Mavi Net Worth, Bio, Age, Income 2024 (Harmandeep Singh)

Mavi aka Harmandeep Singh is a famous Indian Gaming Content Creator & a BGMI esports athlete. In this blog, We will discuss Mavi Net Worth and Income In 2024.

Started his journey in 2018 as an Esports Athlete and then a Gaming Content Creator, The major sources of Mavi’s Income are YouTube Adsense Earnings, Superchats & Memberships, Sponsorships, Brand Deals, Esports Salary, and Collaborations.

Mavi Bio

Mavi started his journey with team Indian Tiger then he got an amazing offer from Orange Rock Esports. There he got the title of “Best IGL in India” and “Man with the Golden hand. He won many tournaments while associated with Orange Rock. His biggest achievement is securing 2nd position at the PMWL (World League).

After that, He became a part of several Esports Organizations like Team Soul, Team X spark. Currently, he is a part of Global Esports.

He is known as one of the funniest Gaming content creators

Mavi Age

Surprisingly enough, Mavi’s age is only 24 Years currently. He has achieved a lot at such a small age. He is married too back in the year 2022. 321056130 140530805469844 7703245453781508406 n 1080

Mavi Net Worth In 2024

Mavi Net Worth will be around 30-32 Crore Rupees In 2024. It is estimated that his Net Worth will be 36-38 Crores by 2025. The breakup of the Net Worth is given below-

Net Worth in 202430 Crore Rupees
Net Worth in 202324 Crore Rupees
Net Worth in 202217 Crore Rupees
Net Worth in 202110 Crore Rupees
Net Worth in 20204 Crore Rupees

Mavi Assets

Mavi has his own property in Chandigarh. He owns a Mustang, and he loves some very exotic and luxurious cars. His Mustang Shelby GT500 is worth 80 Lakh Rupees in India. He is a car enthusiast as his Instagram bio depicts- “I stream games and I drive fast cars”.

Mavi Income

The main reason behind Mavi’s higher Net Worth is multiple sources of Income. Let’s explore some income sources of Mavi-

Mavi Income In 2024

As mentioned, Mavi’s Sources of Income are his YouTube, Salary, Collaboration and Brand Deals.

  • Mavi is getting 265 Million+ views per month on YouTube. He also does livestreams regularly from which he earns from memberships and Superchats, Gpay/Paytm support. This means that his YouTube will be around 25 Lakh Rupees per month.
  • Mavi is in an exclusive deal with Loco for live streaming on which he will get paid based on the watch hours. This helps him earn 20 Lakh Rupees per month.
  • Mavi charges 2-5 lakh Rupees per collaboration on average. He collaborates once a month on average. Therefore, He earns 5 Lakh Rupees per month from Collaborations.
  • For every brand deal on Instagram, Mavi may earn 3-5 Lakh Rupees per brand deal. His brand deal earnings per month will be around 8 lakh Rupees. He is managed by 8Bit Creatives therefore 5% commission will be earned by them.
  • Mavi also gets an Esports salary of around 2 lakh Rupees per month from Global Esports. Also, they will get some share from the winning amount in tournaments. Therefore, his monthly earning from esports will be around 6-7 Lakh Rupees.


Mavi’s monthly income will be around 55-60 Lakh Rupees per month in 2024. He can exponentially increase his income if he starts his business after a few years. It is speculated that he is interested in starting a Punjabi dhaba in Canada.

These investments will lead to higher profitability and Net worth in future. His estimated Net Worth after 5 years is estimated as 60 Crore Rupees.

Mavi Social Media

Mavi is on a mission to achieve a Trophy at the International stage in Esports. His enthusiasm and amazing content creator helped him gain high popularity. Currently, he has 0.54 Million+ followers on Instagram and 1.3 Million+ Subscribers on YouTube.

Mavi’s Instagram handle-

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