Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing: Investment, Profit, Better Option, Brand

Affiliate Marketing is better than Network Marketing in every aspect like Investment, Branding, Profit, Customers, and agenda, etc. The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is that it is free of cost and all the big Brands have their Affiliate Programs. For Example- Amazon, Flipkart, OYO, Adidas, Nike, and Udemy, etc.

I will discuss the reasons why Network Marketing is not a good option in detail with proofs. We will discuss how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is referring to a product and if someone purchases or installs from your link, you will get a commission. 

You will get an opportunity to promote the products of top brands and get a commission in exchange for it.

Still, some bad Affiliate Networks sell their products at expensive rates. These affiliate networks do not consist of Branded Advertisers like Adidas, Reebok and Zee5.

Most of the YouTubers, Influencers, Businesses and Websites use Affiliate Marketing to earn money.

Every big and branded company has its affiliate Network. You just have to google the “company’s name affiliate Program”. Therefore you will easily get affiliate marketing companies in any field you are interested in. 

You can earn money on both recurring basis(income every month) and per sales basis (1-time Income) 

One of the best affiliate networks in India that I am using are-
1. Cuelinks
2. TubeBuddy

It is very easy to start, just signup and your application will get approved the same day.

Features of Affiliate Marketing

  1. You can do Affiliate marketing with any medium- Digital Marketing, Youtube, Instagram, Quora, Website and Advertisements etc.

  2. No aggressive sales required just tell the uses and benefits of the product

  3. Work with best brands and already renowned in the market

  4. You can start it free of cost and at 0 investment. (stay away from scam companies who claim that you should have to invest)

  5. You will get affiliate marketing program of all the branded companies so you can choose according to your interest and knowledge

Network Marketing

Network Marketing/MLM means promoting a Business Scheme by building a large network of people for your Company. 

It is well said that Network Marketing is a Scam because their focus is to drive more and more people into their network rather than focus on improving their Products.

The whole network has to purchase the company’s products. The products are 5 times costlier than the market price. You can’t even purchase products of your own choice. 

They are manipulating innocents by showing a rich and happening lifestyle that they actually do not have. They basically target middle-class people. There are cases where farmers and students committed suicide after losing money in Network Marketing.

Think of a situation where you are paying money for getting a Sales Business Opportunity for a 3rd class company. That is Network Marketing.

The best alternative is Affiliate Marketing which is free of cost with high commission rates.

There is just one good Network Marketing company which is owned by Vivek Bindra. He is a Youtube Brand who is a business coach. Their marketing is about Business growth strategies.

Some of the famous companies in the Network Marketing Industry are Vestige, FLP, Amway and Modicare.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing based on Investment

In Network Marketing, you have to invest money every month in purchasing expensive products which will not add value to the consumer.

Affiliate Marketing is free of cost. There is no need to invest any money in starting affiliate marketing. 

Yes, you can earn money just by referring the products without any investment.

Some affiliate marketing programs are paid so stay away from them. The most famous affiliate program is amazon affiliate. 

Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing based on Profit

You can earn more profit by affiliate marketing due to its high commission per sale.  

There are affiliate programs where you can earn recurring/ passive income every month. You just have to make sales once and you will get the benefit of it for a long time.

You can promote Tubebuddy to help youtube content creators to grow. This will also enhance your skill of teaching people how to grow a Youtube Channel.

The commission offered by Network Marketing is very less and they do not offer a fixed commission. Network Marketing has 9 types of income. Some of them are very useless and you will never get those incomes. 

Network Marketing profit is based on the turnover generated by an agent. If someone leaves your network then you will not get a commission for that particular person. Therefore, there is no benefit in doing network marketing above affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing based on Brand Name

Every big brand has its affiliate program. You can name any big company like Amazon, Apple, Addidas, OYO, Swiggy and MPL. You can get all these big brands in just 1 affiliate program that is Cuelinks.

Network Marketing companies have a negative brand name due to their scam scheme. They claim that they do not spend money on branding and marketing because they spend it on their agents. 

The fact is that they are selling their expensive products by naming it as a Business opportunity. This will lead to their negative image in the marketing because they are selling the scheme not their products.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing based on Products

You can promote any product according to your interest. There will be affiliate programs in every field. Affiliate Marketing product are of high quality and there will be variety of products and services.

There are branded products in affiliate marketing therefore they are easy to sell because people use those products from years. For example- You can even sell Dabur Honey, Maggi and Saffola Oil from affiliate marketing. 
Network Marketing forced you to sell their own products. There are limited products with no alternatives for the customer. These products are expensive than the market price.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing based on Social Platforms

Both Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing can be performed on all the Social Platforms. But In Network Marketing, You have to interact with the customer directly in a person-to-person conversation to explain the whole scheme.
In Affiliate Marketing, you can promote your product just have to
1. Attach the link in the description box if you have a Youtube Channel
2. Attach the link in the Bio if you have Instagram or Facebook id.
There is no need to have a personal conversation with every person. You can start your Youtube Channel, I made a list of the 200 Best Youtube Channel Names which will help your Youtube Channel to grow because they contain the Keyword and they are Eye-Catching.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing Comparison


BasisAffiliate MarketingNetwork Marketing

Referring to a product and earning a profit if someone uses your link 

Referring to a Business Scheme by building a network with customers and earning profits by levels

Sources for Contact
Website, Youtube, Social Media
Direct Messages, Call, Face-to-face

The customers themselves approach your Product

You have to approach the Customer in any possible way

TimeLess Communication neededManipulation needed, they can do anything to make their Network
InvestmentZero Investment NeededNeeded to buy their Products every Month
BrandsAll Top Brands-OYO, Amazon, etc Negative Branding(Products are not Worthit) 

Commission per Sale by different Companies

The commission is not fixed, different criteria according to Levels

Intent/ Focusfocus on giving Detailed Information about the Product and referring itHeavy focus on Sales and making more agents. Product is a secondary thing for them.

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