Is Cashkaro real or fake? Cashkaro is the best App

Cashkaro is not fake, its a real online earning platform just by doing online shopping. You can earn real cash just by shopping from E-Commerce websites like Amazon, Zomato, Ajio, Myntra, Udemy, Big Bazaar and Flipkart etc. You can earn 10% lifetime commission as passive income from Cashkaro. Cashkaro is free of cost. Also, Cashkaro is funded by our renowned Ratan Tata. 


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Categories in the Cashkaro Affiliate Program

  1. Fashion 
  2. Beauty and Personal Care
  3. Grocery
  4. Health and Medicine
  5. Recharge and Bill Payments
  6. Mobile Phones
  7. Banking and Finance
  8. Home and Kitchen
  9. Education and Courses
  10. Departmental
  11. Travel
  12. Domain and Hosting
  13. Electronics

Cashkaro Affiliate  program/ Refer and Earn Program

Cashkaro Affiliate program is free of cost unlike other paid affiliate marketing programs and network marketing programs. In other affiliate marketing programs, you can promote only a few products but in Cashkaro, you can find each and every product or service which is offered online.  Cashkaro is promoting the whole platform.
You will get commission on Cashkaro in form of Cashback. Cashkaro has over 1500+ shopping websites are registered with Cashkaro. Almost every online shopping website including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Ajio, BigBazaar are partners of Cashkaro.   

Cashkaro has paid over 200 crore rupees as Cashback/Commission. 
This is so amazing in CashKaro that you can earn money just by doing online shopping and recharge. 
Cashkaro is awarded as the best affiliate marketing website by IAMAI. Cashkaro is featured on every big platform like Forbes and it is awarded as the #1 cashback site for the last 3 years.


This is the opportunity that anyone can do as a side hustle and can earn money very easily. Click here to get the Cashkaro App and start earning money right now.

Features and Benefits of Cashkaro


1. Cashkaro is free of Cost

So many people claim that there is nothing that you can get for free but you can start Cashkaro with absolutely 0 Rupees. There is no harm in starting something that is free of cost. 

Network Marketing people will say that Cashkaro is fake without giving any reason  but Cashkaro is free of cost unlike other Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing programs which demand money from people for no reason.


2. Cashkaro has every online shopping Website as its Partner

You can easily see the price of products on different websites on a single platform. 

For example- If you want to check the price of Nike shoes then you have to check the price of the shoes on every shopping website like Amazon, Flipkart and Ajio but now you can check the price of any product in a single click because Cashkaro has every shopping website in its search bar.

Cashkaro also makes you aware of the latest discount, Sales and Offers on different Websites.

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3.Cashkaro is a Passive Source of Income

Cashkaro is among the few affiliate programs which offer passive income. Passive income means that . It is a very amazing thing that you are sleeping still you can earn money with the help of a network created.

Everyone orders atleast something online every month so you will get 10% earnings of your referrals earnings.


4. Cashkaro offers a very high commission on every product

Cashkaro offers a commission of upto 20% if you shop online from your own account. Also, You will get a lifetime 10% commission on the earning of your referrals. 

For example- If you added 25 people and their Cashback earning is 50,000 rupees ( Cashback- 200 rupees each person) then your earning will be 5,000 rupees every month without doing anything. 

This is the power of Referral Marketing and Passive income. This program is free of cost so everyone agrees to join it. Because it is the mutual benefit of both parties. 

Similarly, You can add “n” number of people. There is no particular limit so your income will keep on increasing every month if your referrals keep on doing online shopping. To be honest, everyone is doing online shopping atleast once a month.

Cashkaro also makes you aware of the latest discount, Sales and Offers on different Websites.

5. Cashkaro saves space in your mobile device

In Cashkaro, you will get every online shopping Application at one place. This will help in saving your mobile storage. The CashKaro App is of 34 MB only.

There is no need to separately go on every platform and confirm the price of the product. You can directly see the price of the product on Cashkaro.

For example- If you want to buy Nike shoes then you can directly type Nike Shoes on Cashkaro App and you will get the list of Nike Shoes prices on different websites.

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You can also categorize products as Popular, Discount, High Price and Low Price as you can see on the above picture. 

Cashkaro will save your time, energy and money at the same time. No need to go on different platforms again and again to check the prices and discounts.


6. Cashkaro has an easy cash withdrawal system

You can directly withdraw money from Cashkaro App or Website to your Bank account. You can withdrawal cash once you reach the threshold of rupees 250. You can easily earn 250 rupees in just 1 or 2 transactions. You can withdrawal 250 rupees anytime. The more you refer, the more will be your earnings.

The link for Cashkaro is given below-

1. Cashkaro Website Link
2. Cashkaro Mobile Application Link

Cashkaro Internships for Student

Cashkaro also offers internships specifically for students. Personally, I do not like the Campus Ambassador Internship but due to the business model of Cashkaro, you can be a part of this Internship.
This is the most successful startup so it will be a great opportunity to get a chance to work with CashKaro and gain corporate insights with the top affiliate marketing company. Fill the form for the Internship and more details.

Benefits of Cashkaro Internship-

1. Certificate to boost your CV
2. Cash Incentives upto rupees 20,000
3. Get Mentorship from the Corporates
4. Pre-Placement Offer
5. Exposure to the Corporate World
6. Letter of Recommendation to the top performer from the founder of Cashkaro


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