How to grow on Youtube Shorts- Tips, Benefits, Monetization, Hashtags

Youtube has officially announced that monetization is coming on Youtube Shorts and with a funding of 100 million dollars on Youtube Shorts. 

The best news about Shorts is that there is no minimum requirement to start monetization on your Youtube Shorts channel. There is no need to complete the minimum threshold of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of Watch time.

To make the Youtube Shorts monetization feature more reliable, youtube will approve your Youtube Shorts monetization according to its own terms and conditions.

If you are thinking to make something nonsense or cringe content on Youtube Shorts then this type of content will not get approval. Youtube will not entertain any 3rd party watermark (like TikTok) on its platform. 

You need to make authentic and original content on Youtube Shorts on which Youtube can place its advertisements and make money.

Youtube is a platform where people express their talent, knowledge and Creativity. You have to do explore different things that you can show on your Youtube Shorts.


Basics of Youtube Shorts

1. Video must be in the vertical form. There will be a black area in your video if you will make shorts in square format. The vertical form videos will also support the desktop view.

2. Video must be a maximum of 1 minute and a minimum of 5 seconds. The range should be between 5 seconds-59 seconds.

3. Youtube Shorts feature will not be available on desktop but you can see short videos on desktop as well by going directly to the channel.

4. Time-lapse, Reverse and Loop videos will be more encouraged by Youtube Shorts and into the limelight of the creators.

5. Do not try to reuse the content of other creators, Youtube Algoritmn is very advanced and sophisticated. This will lead to serious copyright claims. 

Tips to grow on Youtube Shorts

1. Use the most appropriate Title 

You can now rank your video disregarding the high competition on a particular keyword.

If you use the title correctly then it is a high probability that your video will start getting organic traffic from the Youtube Shorts feature within 24 hours.

If you do not use the appropriate title in Youtube Shorts then it is a possibility that the youtube algorithm will not understand what your video is trying to convey which will result in non-ranking of your Youtube Shorts video.

2. Make videos on topics with high search volume

There is no need to worry about high competition after the introduction of Youtube Shorts because there will be a different box on rank 3 of every Youtube Search.

Youtube Shorts is altogether a new platform for mobile users. There is very less videos on every topic on Youtube Shorts. You can start with any high search volume niche and getting high engagement daily.

3. Use keywords related to your niche

People always search a lot for Popular Youtube Shorts hashtags but the fact is that you should use hashtags according to your niche. 

There are already 32 million videos using #shorts in their youtube shorts video. 

One hack to search for popular hashtags is by using the hashtags used by top influencers in your field.

Do not use more than 2 tags in the Title otherwise, it will impact the ranking. Use tags inside the description and Tags bar while uploading the video.

You can also use the music used by the top influencers. With the music trick, you can easily get a high number of views on your shorts within few hours.

4. Increase the frequency of Youtube Shorts

Post at least 1 Youtube Shorts a day. Try to post as many Youtube Shorts as you can in a single day. To win the game of Youtube Shorts you have to maintain quality with quantity. Try to make 5 Youtube Shorts daily if you are a beginner. 

After having a huge subscriber base you can focus on posting just 1 Youtube Shorts a day to have your viewers super-premium content.

If you make Youtube Shorts with appropriate Title and Tags then I will 101% guarantee that your 1 out of 5 videos will go viral on Youtube Shorts. 

This doesn’t mean that posting anything can give you results. You should post according to your channel niche to gain more views and subscribers.

If you post different things everyday then this will also impact your ranking because Youtube Algorithm is observing the type of content you are posting daily. If you continuously post Youtube Shorts on a particular topic then there is a high probability to rank faster.

5. Use Trending Songs in Youtube Shorts

There will be no copyright claim and you can easily monetize the video but Remember to add the music from the inbuilt youtube tool. 

There is literally zero competition right now on so many popular songs. Make videos on as many songs as you can because other creators will also observe you while creating the video on the same song.

Start observing the music that top creators are using because if you make a video on that similar song whcih has less competition then you have a high probability to grow extremely quick.

Benefits of Youtube Shorts

1. Youtube Shorts is the best platform to grow your Business

We saw people start their businesses on Instagram and end up getting nothing because their reels are getting no organic traffic on Instagram Reels. All the other short video platforms are not appropriate for business.

If you observe then youtube now has all the features of Instagram and vice versa. The main aspect that separates them both is that Instagram is a platform for friends and fun. Opposite to it, Youtube is a worldwide platform where you can get your targetted customers by generating organic traffic on Youtube.

2. Youtube Shorts have high Engagement and Youtube Subscribers

There is a very high scope to get organic traffic from Youtube. Youtube Shorts have a separate button for mobile users. It is as addictive as TikTok.

If someone subscribes to your Youtube Channel it means that they want to see more of your content. Your daily videos on Youtube shorts will be their routine after some days.

Youtube Shorts continuously show your content to the same person. This will really help in getting subscribers. This is very similar to someone showing you an advertisement again and again then finally you will check it out. 

3. Youtube Shorts is the best platform to earn money

After Tiktok banned in India, Youtube is the only platform that pays money to creators for their work. There is no need to complete the minimum threshold of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch but you need to take Youtube approval for your content. 

If Youtube finds your content as genuine and valuable for the viewers then Youtube will definately give you approval.

4. Youtube Shorts have less Competition

There is very less competition on Youtube Shorts right now as compared to other platforms like Instagram Reels. Youtube Shorts is definitely a better platform than other short video platforms because of the less competition and huge audience on Youtube. I made a detailed comparison on Youtube Shorts Vs Instagram Reels.

Youtube Shorts is for those who take short video content professionally rather than just having fun.

5. Youtube Shorts is easy to make

Youtube Shorts worked very hard on making the feature user-friendly for the creators. The usage of Youtube Shorts is very similar to Tiktok and Instagram Reels. 

If you already know to how to make Instagram Reels and Tiktok then making Youtube Shorts will be a piece of cake for you.

You can make Youtube Shorts on any music just by tapping on it. The best part is that you will not be punished with any copyright claim if you will use the music from Youtube Shorts.

Why Youtube invested money in Youtube Shorts?

Youtube introduced Youtube shorts due to a decrease in the attention span of the consumer. The average attention span of the consumer is 7 seconds. 

We saw the growth of  Instagram stories and we saw the growth of Tiktok. People love consuming short video content. The patience level of people keeps on decreasing day by day. They want a quick way to boost their dopamine. Youtube is forced to introduce Youtube Shorts due to the high demand for short video content on Youtube. 

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