How to improve self-confidence and self-esteem

Marisa Peer studied hypnotherapy from the hypnotism training institute, Los Angeles which is the best establishment for its studies in the world. She has developed her own unique styles after a lot of research in almost every sector. 

You will find the solutions for every type of confidence issues given below- 

building confidence in customer service reps


Lack of Self-Confidence

  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Poor Self-Image
  • Attracting the Wrong Relationships
  • Poor Self-Worth
  • Insecurity
  • Procrastination
  • Not Getting Promotion

Let’s unlock the secrets to feel great about yourself Everyday-

1. Try to speak slow, move slow, be calm

Keeping direct eye contact and keeping speaking slowly in a calm state is a trait of a leader.  

The author says keep your chin up and shoulders down. This will show confidence as well as respect for others.

All the power people speak slowly and calmly. When it comes to addressing the country, every Prime Minister and President speak slowly so that people feel the heaviness of their speech and there should be no miscommunication.

Confidence people are not reactive. Reactive nature shows dominance. Powerful leaders are always calm as the author said “Strength is shown in stillness”.

2. Your Greatest Needs 

Your greatest need should be accepted by everyone and should not be rejected by anyone.

A patient said to the author that “He is fearless of rejection”. The greatest need of that person is job and money. The author replied that without a job and money, you will lose your position in society. Hence, you will also feel rejected.

3.You don’t have to be perfect to be confident

According to the author, We are not born to be perfect and we can never be perfect. The person who always wanted to be perfect will always end up as sad. He will always find flaws in himself. Hence, that person will never become a confident person.

In her 24 years of experience as a therapist, She observed that the happiest and confident people are those who focus on giving their best. By that, people accept themselves and believed that at least they are giving their 100%.

One of the examples is when people saw Laurence Olivier’s movie Hamlet, no one was able to control their emotional state. People were very happy with the performance.

Instead of taking praise, Olivier said “Don’t write a good about my movie”. If people keep very high expectations from the movie then it is a possibility that they will not like the movie and they will keep thinking about something more dramatic rather than enjoying the final product.

This will be a depressing moment for Olivier that even after delivering a brilliant movie, people make flaws out of it.

4.Praise Yourself

People always ask for feedback for their work and when people give negative feedback, we felt demotivated.

Whenever a cloth shopkeeper praises us, we will understand that the praise is fake (to increase sales). Similarly whenever our friends or relatives started praises us awkwardly for no reason. We understand that the praise is not real and they want something from us. So, this will also not increase our confidence.

The best method to increase confidence is to start praising yourself. Praise yourself in front of the mirror. Some people feel doing it awkward but research said that this will definitely increase our confidence, self-esteem, and motivation towards the work.

Don’t feel awkward to do it because no one will know as you are doing it when you are alone. 

5. Believe and winning

If a Salesman does not believe in their product then how can he sell it to others? So, Belief in yourself. Others will feel confident in us if we believe in ourselves. 

Arnold Shwezennegar who is a bodybuilder, a famous actor, and the governor of California came to the USA at the age of 21.

He lacks money and knows very little English but he believed that he will become a big person one day. I want to edit, He is 100% sure that he will become a big person one day. This kind of attitude leads him to success.

When he expresses his thoughts to people then they criticize him and tell him to be modest. But he is very thankful that he never became modest. Otherwise, he will never become successful.  

6. Gain Knowledge

The more knowledge we have, the more confidence we have. The more knowledge we have, the more content we have to speak on anything.

“Superiority will always lead to confidence.” – so keep learning new skills to enhance your confidence.

7.Change your language change your life

Use the language of confident people. Feel yourself as you are the most confident person and make changes in your life by feeling that you are a confident person. 

There must be a fake optimism that you can do it somehow by putting in an effort. The attitude must be positive to gain confidence.

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