. Undoubtedly, the Beers in this club are the best. You can experience 50+ types of Beers here.

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The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchamn club is based on the Pirates Theme. It is also one of the best Theme Based Night Clubs in Noida.

The club will give you Pirates of the Caribbean Vibes. The place is definitely picture perfect and great to enjoy.

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Club Tito

Club Tito’s will definitely give you Goa Vibes. You can feel Goa in Delhi, how amazing is that! It is also among the most affordable best night clubs in Noida.

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Club Ice Cube

Club Ice Cube is known for its Cocktails. Therefore, if you love to dance with cocktails then this place is for you.

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Club Reverb

Club Reverb always gives you a great vibe. It is one of the most famous night clubs in Noida. You should give this club a try.

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Chicane Club and Lounge

Chicane Club is among the most underrated clubs in Noida. It is the best club in every term be it food, dance, drinks, music, or Ambiance.

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What else do you need than an open sky and hand-in-hand with your partner? Skyhouse Club is one of the best Night Clubs in Noida for Couples. Not among the best-rated but a good club to vibe with your partner.

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