8 Best Night Clubs in Gurgaon for Party (Free Entry)

Apart from the Corporate area, Gurgaon is famous for its night Clubbing. We will explore the 10 Best Night Clubs in Gurgaon For Party.

Only Couple entry is allowed in Night clubs in Gurgaon, No Stag Entry is not allowed in Night Clubs. The entry into every club starts between 9-10 PM. The departure time depends upon the party, mostly it’s after 3 AM.

If you will go after 11 PM then you have to pay 3,000 per couple as an Entry fee (in most clubs if you don’t have your name on the guest list). You can redeem this amount by taking drinks and food in some clubs.

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Cyberhub Gurgaon Night Clubs

Cyberhub Gurgaon is the best place to enjoy the nightlife in Delhi. Some people feel like Dubai and some feel like Japan in Cyberhub. You will find the best night clubs in Cyberhub Gurgaon Night Clubs. The club area is in between the big corporate giants.

There are consecutive 4 nightclubs in Cyberhub Lobby(Sutra, Soi7, Raasta and Imperfecto). You will find the best bands in Cyberhub on Weekends.

Sutra Gastropub

Sutra is the best nightclub in Gurgaon. It is the best club in every term be it food, dance, drinks, music or Ambiance.

Sutra Night Club


Soi7 is the best nightclub in Gurgaon for hardcore dance lovers. However, I can rate it #4 among the 4 night clubs in Cyberhub but it is one of the great night clubs.

Soi7 Night Club


Raasta is known as the Caribbean Lounge of Gurgaon because music never stops in this club. You can also sit outside and have quality time with your loved one.

Raasta Night Club


Imperfecto is the best Night club in Gurgaon if you want to vibe with music and hearts. It is known for its live music. You can vibe here with great drinks and music. Imperfecto is not the place for hardcore dancers.

Imperfecto Night Club

Manhattan Bar & Brewery

Manhattan Bar is among the most prominent clubs in Gurgaon. I visited the club once everything here is good. Therefore, it is my list of best clubs in Gurgaon.

Manhattan Bar Night Club

Best Night Clubs in Gurgaon Sec-29

Gurgaon Sec-29 is the 2nd best place to explore nightclubs in Gurgaon. It is also known as the ost happening place in Gurgaon. The place is full of night clubs which are also much more affordable than the clubs in Cyberhub. You might get the stag entry somedays for 1500-3000 Rupees.

The Whiskey Bar

As the name suggests. The Whiskey Bar is the best night club in Gurgaon in terms of drinks. If you are a true alcohol lover then this place is for you. You can also explore this club from noon time. The closing time of this club is 12 AM.

The Whiskey Bar Night Club

Ministry of Beer

Ministry of Beer is the best nightclub in Gurgaon if love in dance in the open air. The club will remind you of your college fests during DJ nights.

Ministry of Beer Night Club

Studio XO

As the name suggests, Studio XO is the best club in Gurgaon in terms of music. You can see in the picture below, the great setup of live music.

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