All about Vlogging on Youtube in 2022

Meaning of Vlogging

Vlog is basically Video Blogging in which people share their life experiences and daily routines by shooting it from a camera intending to inspire people, Entertain them, or giving Knowledge to them.

Vlogging Ideas for Youtube in India

1. Food Vlogging

Food Vlogging is the most emerging Vlogging category because you can cover street food and restaurants around your locality.

Be the “king of Food Vlogs” because only you know best about your locality. If you are an established food Vlogger, you can get free DineIn from branded restaurants near your locality for free.

Food is one of the things that everyone likes to talk about so people love to watch reviews of the restaurant before visiting it.
It is better to start off with street food or takeaways because it is more trendy among teenagers.

2. Travel Vlogging

If Vlogging has another name then it is travel Vlogging because people misconcepted vlogging as traveling around the world with expensive Cars and Bikes and staying in 5-star Hotels. 

But the real fact is that Travel Vlogging is all about adding value to the views. The viewer should be entertained or getting knowledge about the place. Some people watch Vlogs for making their travel experience better. 

Due to very high competition, your content should be worth watching and to the point. The whole Vlog should justify the Video title.

Try to make Videos on the areas that are not covered by big Vloggers. This will help you in growing faster initially. 

You can shoot a travel Vlog with mobile but so many people are doing it professionally with a good Camera so it is a bit difficult to grow a travel Vlogging Youtube Channel. 
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3. Lifestyle Vlogging

It is for the people who love stuffs like shopping, fashion, trends, dressing and looks. You can make vlogs related to dressing on different occasions, 
shopping for that, brand review, and tips related to it.

People these days started to focus more on their fashion and dressing sense. There are theme-based occasions, casual wearings, college fashion sense, office dressing sense, and thousands of many more categories.

The best thing I liked about this category is that they can easily earn money with Brand Endorsements and Affiliate Marketing from the very initial stage of their Youtube Career. 

4. Fitness Vlogging

This one is especially for the fitness freaks. Although fitness is a part of lifestyle but there is specifically a huge community of people loving fitness on Youtube. 

Fitness is something in which people want guidance at every stage because everyone wants their body to be in shape. 

The biggest inspirations of fitness Vloggers are Flying Beast and BeerBiceps.

6. Informational Vlogging

Informational and Awareness&Guidance Vlogs are the most underrated vlogs but there is great scope in starting these blogs. 

You can make vlogs that can inform people about something. It can be related to awareness from frauds, explaining the procedure of any Government Scheme , College reviews, Vehicle Modifications and etc.

There is a wide scope in starting Informational and Guidance blogs as competition is very low with a good amount of audience.


7. Guidance Vlogging

In a Guidance vlog, You can guide people by sharing your experiences at different levels some of the ideas are-

  • Guidance for 10th and 12th Class Students
  • Guidance for Couples
  • Guidance for College Students
  • Guidance for the after marriage life
  • Guidance for handling Children and etc
There can be millions of guidance vlogs for different categories which are not yet explored. I see people asking millions of queries asked on Quora related to these topics. You can a mentor to those people by sharing your experiences. 

If you want any guidance related to Youtube or Blogging then I can help in any possible way. Just mail your queries or ask me on Linkedin.

How to grow a Vlogging Youtube Channel?

The only mantra to grow a Vlogging Youtube Channel by adding value to the life of the viewer. 

As a Youtuber, you are a Brand. For example- Bhuvan Bam, CarryMinati, Flying Beast, and BeerBiceps are now Brands. So people want to see their lives apart from their profession. They are now influencers who motivate common people by their ideologies and lifestyle. Ultimately, they are adding value to the viewer’s life.

It is very important to know the search volume and competition on which you are making the video. There are so many keywords and titles with high search volume on which nobody is making videos. To know the search volume and keyword ranking, you can take the help of TubeBuddy.

It is available for both free and paid services that will definitely help you in growing your Vlogging Youtube channel. TubeBuddy will guide the topics on which you can make videos in the future. TubeBuddy is like the God tool to grow on Youtube, you can take the free trial.

Some other Tips and Tricks to grow Vlogging Youtube Channel faster-

  1. Focus on low competition Vlogging fields

  2. Make Vlogs on the category in which you are best in. For example- You can be the King of Food Vlogging in your locality because only you know it the best.

  3. Make Vlogs on topics that are not covered by others

  4.  Make Vlogs that can rank on Google, by that you can earn traffic from both Google and Youtube.

  5. Make Vlogs that justify your title, make to the point Vlog on that

  6. Title, Tags, and Thumbnail on Youtube are key to Success

  7. Never lose hope early because Youtube is a Long-term game. It takes time to rank your video

  8. Don’t copy others, think in your own creative ways

  9. Enjoy yourself in the Vlog to spread positivity 

5 ways to earn from Vlogging Youtube Channel in India

1. Brand Endorsements

Brands can help you either in kind or by giving some money. You can do a brand endorsement.

Let me explain how small Vloggers (Subscribers- 3k-30k) can do Brand Endorsement in Kind-

  • Food Vloggers can visit a restaurant in exchange for free food

  • Lifestyle Vloggers can visit Beauty Parlors in exchange for free services. They can also get extra discount on shopping. (Thank me later)

  • Fitness Vloggers can get free membership or proteins for referring gyms
If you are a big Vlogger(over 30k Subscribers) then you can charge money in addition to the schemes above.
It is very easy to tap brands by just mailing them. Keep it professional, clear all the terms and conditions in the mail to get the best output.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best sources of earning for Vloggers. Affiliate Marketing means recommending a product/service in your Youtube Video and if someone purchases that product/service from your link then you will get a commission for it.
For example, if I am making this blog on “Vlogging on Youtube”, therefore I am promoting  TubeBuddy which helps YouTubers to grow with so many tools.

There are affiliate programs in every field. Every big brand has its affiliate program. Some of the examples are-

  • OYO and MakeMyTrip for Travel Vloggers
  • Amazon and Flipcart for Fashion Vloggers

The most popular affiliate program is Amazon affiliate Program in which you can get a commission if someone buys products from your link.


Sponsorship means promoting a specific brand in so many videos. A sponsor should be related to your targetted youtube audience. For example, a lifestyle Vlogger promoting all the daily use products (like Shampoo, hair gel and Face Wash, etc) of a specific brand.

Promoting a specific brand by an influencer for a long time will lead to good results for the sponsor therefore they love to tap more and more Vloggers and Influencers.

4.Youtube Adsense

It is the most basic earning that every Youtuber knows and starts their Youtube channel for this specific earning. For people who say “Youtube se bohot saara paisa aata hai”, this is the least earning source of Vlogging Youtubers. Youtuber majorly earn big amounts from the above 3 sources. 

5. Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the best ways to gain engagement and driving more audience but other than that if you have a huge subscriber base then you can charge money to collaborate with small YouTubers or Brands.

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Is Vlogging Worth it?

Yes, Vlogging is worth it if you are doing it properly with proper guidance, with proper keywords, with proper tags from TubeBuddy

Vlogging is a never-ending category because people love to talk about lifestyle, experiences, and reviews. Even every big Youtube start making Vlogs to show their daily routine and lifestyle. Viewers demand Vlogs from their star Youtuber to know more about them.

I recommend you to start Vlogs in your own ways. Everyone has a unique style. It is impossible that you are not good at anything. make Vlogs on the field that you are best in. I suggest you make Guidance or Informational Vlogs on Youtube for faster growth.

You can also promote your Youtube Channels on platforms like Quora and Linkedin from where you can get organic and targeted traffic.

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