Best and free business Strategies to increase Sales

The best strategy for sales growth is to attract the target audience. The people who really need the product. Marketing is the best tool to generate sales.

Do not sell the product, sell the utilities of the product. Customers will purchase the product only if you talk about their benefit without any manipulation.

These days sales are not enough to earn high profits. You have to learn marketing and make strategies for Sales Growth. Personal Selling is a very old concept now. You can gain 10 times more customers if you do Marketing and Sales together.

So many people misconcepted that marketing is Sales but Marketing is a necessity to do before Sales. The main difference is that you can approach an infinite number of people through marketing but by doing personal sales you can approach very limited people.

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Best marketing platforms for Sales growth

People do not use platforms like Quora, Medium, Youtube and Pinterest to promote their products. Everyone is doing Instagram marketing. Instagram have a large audience but Instagram is not a marketing platform. Here are the sales strategies on the most underrated platforms-


1. Sales growth Strategies on Quora

Quora is a question/answer platform. You can give solutions to people by pitching your product. Quora is also a product reviewing platform. You can review your own product on Quora. 

Quora is one the most underrated platform when it comes to sales strategy making. The best part about Quora is that you will 100% targetted audience because people on quora are there to find solutions to their problems or to get an honest review of a product.

2. Sales growth Strategies on Medium

If you are not able to make a website then you can write long-form articles on to promote your product or brand. is a platform made specifically for long-form content.

Explaining your product in detail to the customer in written form on google is one of the most powerful strategies to grow Sales.

In simple terms, If someone searches about your product on google then your article will guide the customer. Therefore, they will approach you.

You can’t express your thoughts freely on Instagram because there is a word limit and Quora is a question and answer platform. You can explain about the product in detail with images to grow Sales.


3. Sales growth Strategies on Pinterest

Images always attract people the most, the best example is Instagram but a platform specifically made for sharing images and designs for business is Pinterest.

Pinterest is an image-sharing social media platform. You can get traffic through google images. Pinterest is a renowned platform so there are high chances of your image to rank higher on google.

For doing Sales on Pinterest, you have to learn social media graphic designing. You can learn Graphic Designing within 1 week. Canva is the free and best platform for beginners to doing Social Media graphic designing.

You can see most of the images ranking on google are from Pinterest, Youtube or Quora.

The more simplest way to grow on Pinterest is that you can directly add your products images on Pinterest. People even use the Pinterest app before shopping for products.


4. Sales growth Strategies on Youtube

Youtube is the most important and underrated platform to generate sales. Youtube is a community-building platform where you can engage your customers with multiple products.

The title plays a very important role to generate sales from Youtube. Think of all the possible Titles of the video that people are searching to get the product that you are selling. Make videos on every topic related to it.

Tags play an important role in making youtube understand your video. You should tags related to your product. Tags play a very important role in ranking a video. I showed the proof in the link below that how much tags can impact your video.

Thumbnail should give a professional with the company logo on the thumbnail. Thumbnail always impacts your views on your video.

For more detailed hacks about Youtube Title, Tags, Thumbnail and Description you can see my blog- How to grow on Youtube organically from 0 subscribers?

Best Strategies for Sales Growth

1. Take the best knowledge of your product

The first and foremost thing is to gain the best knowledge of the product. Try to sell a powerful product with a strong business model. If the product is not giving value to the customer then the customer will never buy products from you no matter you are the best salesman.

If you do not have complete knowledge about your product, your target audience and how to solve their problems then you will not be successful in Sales.

I am currently promoting Cashkaro which is an online earning platform and you can earn commission just by referring people and doing online shopping. Cashkaro is free of cost.

Even I am getting less commission on CashKaro as compare to other E-commerce affiliate platforms like the Amazon affiliate program but I know that Cashkaro is a passive source of income and in the future, everyone will be a Cashkaro user.

A sales should be futuristic to analyzing the demand of the product and taking the best knowledge of the product.


2. Stop manipulating, Start inspiring customers to generate sales

If you manipulate people then they will understand that your intent is just to sell the product.

If you inspire people then this will make happy customers. A happy customer will always recommend your product to their friends and family. A happy customer will become your brand ambassador for a lifetime. 

So many Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing companies are teaching you to manipulate people because their only intent is to add more and more people to their network.

Your intent should be to give customers the correct information about the product by showing the uses and utilities of the products.

People use so many manipulative phrases to generate sales like-

1. “Limited offer for today” or “Limited offer till 15th august”. These are very old tactics and customers know that it is a tactic to generate Sales.

2. Offer for early birds- 10,000 rupees (25,000 rupees). Nobody notices the earlier price but you can use the promo code system like Zomato that excites the customer everytime. Zomato gives a 50% off promo code which suddenly excites the customers.

With the help of a promo code, customers can compare the prices and make judgments for their sales.

We can’t say this is manipulation because after applying for a discount, the product actually becomes cheaper than the market price.

3. People become over-smart by showing that they are doing very high sales everyday. Never show your arrogance to the customer and “Be a down to earth person”

Treat your customers as Gods while doing Sales and be real to the customers.

“You can lie to people but can’t lie to your god”


3.Value the needs of the Customer

You can’t sell a product forcefully to a customer. If the customer needs the product then only can sell your products. 

In simple words, If you are not interested in cricket then you will never buy a Bat and Ball. 

I see salesman who starts showing their products without generating the need for the product. It is human psychology now to ignore these types of Salesman. Also, the Salesman starts arguing with customers if someone roasts their products.

The sales should consider the customer’s point of view and then correct the customer with the most optimal solution.

You have to answer according to the customer. Arguing with the customer should not be the intent.

If you do not have a solution for people who roast your product then there will be only 2 possibilities-

1.) You have incomplete knowledge about your own product
2.) The business model and quality of the product is bad

4. Pitch your product in one go

Do not keep a two-way communication while pitching your product. This will create a lot of confusion. Pitch your product in one go without any disturbance.

Politely tell your customer to ask their questions in the end. Keep a question and answer session in the end. If there is two-way communication while pitching the product then it will break your rhythm and you will keep thinking about your given answers while pitching the product.

Be enthusiastic and excited before pitching the product for sales. Every person have their own energy and people transfer their energy from 1 person to another through words and body language. This will create a comfortable and energetic aura between a group of people. 

We always feel motivated when a successful person gives a speech. The reason is that successful people have a different aura and they always feel enjoyed in sharing their stories. 


5. The Law of Averages to grow Sales

The law of Averages means if you approach 100 people then out of them 2 or 3 people will get convinced by your product and sales skills. Do not lose hope and keep grinding.

Your intent should be to approach 10x the number of people you are approaching right now. If you are approaching 3-4 people in a day then you have to start approaching 30-40 people in a day. 

If you start approaching 30-40 people in a day then with time you will master the sales skill. Future events are likely to go your way. You will be easily able to convert 1-2 sales in a single day.

You will realize your mistakes and then after approaching 1000 people you will be able to read human psychology and what is the best method to master sales. 

Learn sales is not a 1-day process. You have to learn how to win customer’s hearts. Customer satisfaction is the key factor in Sales. Promoting your product without giving a damn to customer preference will always lead to failure.


Best Books recommended for Sales Growth

1. Start with Why– This book is all about how you can sell products by pitching the benefits of the products. The first step is to sell the utilities of the products instead of the price, color and name of the product. This book deeply explains the concept with the case studies of Apple, Barak Obama and etc. 

This book will teach you how to inspire people rather than manipulating them.

2.The 10x rule– The law of averages is a proven concept. The law of averages is deeply explained in the 10x rule book. All the steps of mastering a skill are in this book. If you want to make a good career in Sales then this book is a game-changer for you.

Hope this blog is helpful to all the Sales aspirants and in making strategies for Sales.

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