Is Smart Value (APLL) fake? Yes, exposed with proof

Yes, APLL Smart Value is a fake company because Ebiz and Osmose Technology are scams with similar business plan of Smart Value in the network marketing Industry, Smart Value have same traits of doing fraud.

We will talk about the APLL Smart Value course in detail. APLL Smart value offers you a course after that they offer jobs then they also state in their business plan that job is a waste. Isn’t their statement contradicting?

Also, the commission offered to its agents is very low. You have to generate a sales turnover of rupees 1,80,000 rupees to get a very low commission of rupees 4,800

The commission is not at all worth it. The company’s agents make fake promises to make you rich. Definitely, doing a job is far better than this MLM company. 

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1. Smart Value requires huge initial Investment

The initial investment required to join Smart value is rupees 15,000. You have to invest money every month in this company. You have to purchase products forcefully to get their business opportunity.

Wait, this is not a business. Network Marketing is clearly a Sales Job in the initial days because until you make a turnover of rupees 1,80,000 rupees. You will get nothing as referral Income. 

You just have to convince different people to join this scam and finally lose both hope and money. The minimum threshold to get earning is 1,80,000 which is so high. This is a harsh truth of this company.

The products of the company are a bit expensive than the market price after deducting the discount which they consider as profit. You heard it right, the company considers discount as one of their income.

The other income source of the company is through joining other people in the company.


2. Smart Value is Selling expensive course 

Smart value is selling a course worth rupees 15,000 by stating that the original price of this course is rupees 45,000. 

The 15,000 rupees course that APLL smart value is selling is literally free on. You can easily get this course on Youtube for free with a much higher value.

They are offering placement as well, but only a few companies come for placement and that too are not very settled companies. You will just get a job of rupees 8-10 thousand after doing this course. 

The company overvalued very basic skills like MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and Internet as very premium skills. In the real world, these are very basic skills that every student is aware of.

If you want to do highly valued courses with branded certification then Udemy and Coursera are the best.


3. Smart Value intent is just to sell the product

The focus of the company is not on improving the product. The company just wants to sell the products through its network marketing scheme. 

They are selling additional books related to their courses for 1500 rupees. The company is selling suits for 4000 rupees. The thing to notice is that the company is selling things that help to grow their own business. There is no intention to sell good quality products.

One more reason is that Smart value is selling products without any specialization. How can a company sell an IT course and Agricultural products together in a single company?

I do not understand the company’s point of view to sell DVDs in 2021. Maybe the company’s intent is to clear the old stock that they have or they purchase DVD at almost no price and selling it here for profit.

Clearly, the intent of the company is just to sell the scheme, not the products. The quality of the IT course is below average and the quality of the other products in the company is worse.


4. Smart Value is not a safe Investment

Smart value is running not a safe company to invest money because of several reasons-

1. Smart Value website is not secure. Smart value is not an SSL certificate approved website therefore, it can track your data. Do not use any online payment gateway to buy products from smart value. This will may lead to cybercrime with you soon.

2. There is no guarantee of placement, this clearly means that the APLL smart value course is not much powerful. As big institutes in India like IITs and IIMs offering 100% placement with a very high package.

3. Free of cost referral marketing programs are available like Cashkaro. Cashkaro will also train you if you join their student internship program.

4. The company measures commission in terms of miles. In APLL Smart value, the value of 1 mile is rupees 200.

Commission for generating Sales turnover of 900 miles (1,80,000 rupees) is only 4800 rupees. The commission is even less than 0.5%. 

As conclusion, I will not suggest to join APLL Smart Value. This network Marketing industry destroyed the career of millions of people. The success rate is only 0.04%.

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  1. I’m attend this conceling smart value company this is fake and frud company they have invited job opportunity but brean wash and forcefully paid this is chane market system

  2. I suggest ki koi join na kare atleast 100 bar google karo, if uou are unemployed and planning to invest some amount from your partes half.


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