Is Herbalife fake Company? Yes, with proofs

Yes, Herbalife is fake because of its scam scheme. Herbalife Nutrition is a wellness company that replaced shakes in place of food for weight loss. 

Herbalife claims that wellness will be the highest growing industry in the future. I doubt it because only proteins and shakes are not the part of wellness industry. Infact, Wellness can never replace the top industries. Health and wellness are two different things. 

There are so many wellness direct selling companies in India and all of them are not worth including Herbalife, Forever Living and Indusviva.

Network Marketing companies enter into the wellness industry because they think that the profit margin is very high. It is true but there is very high competition so the quality of the products should be top class with affordable price.

It is very obvious that if you are Skipping your meals then you will end up losing weight then there is no benefit of taking shakes. Skip your night meal and take only Dal, Fruits or white eggs at dinner time and you can observe that you will end up losing weight.

For a normal human being, protein shakes are of no use. Athletes consume it to gain proteins because they are engaged in heavy workouts and exercises.


Herbalife has very high Prices of the Products

Herbalife products are very expensive. You can join an expensive gym with Spa, Zumba and swimming pool and you can still save money. Selling products on the name of a business opportunity is not a fair thing.

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You can see that the price of most of the products are above 2000 rupees. The minimum price of the products is around 1000 rupees and the average price is 2500 rupees.

Herbalife Niteworks product cost rupees 6500. This is a very big amount to invest on a single product. You can buy an android mobile phone is 6500 rupees. You can buy the whole month grocery in 6500 rupees.

This investment is complete a wastage of money. The main point is that why the price of the product is so high if they directly sell products from manufacturer to the consumer? I will answer this point at last.

I recommend do not invest money in Herbalife. There are free alternatives available in the market.

Cashkaro is a referral marketing program in which you have to invest 0 money. You will earn money only by online shopping and online recharge. The best part is that if you refer to anyone else then you will get 10% lifetime commission for your referral’s earning.

Cashkaro is also a passive income source and it is totally free of cost then why should I join FLP which needs 30,000 investment? Why you are wasting money every month for the thing you are getting for free on Cashkaro.

You can earn money just by filling online surveys from Swagbucks. The best part is that it is free of cost and you can earn 10% lifetime earnings of the person you refer.


Herbalife shakes can be Harmful for Health

After the Coronavirus disease, these companies want to take more advantage by targeting health as a major issue. Health is obviously a major issue but replacing your meal from shakes is not an alternative.

Herbalife may cause liver damage. There are reports of people regarding their liver damage. There are 34 cases published for liver injury because of Herbalife.

Consuming an excessive amount of Herbalife products will lead to so many side effects. You can’t afford to consume protein shakes in access therefore proper guidance is needed.

Skipping your meals and proper diet will lead to severe side effects and it is possible that you have to spend lakhs of rupees as hospital fees due to inadequate amount of food intake. Therefore is recommended not to use any Herbalife shake and continue taking your proper diet.  

Herbalife has a Small range of Products

It is better if Herbalife start focusing on a small range of products, having only proteins and shakes is not enough to buy for the whole month.

You have to purchase products of rupees 10,000-15,000 rupees every month but you can’t invest such a huge amount just on shakes.

Other direct selling companies are making every product that is also not correct but if you are investing 10,000-15,000 rupees per month then you can’t buy only proteins and shakes.

Herbalife agents make False claims for becoming rich 


Herbalife is running a network marketing scheme in which you have to buy their products every month and refer to others. In this scheme, they claim that you can become a billionaire and you can earn 50,000 per month.

First of all, The company itself is not billion-dollar worth then how can you become a billionaire.

Secondly, no one will buy these expensive products. People can buy these products for 1 month but after observing that the products are not worth it then they will leave the scheme.

Thirdly, The commission offered is very less. If you add 10 people then your commission will be around 10,000 rupees. But for the Herbalife company, the turnover will be around 150,000 rupees. There are giving you just a piece of shit.

Fourthly, The person who is saying that you can earn lakhs of money from mobile then ask them about their income. Ask them about their passbook statement of 6 months as proof. They show their income on an App that is not their real income.


Use your money on Marketing

These direct selling companies on direct distribution of products from Manufacturer to Customer/ Consumer but Herbalife spend its money on advertisements from famous celebrities.

Herbalife focuses on marketing their products by advertising therefore their theory of direct selling failed. Virat Kohli is not a user of Herbalife products but he promoted Herbalife products due to the money paid to him for advertisement.

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I recently saw Herbalife’s advertisement in India vs Srilanka cricket match. Herbalife is selling expensive products and using that money on advertisements.

From the above point, I will conclude not to join Herbalife because this is clearly a wastage of money and most importantly keeping our health on risk.

Why is Herbalife so Expensive?

Herbalife is expensive because it works on the network marketing business model. The product that hardly cost rupees 100 can be sold at 10 times more price(1000 rupees).

Companies in Network Marketing industry is selling overprized products for no reason. Infact, Herbalife is using that money on advertisements and influencers.

At one place they are saying that there is no wholeseller and advertisement price involved in the products. Then why herbalife is spending money on these stuffs?

The intent of the company is to maximize its sales in whichever way its possible even at an expensive price. The issue is that they are not providing the quality as well.


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  1. Wonderful article about scam on Herbalife. But i have few doubts – My family is using Herbalife products but not me. I told before joining them don’t join it may be scam now i want to prove this is legit scam so is there any sources to do that. Please let me know


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