Best Coaching for BMS in Delhi

There is no need to take Coaching for BMS in Delhi. The Du Jat exam is designed in such a manner that it can be cracked from Self-study.

Still, if you are looking for coaching then Prince Academy online is the best free coaching for BMS in Delhi. You can do offline coaching from Pratham but you can crack the exam easily if you have good concepts in the 12th class.

Let me tell you the strategy for each section-

The overall difficulty level of the exam is easy.

Verbal Ability- This section majorly consists of Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms and Phrases, One word Substitute, Reading Comprehension (easy), Grammer and some other easy concepts of english that anyone can do. Focus more on Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms and Phases that will cover 60-70% of the section.

General Knowledge- You have to read about the current events happening in the last year and the current year. You have to read about the government officials and their posts. You should read more regarding Governmental, Economical, and Financial current affairs.

Logical Reasoning- This section consists of majorly Sitting Arrangement (60%), Alphabet puzzles and Series, Number Series and some other topics.

Quantitative Aptitude- The weightage of modern maths (studied in class 12th) is 75% and rest of the maths like Ratio, Percentages, Work and Time, and Geometry have 25% of the weightage. The level of difficulty is easy for both portions.

The most important part is to analyze the previous years question (of 3 years) to understand the paper pattern very well. You can easily get them on the Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies Website.

The most recommended book that everyone of you should have is-

This is the only investment that you need to get the top three Colleges that are the Best Colleges to do BMS (Sukhdev, DDU, and KMV).

Hope you like my guidance on the best coaching for BMS in Delhi. In case of any doubt regarding BMS, you can ask me on Whatsapp (I am a BMS, DDU Graduate).

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