Is BPO(Call Centre) a good or bad Career Option?

People have very mixed reviews regarding BPO. So, is a BPO call centre a good career or a bad career?

We will talk about the working culture of call centers, its advantages, disadvantages and is it a good career or not?. You will know everything about the BPO call centre in this blog with the detailed experiences of people and my own personal perception about BPO.

BPO is an extremely bad career option on a long-term basis. In the short-term, BPO is good to earn a good amount of money. Basically, People join BPO to earn quick cash.

The full form of BPO is Business Process Outsourcing which basically means that business delegates their work to outsourcing agencies. The most famous industry in BPO is the call centre industry.

I can summarize that BPO is good for the short term on the basis of growth and money. In a long term, BPO is of no use and it will definitely destroy your career.

Is BPO a Good Carrer Option?

Benefits of BPO

BPO only has short-term benefits. There are no long-term benefits in doing a job at BPO. The short term benefits of BPO are-

1. BPO offers Good amount of Money

The major dopamine in BPO is earning 20,000 rupees while studying in college. BPO pays a good amount of money as compared to a person’s skill set.

It feels so good when you are earning money during college life and supporting your family that too with the help of your communication skills only.

2. BPO Improves fluency in English

There are two types of jobs in Call Centre BPO. One is based on written communication and the other is speaking+writing communication.

The income will be dependent upon two factors that are shift timing and type of job. People will get more salary for night shifts based on speaking+written communication.

Communication is a very important tool to learn in your life so fluency in communication graces your overall personality.

We always listen to people who speak well and so fluently therefore it is not only a professional skill but a life skill.

3. BPO Eliminates Hesitation

I have seen changes in many of my friends after joining BPO. The change is that how BPO improves their communication and behavioral skills thoroughly.

BPO basically enhances maturity and practicality towards life when you see people working so hard to run their families.

You will find people from different age groups in BPO’s but the majority of them are from the age group of the 20s. So, you will learn how to communicate with people of different age groups.

This will eliminate your hesitation to talk to new people and hence you will be open up to talk with anyone. You will learn the needs of different types of people.

4. BPO helps in making new friends

You will meet with many new people in BPO so it is a good opportunity to make new friends. You will learn how to work in a team and you will gain corporate exposure.

Disadvantages of BPO

If BPO has so many good advantages then why do people say that BPO is a bad career option? BPO call centre have very bad side as well.

Take your own example, when you are unsatisfied with any service for which you are paying for then you will contact the customer care call centre.

You will be angry on them for no reason. Definately, abusing these innocent people is a bad thing and it is not morally or ethically correct but some people even abuse to the call centre guys.

There are so many bads of BPO call centre that are-

1. Monotony of work

You have to do a similar task everyday in BPO call centre. It’s all about calling-calling-calling or typing-typing-typing.

The most difficult part is to say the same lines every single day to different people and solving problems of angry clients. It feels like you are a robot who is saying the same lines everyday.

2. Intensively affect Mental Health

You have to suffer a lot of bad comments and criticism. Clients and even senior executives sometimes abuse you and your family which will burst your mind. Therefore, BPO is a very stressful job.

You have to stay polite even when the other person is shouting on you and abusing your family. After successfully ending up the call with that client those words will juggle in your mind the whole working day. Those words will be reminded in your mind when you are lying on bed before sleeping.

You will ask questions to yourself that why I am listening this nuisense for no reason. But the next day, you have to go to that workplace again and doing the same job.

Stress is directly proportional to alcohol consumption or smoking. Drinking is good occasionally but the habit of excessive drinking and smoking is very dangerous.

In BPO, you will be familiar with the acholic culture and smoking as a daily routine that is extremely harmful.

3. Lack of Growth

Apart from the communication skills, you will learn nothing in a call centre job. Think practically once, if in the age of learning, you focus on earning money then you are losing everything in a long run.

Just think about a question, If you will not be taught alphabets in nursery then will you be able to pass your 12th standard?

Similarily, if you are not exploring your interest or not learning skills in your college life then your coming life seems useless. This will lead to problems like self-doubt in youngsters.

Be selfish for yourself, use for parents money till you will be well settled in life. Otherwise, in future you and your parents both have to suffer with money crisis. The next point may give you another reality check.

4. Low Increment in Income

At the entry-level, you can easily earn 15,000-25,000 rupees according to your shift. But even after 2-3 years of experience, your salary will increase by 5,000-10,000 rupees only.

Your salary will be 25,000-30,000 rupees only after working hard day and night for the company then it is not a great investment.

Growth is a factor that everyone wants to be better everyday. If you are on the same page after 2-3 years then it is not a fruitful investment.

5. No Work-Life Balance

BPO call centre literally fu*k your work and life balance. It will affect your good personal relationship with other people. Therefore, it is seen that many people in BPO are good friends with BPO people only.

If you are working in a night shift then you know that this job will take almost 10-12 hours if you include travelling time and getting ready for the job. If you add 8 hours of sleeping time then it will sum up as 18-20 hours.

The BPO will take majority time of your day so you can’t manage multiple things with the BPO job. Ultimately, you have to sacrifice your study, personal relationships and growth as well.

If you are a family person then it is impossible for you to do a BPO call centre job. A family man will not be able to give time to your wife and children if he spend their whole night in BPO and sleep during the morning and afternoon time.

6. Difficulty in shifting profession

You will not be able to change your profession after BPO because you will be forced to stay in BPO call centre due to lack of skills in other fields.

After working for 1 year in a BPO, you will find that you ruin your life. In a phase you can learn skills that will give you benefit in long term but you are running for just 20,000 rupees.

At maximum, you will be able to achieve a Sales job which is more frustrating than a BPO call centre job. In a Sales job, you have to generate leads so you have the pressure of completing the targets.


I do not have any personal grudges with this BPO and call centre culture but the intention is to make the youth aware of the advantages and disadvantages of BPO from my personal experience and from my friends.

If you want to join BPO for just 1 month for experience and exposure then go for it without any hesitation but don’t make BPO money as your addiction. You can earn 5-10 times more money than BPO if you acquire better skills in your life.

Do not think about quick cash during your college life, focus on learning skills that will be beneficial in a long run and you will definitely get fruitful output in the future.

BPO is not good as a career, but taking the experience of BPO is not a bad thing at all. You can do BPO job for 1-2 months and earn around 50,000 rupees. You can buy a mobile phone, go on a trip or invest this money in mutual funds or shares.

Some newly join BPO freshers may not like this blog but this is a bitter truth of BPO call centres. You can ask any person who did BPO for more than 1 year.

If you want to add something or have any query then you can add that in the comment box.

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