How to grow on LinkedIn in India

The culture of LinkedIn is different in India as compared to other countries. Today, Linkedin defines your professional life. You are like a Brand on Linkedin. Linkedin is your online CV in India after the pandemic situation. 

Linkedin is a platform where you can connect with the professional life of your friends, Celebrities, Public Figures, Businesses, Startups their CEOs, and people who work in those companies. 

The interesting data is Linkedin sees 20 times growth in the Indian market because of the simple reason that Linkedin currently has 76 million users in India. The highest after the USA.

As it is the second-largest market in India so it wants more and more Linkedin Influencers to influence people to join Linkedin. There are very less no. of content creators on Linkedin as compare to the number of people on this platform.

One most annoying things I find on Linkedin is Network Marketing Spams. Stay away from people who approach you to join Network Marketing by saying that it is a Business.

Why Linkedin is good for Career growth?

1. Limited to Professionals only

Linkedin is a platform that is only limited to professional people, professional creators, and professional talks. People only talk about their professional lives. 
Linkedin is a great platform for College Students and freshers to get a quick push in their careers by getting deep insights into the Corporate World.
Linkedin makes people aware about the market opportunities, jobs, and business analytics by the Professionals themselves. Earlier freshers face a completely different environment when they enter the corporate ladder. Now the gap between College and Career can be reduced by this platform.
You can connect with only professional in your desired field to specifically learn their business prospects, Professionalism and their Business insights.

2. Best Networking Platform

You can easily get followers or connectors related to your field. You just have to connect with them and you will be automatically connected with them like the feature of Facebook friends.

The best thing about LinkedIn is that if some Commented or reacted on your post then it will be shared with all of his connections.

Let’s see the most amazing part, If an HR professional commented on your post then it will be shared with all his connections. Because most of his connections are people of the HR field then you will get an engagement of 500 HRs with the help of only 1 comment. 

People frequently use hashtags and follow them to get any update related to that hashtag. If you use the correct hashtags then you will get high engagement on Linkedin. Don’t put irrelevant hashtags. Keep your hashtags limited but appropriate hashtags.

3. Best for Content Creators

You can also see your profile analytics that How many people view your profile, How many are from Delhi, How many are from the Finance field. 

The best thing about Linkedin is that there are very few creators on Linkedin. If you grow your Linkedin profile to a certain level then you can connect with Public Figures. Public Figure approaches people from Linkedin to get advice and grow their business.

Linkedin Stories is one the most underrated feature of Linkedin. People post very less on Linkedin stories because they do not have creative ideas about how to post stories professionally. Think professionally and start updating LinkedIn stories because it is the only thing shown on the top bar.

You will also get the swipe-up feature which is given to Instagram creators with more than 10k followers. You can easily shift your visitors to any 3rd party website like youtube, Instagram or any other website.

4. Opportunity to know people’s Professional life

You may know your family, friends and relative by their nature, emotions and their fun factors. 

It will be very interesting to know their professional side as well. Most people do not talk about their professional lives much because they only talk about common topics between their family and friends. 

Everyone wants a barrier between their personal and professional life. Now you get to know their thoughts and opinions on their professional career.


5. Help in getting Jobs easily 

Linkedin jobs is a paid feature for the recruiters. Therefore, You can get quality jobs from Linkedin. I talked about how to get jobs on Linkedin at the end of this blog.

Linkedin also offers its skilled-based learning programs which will definitely help you enhance your skills in your specific field. Apart from the theory stuffs in the college, It is a great opportunity to enhance skills from the best platform for Professionals. 


How to make a great profile on LinkedIn?

1. Share your Professional Experiences

Linkedin is growing at a rapid pace in India for Case Studies, Company Analysis, Profession Opinions and Professional Advice. You should start posting your views and opinion on ongoing corporate topics.

People also share their Achievements, Recommendations, Position of Responsibility, skills, Job and Internship Updates, and where they got featured to enhance their profiles.


2. Share only Relevant thing to your profile

Make a quality profile. Please don’t feature everything. Feature only those things which are most appropriate for your future job or Business.

Do courses, Internships, Jobs, Win competitions, give and take Recommendations in the field in which you want to get a job in. 

For example, If you want to become a Financial Analyst then your profile should not feature marketing-related skills and courses.

You can share all your achievements but be more specific about your Courses and Internships because Campus Ambassador internships are of no use.

3. Show your own Worth and treat yourself as a Brand 

Your profile picture is your 1st impression on Linkedin. Try to upload a passport size profile picture and your face should be clearly visible in it.

The profile picture can also define your profession. For example, If you are a photographer then you can make your profile picture with a camera.

If you are an IT professional then your profile picture should be working on the laptop.

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If not your profile picture then your profession should be reflected in your Cover Picture.

Treat your profile like you are selling it. Think about what people in your field want to see in the profile.


4. Bio is the King

Keep the Bio crisp and to the point. Your Bio should define who you are and what are your future goals. Professional people connect with you if they find something valuable or similar after analyzing your Bio. 

For example, if you want to be in the Marketing sector then clear your intention in the Bio.

How to get jobs on LinkedIn?

Linkedin is the most authentic platform to get jobs. It is difficult for freshers to get jobs from Linkedin because of the simple reason that their profile is not up to the mark. 

Businesses pay HR fees to Linkedin for publishing their job offers to get the best professionals in their field. Companies like WWE and PUBG India also publish job offers for remote work on this platform. 

A fresher should improve their profile and experience to get the job from Linkedin. It is not compulsory to gain experience from a job. You can also apply for internships to boost up your CVs if you are still in college.

Startups or Small Businesses cannot afford the job offer fee of Linkedin. Therefore, Freshers can tap startups directly by directly talking to them. Use hashtags like #startups, #fintech, #smallbusiness and #jobopportunity etc.

There are few fields where anyone can apply regardless of their experience. Some of them are Typing, Content Writing, and Social Media Marketing. As a fresher, you should apply in these fields.

One secret tip is that you can apply in companies outside India. So, you should apply in companies where currency value is higher than Indian Rupees.

I got a Content writing Internship in a UK-based digital marketing company where I get paid 35 euros per article. (1 Euro=100 Rupee)

There are more chances to get a response on Linkedin internships in which “Actively recruiting” is mentioned. 

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