Career as a Copywriting in India-Best guide, Income, Courses

Who is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is an attractive writer who makes the consumer take prompt action. A copywriter is someone who influences the behavior of a person by grabbing the attention span of the consumer in this fast-moving world. Hence, it results in brand building and Sales.

We all notice these days, people scroll so fast on Instagram and Youtube but the thing that grabs the attention of the people is the work of a copywriter. That extremely attractive content is the work of a copywriter.

The main intention is to make the consumer hypnotize or fall in love with your content. 

Need of a Copywriter

Every business needs a copywriter because it will definitely boost the sales of a Business. The main difference between Copywriter and Content Writer is that Copywriters are more sales-oriented and can attract consumers with emotional attraction.

A copywriter is needed in every field of writing. Some of the fields are

  1. Magazine writer
  2. Blog post writer
  3. Resume writer
  4. Business Presentation designer
  5. Social media writer
  6. Newsletter writer
  7. Video Scripts
  8. Advertisements
  9. Headlines
  10. Email Writer
  11. Brochures
  12. Product Description, etc.
This skill is more demanding than skills like coding and editing. One fun fact is the competition of copywriters in India is very less. So let’s discuss the career in copywriting- 

Copywriting as a Career

Copywriting is one of the finest careers in the coming years. Copywriting is a developing career in India. After the digital boom, a Copywriter is one of the highest-paid jobs in India. 


1.Time Freedom

People love this career option because it is less time-consuming and flexible in terms of time.

2.No age barrier

There is no age barrier to become a Copywriter because there is no degree defined for this skill. Everything depends on how better you can write to drive people to do sales.

3.Needed in a variety of fields

A copywriter can create content on different platforms like Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, Website (blog post and landing page), advertisements and posters, etc. These are some of the platforms that every business is going to use in the coming years. So, the future scope of a copywriter is never-ending. 

In fact, it is speculated to grow every year with the increasing number of businesses in the industry.

4.Can also earn extra money

Copywriters can work both as freelancers as well as for a corporate firm.

Most copywriters work remotely (work from home). People also learn this skill to earn a handsome amount in their free time.

Some of the platforms where you can freelance your copywriting skills for free are

  1. Upwork
  2. Craigslist
  3. Problogger Job Board
  5. Linkedin

Income and Salary-

According to the demand and previous stats by so many websites, a good copywriter can easily earn a six-figure income.

Therefore, for a freelancer income depend on the amount of work done. In the corporate world, the salary for a fresher is 30,000-1,00,000 and for experienced,  Salary is six to seven figures. 

Degree Requirement-

There is no such demand for any degree for this skill. Still, Advertising and Communication students have an upper edge in this field. But mainly, people will judge you con the basis of your work. 

Future Scope of a Copywriter

As the attention span of consumers keeps on decreasing so it is very important to write something catchy to survive in today’s competition.

Copywriting is a mixture of writing and the psychology of consumers through which sales are generated or content is promoted. To some extent, you have to understand the emotions of the consumer to a particular thing to be a successful copywriter.

As a copywriter, you are writing things that the consumer can relate to. A copywriter writes according to the consumer, therefore, it is very important to understand the psychology of the consumer which can be learned through professional courses. 

A copywriter can convert 5/100 sales to 15/100 sales. So companies desperately needed a copywriter.

You can check the freelancing fees of Copywriters on Fiverr

How to become a Successful Copywriter?

It is very important to do some professional courses with some highly professional and most experienced people in this field. Fiverr is the biggest freelancing platform with also offers some courses on specific topics. 

The faculties themselves are Youtube Marketing manager, Copywriter with 25+ years of experience, and senior editor of wall street.

With Copywriting Course thus platform is providing the courses for following skills as well-

  1. Viral Marketing
  2. Ghost Writing/Ebook publisher
  3. Ecommerce 
  4. Blog Post Writing
  5. Building an audience

 The name of this Golden Course is-

Become A Professional Copywriter For Any Platform”

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