Is Osmose Technology fake? Yes, Review with proof

Yes, Osmose Technology is a fake company. Osmose Technology is about to do fraud in India. It is not legal for a direct selling company to sell discount coupons/ vouchers by charging some fees. This is against the direct selling rules. Osmose Technology website is inactive right now. The company has more than 10 lakh users in India who will lose their money. 


Osmose Technology Company Fake

Osmose Technology is running a pyramid scheme in which you have to add more and more people into their network to earn money.

Osmose Technology is operating a Social Media Application, an E-commerce store and Games on their social media application. The investment needed for Osmose Technology Premium Plan is 1180 rupees for 120 days.

The company is selling expensive products in their E-commerce store. Osmose is earning from the membership which is free of cost in other companies like Cashkaro and Amazon affiliates. 

Osmose technology is not paying the income of its agents from the last 8 months. The reason why Osmose is unable to pay its agents is given in the next point.


Osmose Technology Business Plan

In Osmose Technology, you just have to use a social media application and watch ads on that application. The company’s agents show big dreams to people and people fall into this trap. Let’s explore how osmose technology give money to agents. Then why this company is unsuccessful now.  There are 3 ways to earn money from Osmose Technology.

1. Daily Income

After invest 1180 rupees, your premium plan will be activated. To earn money from Osmose Technology, You have to install their Pikflick and use it for 1-2 hours. You have to watch advertisements and play games on the “Picflick” social media application to earn money daily.


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The company is earning advertisement revenue by showing it to the application users still the company is charging 1180 rupees per 120 days. This is completely against business ethics.

The same fraud was done by Future Maker which is now shut down due to a money circulation scam. Osmose Technology is now refusing to give the money to their agents due to a lack of money.


2. Referral Income

You have to join as many people in this company then they have to buy the premium membership. There are levels in this company. You can see the levels and no of referrals needed to reach a certain level.
If you join 10 person in the company known as referrals. If they start using the application and make 20 rupees daily then you will get money for that.
After first 10 persons, you will get 1 rupee per person and so on. The full table is given below.


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This is just baiting because the company has not yet paid the referral Income of the people. The payments are on hold for more than 8 months. People in Osmose are now considering their income and efforts as loss because they know that they will never get their money back.

No one in the MLM is earning more than 50 lakh rupees in one day. 7 crore in one day is an impossible task for the company to give to a single person. This is the reason Osmose Tehnology is not able to give money of its agents.
I guess no one in this scheme is at 1 crore members. If a person is at level 6 then so many people are on level 4 and level 5 because convincing 10,000 to invest 2,000 through referral marketing is not a very big task. 
But giving money to all the 10,000 people is a big task. This lead to the failure of the company. 


People are watching advertisements forcefully so it is was not much profitable for the advertisement ageny therefore the company is getting less money for the advertisement revenue.


3. Promotional Offer Income

The company is offering very attractive promotional offers as motivation for their agents.

1. After having a team of 100 people, the first 50 achievers will get an android mobile worth rupees 15,000.

2. After having a team of 1,000 people, the achievers (before 2 months) will get 1 lakh rupees down payment for their car.

3. After having a team of 10,000 people, the achievers (before 2 months) will get a car worth rupees 10 lakh.

4. After having a team of 1,00,000 people, the achievers (before 4 months) will get a Mercedes car and 1 BHK Flat worth rupees 10 lakh.

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I never saw anyone getting a Mercedes car or even a normal car in Osmose Technology company. 


Osmose Technology Final Review

If someone is still convincing you to join Osmose Technology then please ignore that person and share the correct information to them. I am just reflecting the reality so if you have any feedback or question then please ask it in the comment box.

If you watch any video or blog then you will find that everyone is denying to join Osmose Tech. 

The simple reason is that the companies with similar business model are never successful and Osmose is not giving the money of their agents now so that confirms that the company is fake. 

It is an appeal to everyone who last their money in this company make a group in this comment box and take some action against the company.

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