Kaash Plays Net Worth, Bio, Age, Income, Real Name (2024)

Kaash Plays is a famous Indian Girl Gaming Content Creator in India. In this blog, We will discuss Kaash Plays Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, and Income In 2024.

Started her journey in 2020 as a Gaming Content Creator. The major sources of Kaash Plays’s Income are YouTube Adsense Earnings, Superchats & Memberships, Sponsorships, Brand Deals, Salary, and Collaborations.

Kaash Plays Bio

Kaash Plays’s real name is Kaashvi Hiranandani. She started her content creation journey with the Organization named “XO”. She started creating Gaming content in the year 2020. She is famous for her gameplay, reactions, and fun during streaming.

She is undoubtedly one of the most hardworking and Innovative creators in the gaming Industry. She always brings unique content to the table for the entertainment of the viewers. And we should appreciate the fact that She deserved the rapid growth of above 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube and 1 Million Followers on Instagram.

However, Some people troll her for using big streamers to gain popularity on her channel which I believe is not true. She is an insane gamer as she even tried esports and she keeps on exploring new PC games.

Later, She joined Soul as a content creator, and from there, she never looked back. She collaborated with fellow S8ul creators on stream and keeps making crazy moments and content that the fans love.

Amazing Fact: Kaashvi left her high-paying 9-5 Finance Job in the year 2021 and became a full-time gaming content creator and the rest is history.

Being from a rich family, Kaashvi’s Dad has his own real estate business. Creators sometimes make fun of her South Bombay influence and jargons.

Recently, She also won the Loco Best Girl Streamer award in the year 2023. Her BGMI ID is 5111797650. She was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Kaash Plays Age

Kaash Plays was born in the year 1997 in the month of April. His age is only 27 years old currently. She has achieved a lot at this age. As per sources, She disclosed Scoutop as her boyfriend, and they have been in a relationship since 2021.

Her Height is around 5 Feet 5 Inches tall which is considered as an average height. Undoubtedly, She is one of the most beautiful creators in the Gaming community.

Kaash Plays Net Worth In Rupees

Kaash Plays Net Worth will be around 3.4 Crore Rupees In 2024. It is estimated that her Net Worth will be 4.5 Crores by 2025. It is assumed that all she earned is from her profession (Gaming). The breakup of the Net Worth is given below-

Net Worth in 20243.4 Crore Rupees
Net Worth in 20232.2 Crore Rupees
Net Worth in 20221.2 Crore Rupees
Net Worth in 20210.5 Crore Rupees
Kaash Plays Income

The main reason behind Kaash Plays’s higher Net Worth is multiple sources of Income. Let’s explore some of her income sources-

Kaash Plays Income In 2024

As mentioned, Kaash Plays’s Sources of Income are his YouTube, Salary, Collaboration and Brand Deals.

  • Kaash Plays is getting 8 Million+ views per month on YouTube. She also does livestreams regularly from which she earns from memberships and Superchats, Gpay/Paytm support. This means that his YouTube will be around 3-4 Lakh Rupees per month.
  • She owns 2 Youtube Channels- Kaash Plays & Kaashvi (Vlogging Channel)
  • She is in an exclusive deal with Loco for live streaming on which she will get paid based on the watch hours. This helps her earn around 0.7 Lakh Rupees per month.
  • She charges 1 lakh Rupees per collaboration on average. She collaborates once a month on average. Therefore, She earns 1 Lakh Rupees per month from Collaborations.
  • For every brand deal on Instagram & YouTube, She may earn 1.5 Lakh Rupees per brand deal. His brand deal earnings per month will be around 3 lakh Rupees. She is managed by 8Bit Creatives therefore 5% commission will be earned by them.
  • She is also a Content Creator for S8ul Esports where She can earn a Salary of around 1 Lakh Rupees per month.


Kaash Plays’s monthly income will be around 9-11 Lakh Rupees per month in 2024. She can exponentially increase his income if She starts his business after a few years. It is speculated that she will grow her own business soon. Her estimated Net Worth after 5 years is estimated as 10 Crore Rupees.

Kaash Plays Social Media

Kaash Plays is considered one of the best Girl Gaming Content creators in India. Her enthusiasm and amazing content creation helped her gain high popularity. Currently, She has 1 Million+ followers on Instagram and 1.1 Million+ Subscribers on YouTube.

Kaashvi’s Instagram handle- https://www.instagram.com/kaaashvi/

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