Is Safe Shop real or Fake? explained with real proof

Safe shop is a direct-selling company. Safe shop is fake because it is selling products 100-200 rupees higher than the market price of the product.

You can earn money from safe shop but you will realize that you are manipulating others. You are not selling the safe shops products but you are selling the dreams. The commission you will get for it is also very low. We will talk about these topics in detail.

Safe shop is fake because of its agents who claim that you can become a millionaire and billionaire through Safe Shop. The company itself is not a billion dollars worth. Safe shop is very unsafe because you can lose money here.

The good thing about safe shop is that there is only a 1-time investment. The bad thing is that even the one-time investment is not worth it.

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Safe Shop Products and Business Model

Safe Shop is a direct selling company that offers products of almost every product line. The main motive of the company is to earn profit from sales by creating a network marketing business model. 

The problem with this model is that you have to purchase expensive products in bulk quantity. The products are of poor quality. The intent is just sales and not product improvement. 

1. Safe Shop Selling products expensive than the market price

Safe shop products are 30 percent more expensive than the market price. You can get below MRP in the market. But to join Safe Shop scheme, you have to purchase expensive products.

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Bhagwad Gita is easily available on Amazon at rupees 400
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Safe Shop Sabudana- 225 Rupees/ 500gm
Safe Shop Kali Mirch- 208 rupees/100 gm
Safe Shop Dalchini- 310 rupees/200gm



2. Safe Shop is making products of every product line

Safe shop is literally selling everything.  Amazon is also selling every product but there are different brands which sell their products on Amazon like Maggi and Hindustan Unilever sell their own products on Amazon.

But every product in Safe shop are self-made. The list of products that safe shop have are Grocery, Clothing, Bags, Healthcare products, Bathroom Products, Kitchen Products, Education material, Bhagavad Gita and many more products.

They are selling Bhagavad Gita for 12,800 rupees. Atleast, don’t take money from people on the name of god.

Safe Shop is selling English learn and speaking. On the other hand, Safe shop is selling shoes, cloths, toys and spices etc.

There is no product return guarantee within 30 days. This is a necessary rule for direct selling companies but Safe shop yet not initiated it.

No one can be a master in making products of every product line. Safe shop should understand this thing.


3. Commission in Safe Shop is extremely less

Safe shop calculates commission in terms of BV. (400 BV=40,000 rupees) 

You will get a commission of rupees 1400 after investing 20,000 (200 BV) and generating 40,000 (400 BV) rupees sales. 

You are purchasing expensive products of rupees 60,000 (600 BV) and getting a commission of just rupees 1400. 

You can easily get a discount of rupees 1400 if you purchase products from Dmart worth rupees 5,000. You can get additional cashback on online shopping from Cashkaro.

Although there is a 1-time investment but to take it as a business opportunity is impossible because no one will purchase expensive products. Also, the commission rate is extremely less. 

You have to manipulate people for so many years to reach the income of rupees 50,000 is this scheme. Safe shop keeps that BV system to hide the commission rates so that someone newly joined can’t estimate the commission.

You can easily get a commission of rupees 10,000 on affiliate marketing on selling products of rupees 65,000. Companies like CashKaro will give you that much commission. Cashkaro is also free of cost to join.


4. Safe Shop forced to purchase products in bulk

If you purchase something in bulk then you will definitely get an extra discount but not in Safe shop. 

Safe shop used this strategy and earning profits from the consumers, getting discount for bulk purchases from producers and spending no marketing cost of the products because consumers are doing it for free.

This is a very excellently planned business model but the agents manipulation the customer on the basis of scheme. 


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  1. Thank u so much sir good explanation, my sister recently joined, in this scheme, so many times I told, it’s a big scam please sister don’t join, but she can’t listen, now I show videos sir, super & Thank u so much sir


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