Is Amway a real or fake Company? Amway Honest Review

Amway is a legal company which follows all the IDSA rules but it has a fake business plan with expensive products.  Amway is the first network marketing company to enter the Indian market. Amway was launched in India with only 6 products. We all faced an Amway agent coming to our home with free samples to do personal selling. 


Amway Business Plan and Model

Amway sells a very wide range of products. The intent of Amway is that consumers can get everything on the Amway store. Therefore, Amway is unable to focus on its product quality. Amway is selling everything from Oral Care, Skin Care to Protein Shakes, etc.

Amway claims that a person needs only 3 things in life that are Money, Time and Health. Amway is not giving you anything from these but stealing Money, Time and Health from you. 

Amway agents keep on posting regularly on all social media platforms. They post atleast 4-5 stories daily that start your online business and earn 30k-40k per month. They waste their whole day in approaching people whichever way possible. They will call you and motivate you 1-2 hours to join their scam scheme. This is nothing but a waste of time. If Amway has good products then customers can directly approach Amway products. 

There are thousands of reviews on Quora, Youtube, Mouthshut, Twitter and other social media platforms against Amway products. There are ingredients on the label of Amway that it contains some chemicals but Amway agents treat products as 100 percent organic. There are so many side effects of using Amway products. 


Selling expensive products than market price (Amway product review)

Amway claims that they will not invest any amount in the marketing of the products. They directly selling their product from the manufacturer to the consumer. Amway claims that they distribute the middleman earnings to their agents for direct selling. Then why the price of Amway products is so much high?

If there is no middleman involved and the company invests no money on marketing then Amway products should be cheaper than the market price.

I am showing the proof of Amway products’ prices compared to the best products in the market. Some of their products are even costing above rupees 4000. Some of the skincare items and Protein Shakes cost above 4,000 rupees which are clearly not worthful in any case. 

1. This is Amway’s top-selling toothpaste which cost rupees 295 for 190g. The price of Toothpaste’s best brand Colgate is rupees 90 for 200g.


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Amway Glister- 295 rupees/200gm
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Colgate- 90 rupees/200gm

You can compare the price of the best toothpaste in the market (Colgate) with the Amway toothpaste. You can buy 3 Colgates in exchange for only 1 toothpaste of Amway. the simple reason is that company is selling expensive products and then giving very little commission to its agents.


2.  Amway Skin Care and Anti-aging products cost rupees 4150 rupees and 1600 rupees.

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You can easily buy these items from the market at a very affordable rate.


Intent of Amway is to join more and more people in their Network

The intent of Amway agents is to attract more and more people to join their scam scheme. The focus of the company is not on improving the quality of the products.

As a product selling company it should focus on improving the product quality and cutting the cost of the products but instead of this they are giving personal trigger like Car, Foreign Trips and huge-sums of money.

If people will know the fact that network marketing needs a lot of hardwork and still the success rate is 0.04% then no one wants to join Amway.

Amway is not entrepreneurship because you are not doing something different. Amway is not your own company. Amway is clearly a performance-based sales job.

You can’t earn lakhs of rupees in just a few months. They also attract people by saying few slots left, 10 slots left, for a limited time period, festival offer, Best business opportunity and there is no investment needed. Do not get attracted by these cheesy lines because at the end amway agents just want your money.


Less prices of Amway Products on Amazon

The price of the Amway products is more to the agents because you are starting this business opportunity(Sales Job). You are clearly paying extra money to join the Amway scheme.

Selling cheaper products on online websites and stores is known as undercutting to clear the stock and to achieve the target(Sales Turnover). The agents in Amway use this trick to get promotion. This will impact the new people coming into this scheme.  

You will find everything below MRP on normal shops. This clears that the intent of the company is just to sell dreams which you will never achieve in this company.

If you will not be able to generate results then they will not return your money back. There is very small commission and the business model of Amway is not so strong so people will rarely join Amway.

Commission on Amway Products is extremely less

The commission on Amway Products is extremely less that it is not worthful to invest your money in this company. Amway calculate income in terms of business value (1 BV=80 rupees+GST).

You have to generate a Sales Turnover of 100,000 rupees(1,200 BV) to generate a commission of rupees 2000 rupees only. The commission is only 2% in this company on an average.

If you sell more products then your commission will increase. The reason behind increase in commission is that the company is selling very expensive products so it will give the company more profit with increase in sales turnover.

No Surety 30 days money-back guarantee

Amway claims that if you do not like Amway products then you can return it within 30 days of purchasing. The reality is that Amway agents do not allow you to return the products because this will impact their commission. 

You will be charged delivery charges to bring the products but you yourself have to returrn the products to the head office of Amway which maybe 50 km away from your house. There will be so many formalities in the head office, and you will need a minimum of 2 days to get the refund because Amway will not refund you money the same day. 

Returning Amway products is a very tedious process and if they are charging delivery charges 250 rupees delivery charges then they have to be responsible for the return of the products.

Free Passive Income Sources are available

Amway is not a stable passive source of income because if you add people by manipulating innocents then they will left the company after 1-2 months so this will ultimately decrease your sales turnover as well as your passive income.

Your income is completely dependent upon your Sales turnover. Passive income in Amway does not mean that you will get constant income every month.

If your Sales Turnover is 0 rupees  then your income will also be 0 rupees.

There is no need to invest money in these scam Network Marketing schemes because there are free passive income platforms in which you can earn 20,000 per month on average.

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Cashkaro is also a passive income source and it is totally free of cost then why should I join Amway which needs 20,000 investment? Why you are wasting money every month for the thing you are getting for free on Cashkaro.
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