10 Best Cafes in North Campus, Delhi University (Hudson)

We will explore the 10 best cafes in North Campus, Delhi Unversity. You will find all the nearby Delhi University or in Hudson Lane.

I explored the street food of Delhi University and I personally feel that Delhi University cafes are ways better than the Street food of the University.

I also mentioned the per person price of each club assuming that each one will order 1 dish. You can go to the cafes according to your affordability. You can also avail up to 40% additional discounts in these cafes, you can ask about that magic on our Instagram.

Ama Cafe

Ama Cafe is located in Majnu ka Tila which is a must visit place in Noth Campus. Ama Cafe is the best cafe in North campus and is known for its great food at affordable prices. You must order fries here for the best food experience.

You can explore the Tibetian Culture in Majnu ka Tila and then visit this amazing cafe. You may have to wait in the lobby because the cafe always remains crowdy. It is hard to get the table in the evening.

If you love cafes with great interiors then this will not be your place. If you are a food lover then you must explore this amazing cafe.

Price- 350 per Person

Ama Cafe Review

Xo Kitty

Xo Kitty is the best Cafe cum Bar in North Campus. The cafe genuinely has great food. This cafe is one of the most pocket-friendly cafes in North Campus. You can also enjoy your food with drinks in this cafe. You will definitely have quality time with your friends or family in this cafe.

Price- 350 per Person

Xo Kitty Review


Ricos is one of the best cafes in North campus in terms of theme. Ricos have their iconic world war theme. Ricos interior is my personal favorite on this list. You should take a picture with the beautiful exterior of Ricos cafe as given in the picture below-

Price- 400 Rupees per person

Ricos Cafe Review


Sambookas is the best cafe in North campus for couples. If you are going on a date then this place is highly recommended. You will find this place the most beautiful one in the North Campus.

Price- 450 per Person

Sambookas Cafe Review

Paparizza Bar

Do not consider it as a Meme because of its funky Interior, it is one of the great cafes in North campus. This cafe is famous for its great Pizzas. So you must give it a try to their different variety of Pizza. The cafe remains crowdy so you should pre-book or go in the afternoon time in the weekends.

Price- 500 per Person

Hogwarts Cafe

I know if you are a Harry Potter fan then you made your to go in this cafe first. Therefore, it is the best cafe in North Campus depending on your love for Harry Potter. Apart from the theme, the food is very tempting.

Price- 500 per person

Hogwards Cafe Review

Wood Box Cafe

The whole cafe is made up of Wood. You can see their great wooden interior in the picture below. The cafe is known for its great Veg and Non-Veg platters. So you must try the platters in this cafe.

Price- 400 per Person

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Momos Point

Momos Point is one of the most famous cafes in North Campus recommended by many Bollywood stars and known Aluminis of Delhi University. It is also known as one of the favorite spots of Shushant Singh Rajpoot. You must try the Panner gravy Momos in this cafe which is my personal favorite.

Price- 400 per Person

Momos Point Review

The Yellow Door

If you love to go into theme-based cafes then the Yellow Door Cafe is based on Halloween. You will definitely feel the vibe of dark in this cafe. The cafe has some great Halloween elements that will amaze you.

Price- 450 per Person

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Lazy Bear

Lazy Bear cafe is on this list because of its good Interior and great food reviews. I personally never visited this place but got great reviews regarding the food of this cafe.

Price- 400 per Person

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