Ketto donate is real or fake?

 Ketto is the best crowd fund raising platform for medical treatments, Education and food for people who can’t afford it. It is a 100% legitimate site that is charging 0% commission on the free plan. And 5% commission on Marketing Plan.

Reasons why Ketto is Legit-

1. It charges 0% Commission

It is a fact that Ketto charges some fees on the successful completion of the target. Now, some people will raise the objection that why Ketto is charging the commission?

The simple reason is that every organization needs money to pay Salaries and running operations of the organization. 

For example, There are gateway charges for online payments that Ketto has to pay Paytm, Google Pay, and other online transaction sites.

2. Medical Reports with amount are attached

All the Bills and Information are attached under the post to show proof. I am showing one as proof.

They made separate document slide on every page. All the donations are visible. You can see your donations too.

3. For a good Cause

“Drop by Drop makes the Ocean”. The power of the Internet helps these platforms to get donations from anyone and anywhere in the world. Let’s assume a situation-

If on average 1 person donate – 100 rupees
then, 5000 person donation will be – 5,00,000 rupees

This is how small contributions make a huge impact on Ketto. I will share my personal experience with Ketto at the end. 

Ketto raise funds for almost all the categories- 

  1. Education
  2. Medical
  3. Women and Girls
  4. Animals
  5. Food and Hunger
  6. Children
  7. Environment
  8. Memorial
  9. Community Development
  10. Creative (Dance, Drama, and all the Co-scholastic Activities, etc) 
  11. Other (Oxygen Cylinder, Covid relief and etc)

4. Invest huge amount on Marketing

The commission they charge will be spent mainly on Marketing. I am sure that you must saw Ketto Advertisement on Youtube and Google. These advertisements cost them money. These are not free advertisements. They need money to run the organization.

What if they even make some profit? They are at least doing something for the society. 

Benefits of donating to Ketto 

  • Donations will be exempted from Tax. Therefore, it is tax-free
  • Helps in growing Public Relations
  • Donating small money can give you big satisfaction

Personal Experience with Ketto

Earlier, I heard about Ketto in Youtube Ads but I donated the first time on Ketto when my collegemate started fundraising on Ketto for his small brother whose kidney failed. At last, they are unable to reach the target. But they received 60% of the treatment amount.

The thing that amazes me is that everyone from the college staff, Students, Organizations, and people from outside India are ready to help them. This is the power of this platform.

Please don’t spread negative rumors of these types of websites that are taking initiatives for contributing to society. 

I will be more than happy if you can donate on Ketto to help someone in need. 

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