Handi Restaurant Jaipur: Menu, Review, Photos (2024)

Handi Restaurant Jaipur is one of the Best Cafes in Jaipur. We will discuss the Handi Restaurant Jaipur Menu, Timings, Photos, Contact, and Review of the Cafe.

Handi Restaurant Jaipur Timings

Handi Restaurant Jaipur Timings are mostly 12 pm to 11 pm in the night. The everyday schedule is given below-

Monday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Tuesday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Wednesday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Thursday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Friday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Saturday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sunday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

The timing of the Handi Restaurant Jaipur depends upon the party sometimes. During New Year & Special Events, The party goes till 3 AM in the night.

Handi Restaurant Jaipur Address

Handi Restaurant Jaipur Address is- Mirza Ismail Rd, opp. GPO, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Handi Restaurant Jaipur Contact Number

You can contact Handi Restaurant Jaipur for a reservation on our Whatsapp then we can add you to the groups that give regular updates regarding the Cafes, Clubs, and price discounts and you can also become a guest entry.

Handi Restaurant Jaipur Menu

Dive into a sea of green delicacies at our cafe, where every bite is a burst of freshness and flavor. At Handi Restaurant Jaipur, every dish is a celebration of freshness and innovation.

Mango/Pineapple/Apple JuiceRs 120
Lassi/ChaachRs 130/100
Banana LassiRs 130
Cold Drink+ Chips (Combo)Rs 95
Soda + Chips (Combo)Rs 70
Fresh Lime SodaRs 85
Packaged Drinking Water + Chips (Combo)Rs 55
Tea (Per cup)Rs 90
Coffee (Per cup)Rs 110
Fresh Lemon WaterRs 50
Diet Coke + Chips (Combo)Rs 140
Mineral Water+ Chips (Combo)Rs 85
Cream of Tomato SoupRs 160
Vegetable SoupRs 160
Sweet Corn Vegetable (Veg./ Non-Veg)Rs 170/200
Hot & Sour Vegetable (Veg./ Non-Veg)Rs 170/200
Cream of ChickenRs 185
Virgin MojitoRs 155
Virgin MaryRs 175
Fruit PunchRs 175
Orange BlossomRs 155
Strawberry SurpriseRs 155
Grape Fruit BlastRs 155
Orange Iced TeaRs 155
Peach CoolerRs 175
Black BeautyRs 175
Tandoori Platter
(Mix of our best delicacies Tandoori Chk, Seek Kabab, Shammi Kabab Chicken Tikka, Mutton Tikka, Galouti Kabab)
Rs 575
Tandoori Chicken (Half/Full)Rs 260/435
Afghani Chicken (Half/Full)Rs 290/450
Chicken Tikka (8 Pcs. /16 Pcs.)Rs 310/485
Achari Chicken Tikka (8 Pcs.)Rs 345
Malai Chicken Tikka (8 Pcs. /16 Pcs.)Rs 320/510
Seekh Kabab (4 Pcs.)Rs 290
Chicken Seekh KababRs 320
Mutton Tikka (10 Pcs.)Rs 350
Fish Tikka (10 Pcs.) (Sept. to March)Rs 445
DO Galouti Kabab (Veg/Non.Veg)(4Pcs)Rs 310/355
Boti KababRs 395
Egg RollRs 250
Ulte Tawa Ka ParanthaRs 70
Veg steak with grilled onionRs 425
Chicken SteakRs 545
Mutton SteakRs 545
Chicken ColumbusRs 580
BruschettaRs 200
Garlic BreadRs 135
Masala Garlic bread with cheeseRs 190
Hummus Platter
(Served with pita/Falafal balls/Salad)
Rs 280
Mezze Platter
(Two Dips of hummus, grilled pita, cheese pita, and falafel balls, salad & pickled vegetable)
Rs 340
Baked VegetablesRs 360
PASTA (Veg & Non-Veg) (Penne/Fusilli/Spaghetti/Ravioli)AMOUNT
Penne ArrabbiataRs 365
Mushroom AlfredoRs 385
Aglio-Olio PepperoncinoRs 300
BarbarescaRs 385
Fish FingerRs 385
Fish And ChipsRs 460
Jaisalmeri Laal Maas (Half/Full)Rs270/440
Junglee Maas (Half/Full)Rs240/450
Galouti Kabab (Half/Full)Rs310/355
Handi Meat (Half/Full)
(Mutton reclard on low charveal for served In day Satrue Rajaskhaal style)
Rs 240/440
Handi Chicken (Half/Full)
(Chin ken rooked ea low charcoal. served In day pet In true Injustbank style)
Rs 240/440
Jaisalmeri Laal Maas
(Spicy Rajasthani Desert Special)
Rs 270/440
Jungli Maas (Dry)
(Prepared in Desi Ghee) (A firry hot mutton dish, from Rajasthan)
Rs 240/450
Mutton Tikka Masala
(Mutton marinated in yogurt and spices and then served in a tomato cream sauce)
Rs 420
Rogan Josh
(lamb cooked in brown gravy) (Braised lamb chunks cooked with gravy)
Rs 420
Keema Matar
(Minced mutton and green peas turned into a spicy dish)
Rs 420
Seekh Kabab Masala (Gravy)
(Seekh kababs served in flavourful gravy)
Rs 400
Butter Chicken (Quarter/Half/Full)
(Marinated Chicken roasted on charcoal blended with rich fresh tomato gravy)
Rs 240/425/685
Karahi Chicken
(Chicken cooked in onion & capsicum gravy)
Rs 420
Butter Chicken Boneless (Half/Full)
(Roasted boneless chicken served in a mild curry)
Rs 435/700
Chicken Kali Mirch (Half/Full)
(Chicken cooked in black pepper. Spicy dish with a mouth-watering aroma)
Rs 430/680
Chicken Tikka Masala (Half/Full)
(Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and then served in a tomato cream sauce)
Rs 440/720
Chicken Curry
(Chicken in a curry sauce and Indian spices)
Rs 280
Adraki ChickenRs 280
Egg Curry
(Boiled eggs in a curry sauce and Indian spices)
Rs 220
Fish Masala (Sept to March)
(Fried fish in spicy gravy)
Rs 400
Chicken Dabba Wala
(Chicken cooked in dhabha style)
Rs 400
Mutton Dabba Wala
(Mutton cooked is dhabha style)
Rs 400
Mutton Saagwala
(Matters cooked in dhabha style)
Rs 430
Lal Maas with Bajra RotiRs 375
Handi Chicken with Roomali RotiRs 375
Gatta Masala (Rajasthani Special)
(Traditional curry from Rajasthan, Rajasthant Special)
Rs 290
Matar Paneer
(Peas and pancer In a tomato based sauce)
Rs 265
Palak Paneer
(Cottage cheese with spinach)
Rs 265
Paneer Butter Masala
(Cottage cheese cooked in a rich tomato & dream sance)
Rs 335
Karahi Paneer
(Cottage cheese cooked in onion & capsicum)
Rs 335
Shahi Paneer Korma
(Creamy, royal, and delicately flavored delicious paneer kerma With white gravy)
Rs 335
Navrattan Curry
(Assortment of nine veggies or nine garnishing ingredients)
Rs 335
Malai Kofta
(Fried dumpling balls in white gravy)
Rs 335
Mixed Vegetable
(Combination of mix vegetables)
Rs 275
Mushroom Peas Curry
(Mushroom & peas in thick onion & tomato gravy)
Rs 355
Vegetable Jalfrezi
(Juliennes of carrots, beans. Capsicum, Cauliflower, cottage cheese, garnished with onion seeds)
Rs 275
Seasonal Vegetable
(Season based vegetables)
Rs 260
Jeera Aloo
(Potato fried with jeera)
Rs 235
Dum Aloo
(Potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese In rich Red gravy)
Rs 250
Pindi Channa
(Chickpeas in thick gravy)
Rs 240
Dal Makhani
(Whole black lentil cooked on a slow Same)
Rs 245
Dhaba Dal
(Mixed Yellow Dal)
Rs 240
Finger ChipsRs 215
Baby Corn Masala
(Baby corn cooked in a rich tomato & cream sauce)
Rs 335
Corn Palak Methi
(Methi cooked with cream)
Rs 335
Paneer ChillyRs 395
Boiled Vegetables with ButterRs 315
Paneer Butter Masala with Butter NaanRs 290
Dal Makhani with Bolled RiceRs 215
Plain CurdRs 110
Mixed RaitaRs 130
Bundi RaitaRs 125
Pineapple RaitaRs 195
Handi Mutton Biryani (With Raita)Rs 445
Chicken Biryani (With Raita)Rs 445
Chicken Fried RiceRs 385
Handi Veg Biryani (With Raita)Rs 365
Vegetable Fried RiceRs 345
Vegetable PulaoRs 315
Jeera RiceRs 255
Boiled RiceRs 190
FROM TANDOOR (Baked in traditional clay oven)AMOUNT
Naan (Plain/Butter/Stuffed)Rs 90/100/110
Naan (Cheese/Onion/Garlic)Rs 110
Plain Parantha/ Pudina/StuffedRs 100/100/110
Roti (Missi/Roomall/Bajra)Rs 65/20/65
Tawa Roti (Plain/Butter)Rs 25/30
Green SaladRs 110
Tomato SaladRs 140
Spicy Onion SaladRs 100
Ceasar SaladRs 310
Greek SaladRs 290
Tawa Chicken (Quarter/Hall/Full)Rs 245/395/680
Mutton Kathi Roll (2 Pcs.)Rs 310
Chicken Tikka Roll (2 Pcs.)Rs 325
Mutton Tikka Roll (2 Pcs.)Rs 325
Shammi Kabab (8 Pcs.)Rs 300
Keema BatiRs 385
Hara Bhara Kabab (8 Pcs.)Rs 250
Paneer Kathi RollRs 320
Chatpata Boiled EggRs 120
Non-Veg Thali
(3 Non Veg, Dal, Mix Veg, Raita, Salad, Breads, Papad, Sweet Dish)
Rs 660
Veg. Thali
(Paneer M. Gatta Masala, Jeera Aloo, Mix Veg, Dal M, Raita, Salad, Breads, Papad, Sweet Dish)
Rs 530
Fruit Salad CreamRs 175
Fruit Salad Ice-CreamRs 180
Vanilla Ice-Cream with Chocolate SauceRs 175
Gulab Jamun (2 Pcs.)Rs 145
Kesar Kulfi (March to Sep.)Rs 125
Vanilla/Strawberry/ Chocolate/ MangoRs 165
Kesar Pista/Butter ScotchRs 175
Papad (Roasted/Fried)Rs 45/55
Masala PapadRs 100

The Prices on this menu may change in the future. Please recheck the prices at the cafe whenever you visit Handi Restaurant Jaipur.

Handi Restaurant Jaipur Review

Handi Restaurant Jaipur is one of the Best Cafes in Jaipur. The cafe is known for its amazing ambiance. It is one of the great places for good food at affordable prices.

Furthermore, if you want the best out of Handi Restaurant Jaipur then visit the place after 7 PM for the best cafe experience. The cafe is great for people looking for a great photoshoot.

Handi Restaurant Jaipur Photos

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