Job vs MLM| which is better?

Job vs MLM is a burning question that comes in the mind of a person who is going to start his MLM/ Network marketing journey. The agents in Multi-Level Marketing defame jobs a lot but this is not true. Jobs are still a better option than Multi-Level Marketing. MLM has a very big market of 1 crore people in India. I have 5 points to prove that Job is far better than Multi-Level Marketing.


1. Multi-Level Marketing requires investment every month

You have to invest money in Multi-Level Marketing every month or huge investment once but the investment in Multi-Level Marketing companies is not worth it.

The MLM agents claim that there is no middleman commission and products are directly delivered from the producer to the customer. This clearly means that the products in MLM should be cheaper than the market price.

On the contrary, MLM products are 5 times expensive than the market price. For proof, I made detailed blogs on Vestige, FLP, Herbalife and Amway. I have shown with proof that these companies are selling products 5 times expensive than the best products in the market.

Also, The agent in MLM treats the discount as profit which we can never treat as profit. This is their first type of income.

According to the Indian Direct Selling rules, There should be no registration fees or joining fees in any direct selling company. Also, there should be 30 days money-back guarantee if you do not like the products.

There are no such rules in so many companies because agents in MLM take money from people for joining the company which is against the rules.

CashKaro is a free referral marketing programs in which you can earn 20,000 rupees just by referring and online shopping and there is no investment required. There is no compulsion to shop.

2. Multi-Level Marketing itself is a Sales job

Multi-Level Marketing agents treat network marketing as a business but it is not a business because there is personal conversation required to convince other people to join your company. Network Marketing is a performance-based sales job. 

In which you will get money only if people under you purchase products and people under them purchase products.

There is a one-to-one conversation in Network Marketing. If it is Digital Marketing+Network Marketing then it is business. But only a creative person can do marketing. In marketing business, you have to deals with E-mails and not person. If there is personal conversation then it is considered as sales.

It is very difficult to sell MLM products because the products are expensive and not at all trusted.

This can be treated as a business if you have equal rights in the decision-making of the company. The CEO of the MLM company does not even know your name.

Sharing content on social media and then approaching people yourself is not a business. 

Even Network Marketing is not surely a passive source of Income because you will get a commission for the people that you added to this chain. If people joined by you stopped purchasing products then you will get nothing. If your turnover is 0 then your income will also be 0. There is no guarantee that you will get freedom from earning money forever. 

3. Multi-Level Marketing promotes Manipulation

Basically, Multi-Level Marketing agents are big liars. They consistently show their rich and happening life to promote people to join their company. Their daily task is to post atleast 5 stories which basically reflects that jobs are useless.

Multi-Level Marketing agents lure people by luxury cars, big bungalows, high bank balance and foreign trips but none of the MLM agent have these things. 

MLM agents trigger people about their poor mentality of getting jobs and poor lifestyle. The people who do not have achieving anything in their own field (network marketing) are judging you on the basis of your thinking regarding society.

Ask the network marketing people about their bank passbook proof because they claim that they are earning 20,000 every month but they are earning nothing.

They are wasting their 10,000 rupees every month to purchase waste products of MLM companies which you can easily get at 2,000 in the market.


4. Multi-Level marketing Success Rate is just 0.04%

People who earn above 1 lakh rupees in MLM become the Gods of the MLM Industry because they are very less in numbers but they are on the pedestal for 1 crore people in Network Marketing in India. 

Network Marketing people give the examples of those who earn more than 1 lakh rupees.  

The success rate is low in MLM just because the business model is not good. Rational person will join a comapny after analyzing the business model of the company.

Therefore, you can mostly see less educated or lower middle class people doing Network marketing.

5. Multi-Level Marketing impacts personal relations 


There is a different community of Multi-Level Marketing people with different ideologies and thinking processes. This will impact the personal relations of a person doing Network Marketing.

A network marketing person always starts talking about the scheme in the group of friends which is always irritating. 

People start ignoring their MLM friend because there is always network marketing in their conversation.

After all the efforts, the network marketing agent treat himself/herself as a loser. This will lead to self-demotivation and self-doubt because you lost your friends just because of this MLM scheme.


Job vs MLM on the basis of different basis to judge that which is the best option to opt for-

1. Job vs MLM on the basis of Investment

Job needs no investment. On the other hand, Network marketing needs investment every month or huge investment once. 

You will get a job on the basis of your skill but in MLM, you have to invest money to get the sales job.

The MLM agents never show the price of the products because they know that this will demotivate the new people joining their scheme. After joining the company, people fall in this MLM rat trap so they promote other people to get the compensation of their money.


2. Job vs MLM on the basis of Income Stability

There are so much fluctuations in income in Multi-Level Marketing. It is a possibility that you many earn high in one month but 0 rupees in another month. 

The income in job is fixed and you will get increment on the basis of your experience. You will get better job opportunities if you enhance your skills very well. 

MLM is a passive source of income but the success rate is just 0.04%. 

3. Job vs MLM on the basis of Efforts required

In a job, you just need to learn the skill but it MLM you are required to go on the field and make results to get some profit.

If you master your skills in a job then you will be easily paid 1 lakh rupees a month. It is very difficult to earn the 1 lakh rupee mark in MLM just because the scheme is not worth it and products are expensive.

There is just fake motivation in MLM from the top leader. There is no failure story of 1 crore people who are earning extremely little after so much effort.


4. Job vs MLM on the basis of Growth

In a job, you can explore so many fields like marketing, finance, operation, research and even sales.

On the other hand in MLM, you are not even learning sales but you are learning manipulation. The main intent of MLM agents is not to sell the products but to sell the scheme.

You can sell your product only if your customer needs it. Otherwise, no one will buy these products. People buy products just because they are getting a business opportunity(Sales Job).

The target audience for MLM agents is lower-middle class people or non-creative people who do not know how to get a high-paid job.


There are other very good sources of passive income than network marketing like Youtube, Blogging, Investment in Shares, Real Estate and many more which will give very high returns.

There are free referral marketing programs in which you have invest 0 money like Cashkaro and Swagbucks so it better to stay away from MLM scam schemes.

I can bluntly say that Job is better than MLM but business is better than a job. 

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