Are Certificates worth it to add in Resume?

People are literally mad to add certificates and society council posts in their Resume. 

Certificates are not worth it until you have skills in that particular field. Certificates are just add ons to your skills. If you are good at a particular skill and want to get a job in it then only you have to add that certificate in your resume. 

Be specific about your career and interest and start focusing on a particular field in which you are the best. Do sales Internships if you want to pursue Sales as a career. 

I observed a pattern that most people add to their Resumes-

1. Sponsorships for college events
2. Member of a College Event 
3. Brand Ambassador
4. Sales Associate
5. Udemy and Coursera Certifications
6. Social Works

These are very common things that Interviewers know that every student has in their resumes. The thing that will outshine you above all will be your skills.

Your certificates will be worth it only if you want to get job in that particular field and you have skills for that particular field. Otherwise, your certificates are of no use.

Just think about it that why someone will hire you on the basis of your Certificates. People will definitely hire you if you will be useful to them and you will be useful to them by proving your skills.   

The interviewer will ask in-depth questions about your journey of achieving that certificate. The interviewer will 100% ask that how much impact you made in your internship period and College Society years. 

If you have done a Course and got certification in it then the interviewer will 100% ask questions related to that course. Therefore, you can never ignore the skill factor.

My intent to highlight skills everytime is that do not do Internships and College Society Work for Certificates and Post because they are not worth it. All that matters is your work, skills, talent and dedication in the Internship and Society.

Social Work is a good thing that everyone should do but this will not make a huge impact on your Corporate job. This will just show your awareness towards the society.

You should do Social Work Internship but not with the intent of getting a Certificate only. Feel the vibe of that social work, participate as much as you can.

I highly recommend not to do campus ambassador internships in which you just have to promote the social media page. 

Every corporate know this marketing scheme of small business. The certificate can even make a bad impact on the Interviewers.

Do College Society Post matter in Resume?

This is also an add-on to your skills in that particular field. But Certificates for these posts are not a clear image of a person’s talent.

We can observe that people who have good communication skills or have done most work for the society are appointed as part of the Council. Society Council is not the perfect depiction of your talent.

If you are genuinely interested in college societies then be there to learn new things and get the exposure of how to handle big projects and how to deal and treat with people. Be in the college Societies for the sole intent of learning.

If you mention that I handled a particular department in a college event and we are able to achieve huge success. Then it will be considered as a group achievement and not an individual achievement. 

Be in the college society to first learn from your senior batches and then share experiences with your upcoming batches. Think about how much your seniors make an impact on your life and give it back to your juniors.

If you are in the society for personal goals then participate in more and more Individual competitions to get individual prizes. 

Cultural Society Certificates are useful because you will be benefited with the Extra-Curricular Activities quota during your admissions. Cultural Societies include Dramatics, Dance and Music Society. 

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