How to Start Tea Time Franchise: Cost, Profit, Review

Tea Time Franchise is one of the best Tea franchises in India. If you looking for a tea franchise with the most affordable Investment then Tea Time is the best option for you.

We will analyze Tea Time Franchise Cost, Profit, Review, Menu and How to start the Tea Time Franchise.

Tea Time has 500+ franchise units across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Maharastra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Manipur, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Haryana, Odisha.

You can directly enroll for the Tea Time Franchise by filling up the Google Form.

Tea Time produces its own tea leaves, processing plants are located at Hyderabad, Kolkata, Rajahmundry and, the R&D lab in Hyderabad.

Tea Time Franchise Cost

Tea Time Franchise Cost

The Tea Time Franchise cost only 6 lakh Rupees. The minimum size of the shop should be 100 Square Feet However, the ideal space would be 150 Square Feet or more.
Franchise Fees- 4,25,000 Rupees

These 4,25,000 Rupees includes franchise fee, marketing fee and the cost of all equipments such as hot snacks case, refrigerator, deep freezer, induction stove, high-pressure gas stove, fruit mixer, tea utensils, tea powder, branded glasses, name boards, display menu, lollipop board, decoration items, photo frames etc. and initial stock.

The outlet should have tile flooring, kitchen partition, water connection & an outlet counter. A franchise has to arrange the said ones only. The rest of all the brand
will take care of.

Franchise Fees (including Machinery)4,25,000 Rupees
GST on Franchise Fees76,500 Rupees
Flooring, Plumbing and Water Connection30,000 Rupees
Initial Raw Material40,000 Rupees
Other Expenditures28,500 Rupees
Total Investment6,00,000 Rupees
  • The franchise agreement is valid for 5 years. At the end of the 5th year, you can renew the agreement by paying 10% of the franchise fee.
  • All the equipment provided are branded and comes with a warranty.
  • For the training of the employee-
    Option-1) You can send your staff to any of our selected shops in your nearest location or else to the lab at Hyderabad. The training at these locations will be completely free, but the cost of your staff’s travel, food and accommodation will have to be borne by you.

    Option-2) Alternatively, we can send one of our chefs to your shop for training for 3-4 days, which will cost you a training fee of 10,000/-. You will also have to bear the expenses of travel, food and accommodation of the trainer.
  • Monthly Royalty of Rs 2,000/- to be paid by the franchise, No additional hidden charges, No percentage on sale or No percentage on profit the franchise makes.
  • No Royalty will be charged in the 1st year.
  • POS system is not mandatory for a unit. So it is provided as an optional choice for the franchise owners. In such a case, an additional amount of Rs.25,000/- will be added to the franchise fee.

What are the items the Franchisee should buy from Tea Time? What is the price?

Approximately the cost of Raw Material from Tea Time is 40%. The following is the cost of every item offered by the company to the Franchise-

S.NoItemsQuantityAmount (including GST)
1BADAM POWDER500 gms250 Rupees
2KULLAD MASALA200 gms450 Rupees
3TEA MASALA200 gms240 Rupees
449 GLASS13.75 Rupees
599 GLASS14.75 Rupees
6GREEN TEA125 gms175 Rupees
7TEA POWDER1 Kg396 Rupees
12TEA CUP11 Rupee
13OSMANIA BISCUIT400 gms120 Rupees
14FRUIT BISCUITS400 gms168 Rupees


  1. Franchise can order the Stock by Whatsapp, Phone Call, Message & Email.(Contact Info will be Provided)
  2. Proforma Invoice will be generated & sent to the Franchise, The Franchise should have to make the Payment to the given Bank Account Details in the Proforma Invoice & Send us the Acknowledgment ofpayment receipt.
  3. Soon after the Payment is received the Store will Dispatch the material & provide the Tracking Details.
  4. The Franchise should track the Shipment & Collect it from the Transporter Locally.

The Raw material which will not provided by the company are given below-
  1. Full cream Milk (Fat Content-6%)
  2. Milk Normal
  3. Sugar
  4. Lemon
  5. Curd
  6. Banana
  7. Watermelon
  8. Mint
  9. Sprite
  10. Ginger
  11. Oreo Biscuit
  12. Chocolate Ice Cream
  13. Mango Ice Cream
  14. Vanilla Ice Cream
  15. Strawberry Ice Cream
  16. Ice Cream Spoon
  17. Gas Cylinder
  18. Milkmaid Syrups/Crush: Rose, Mango, Green Apple, Strawberry, Orange
  19. Honey
  20. Dry Fruits: Pista, Dates, Blackberry, Cranberry, Sabja, Apricot, Prunes, Kismis
  21. Brown Sugar
  22. Chocolate Syrup (Optional)
  23. Packing Cover-Snacks
  24. Snacks Plates (Optional)
  25. Parcel Cover (Take Away)
  26. Waste Bin Cover
  27. Tissue Paper
  28. Nescafe

Tea Time Franchise Profit

Let’s talk about the profit margin of Tea Time Franchise. The raw material cost 40% and apart from that there are expenses like Rent, Salary, Electricity, Water Supply and Royalty.

Let’s know the net profit after deducting every expense from the Sales. For example per day Sales is 5,000 Rupees. So monthly Sales is rupees 1,50,000 Rupees.

ParticularsAmount (per month)
Sales1,50,000 Rupees
Raw Material @45%(70,000) Rupees
Rent(15,000) Rupees
Salary(15,000) Rupees
Royalty(2,000) Rupees
Electricity, Gas and Water Supply(13,000) Rupees
Other Expenses(5,000) Rupees
Net Profit30,000 Rupees

The best part is that no other expense will increase from the list above. Only raw material will increase so the profit margin can be easily 40%.

In the initial day, the profit margin will be 20% which is a very great return on investment.

Tea Time Menu

Tea Time Menu

Tea time Franchise Review

I will say that according to me, this franchise is 100% profitable and better than any other tea franchise. The investment is very genuine and affordable and there is no other hidden cost.

Even after the initial investment, the royalty is only 2,000 Rupees no matter how much the Sales will be. The franchise retention price is only 10% which is also a great aspect for the long run.

Not much space is required in the outlet so you can setup a small sitting area near your shop. You can also add some items in your shops if you want. But Adding any other flavour of Tea is not allowed by the franchise.

Tea Time is also highly focus on its marketing. They do not miss an opportunity to advertise themselves on various platforms like Cricket match, Comedy shows, Concerts etc. You can one of the proofs-

Tea Time Franchise Review

The customer reviews for tea time are amazing. There are variety of Tea and Milkshakes. You can add some food items if you want.

The best part about tea is that you will gain regular customers easily because tea is a necessity. Your intent should be to make customers happy with a great tea for customer retention.

The location also plays a major role in the success of a franchise. Tea Time is a small outlet so you can easily afford a small shop in a busy market with high footfall. Try to open the outlet near School, Colleges, Corporate offices, shops and high footfall.

How to start Tea Time Franchise

To start the Tea Time Franchise, you just have to fill out the Google Form below and we will allot you an expert on WhatsApp directly-

If you have any other doubt regarding Tea Time Franchise then you ask me in the comment box.

Thanks for reading the blog, if you are looking for a franchise then you can check our list-

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