How to earn 1000 rupees online daily in India for free

Yes, it possible to earn 1000 rupees online daily without spending a single rupee. There is no entry fees or registration fees required. It is totally free of cost.

The best way to earn 1000 rupees daily in India is by filling Online Surveys and answering questions.

There is an App and website known as Swagbucks which will pay you for filling online Surveys, downloading Apps, Answering Questions, Voting in daily polls and playing games. 

The best part is that there is no skill required to fill online surveys. You can prefer any language Hindi or English. It just takes your 2 hours daily to earn around 1000 rupees daily and around 25,000 rupees per month.

You will receive the payment through Paypal so make sure to install Paypal and make your account on it. Paypal is similar to Gpay and Paytm. The only difference is that Paypal deals in International transactions. 

You can redeem your 800 rupees (10 dollars) earning after completing 1000 Swagbucks. You can easily earn your 1st payment on your 1st day.

This is the most productive thing you can do instead of playing a game that will not give you money or wasting your time on TikTok. Now, You can earn money by playing games as well on this platform.

Do not break your study or job schedule due to this. This is only a side hustle to earn some extra money. 

Can I earn more than 1000 rupees a day?

Yes, You can easily earn 1000 rupees a day by referring this website to others. If you will refer the website to others then you will get 10% lifetime money as a Commission of their earning. 

For example- If your friend earned 1000 Swagbucks then you will earn additional 100 Swagbucks from it.

I started to work on this website yesterday and earned additional points from referrals.

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You can clearly observe that some people just signup and left but one of them helped me to earn 13 Swagbucks in just one day.

Maybe the people who just signup will start filling the surveys tomorrow. I cleared with you my 1st day referral earning.

This traffic is from my website, no traffic is driven from social media. No one from the above is my friend. I just promoted on my website and this is the result.

You can promote it on Social media by convincing your friends to join this free thing. There is nothing to lose. They will surely fill online surveys if you say and you can earn very high amounts. 

Other Benefits-

  1. You can also get cashback on online shopping from this website.
  2. You can directly donate some money for the betterment of society.
  3. Filling Surveys will increase your reading power.
  4. You can fill surveys while listening to music 
If you find this blog valuable then you can start working on this website for free. No need to share, your people should be your referrals. Just tell me your experiences with Swagbucks on my social media platforms. 

Also, tell me that can I make more blogs on How to earn money without the Investment of a single rupee.

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