Modicare fake company?-Answered with Modicare Products Honest Review

Modicare is not a fake company but agents of modicare show fake dreams to people. The company is legit and registered under the Indian Direct Selling Association. It is one of the oldest companies in the network marketing industry.

Personally, I hate network marketing because it is a scam scheme but the advantage in Modicare is that it is selling products at an affordable price as compare to other network marketing companies. 

Modicare is started by the renowned Samir Modi son of K.K. Modi is the owner of Modi enterprise.

I am not a modicare agent and I do not support joining this company but it is better than other companies like Amway, Forever Living and Herbalife etc. 

I still recommend you to not join the company because the intent is ultimately to sell the scheme rather than their products. In comparison to other network marketing companies, Modicare is the best one.

The Network Marketing industry is full of struggles. The success rate in network marketing is only 0.04%. There are only 4-5 successful influencers in one network marketing company.

These 4-5 people become the gods of the company and people think that they will earn 1 lakh rupees per month easily. It is almost impossible to earn 1 lakh rupees in just a few months. 

Clearly, Job is better than network marketing in every aspect. I made a detailed comparison where I explained that you can easily earn 1 lakh rupees in any industry if you master any of your skills.

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Modicare real oe fake?

Advantages of Modicare

1. Price of Modicare products is expensive than market price but affordable

The price of Modicare products is the most affordable in the network marketing industry. Still, controlling the price of the products is not enough because quality matters a lot. The products are not value for money.

The products of all the network marketing companies are very much higher than the marketing price like Amway and Forever Living to have prices of the products 5 times higher than the best brands in the market.

Modicare is an Indian company so it set the price of the products according to the Indian market. The MRP of the products is double the market price but after deducting the discount the products become 25-30% expensive than the market price.

The funniest part is that these companies treat discounts on products as income. The company offers upto 20% discount but if you are already selling a product at an expensive price then the value of the discount is of no use.

2. Modicare Products is a legal company

Modicare is legal in India because it is registered under all the Indian Direct Selling rules. Also, the owner of the company is Samir Modi son of KK Modi so there are fewer chances of the company to commit a scam.

But it is also a fact that network marketing companies can never be trusted so take the risk of investment on your own call.

Disadvantages of Modicare Products

1. Quality of Modicare Products

Modicare products are better than the products available in the market. Modicare is not focusing on a single products line.

In order to make bulk sales of their products, Modicare is selling products of every product line like wellness, skincare, homecare, watches and Jewellery. 

The intent is that the customer should purchase most of the items from modicare. People purchase products from modicare just to promote their scheme.

Otherwise, the quality of Modicare products is very average as compare to the products in the market.

2. Investment is needed on Modicare Products every month

You need to purchase expensive products every month from modicare so it is not a fair deal. The company is selling expensive products to get very high profits and then giving a very small commission to its distributors doesn’t make any sense.

You have to invest 3,000 rupees every month in this company. There is no need to invest in such companies because there are free alternatives available. There are companies that are free to join like Cashkaro.

3. Modicare Products commission is very less

The commission on modicare products is very less. Although the commission depends upon your position but to reach the highest position, you need to do a lot of struggle and it takes atleast 5-7 years to reach that mark.

Also, it depends upon your handwork and networking skills that you will be successful after 5-7 years or not.

If you are a beginner than you can approximately earn a 0.5% commission on the sale of the products and adding members into the company.


4. No money-back guarantee for the Modicare Products

The only company in the network marketing industry that offers 30 days money-back guarantee is Amway but that is also a very tedious process.

30 days money-back guarantee will be the new rule according to Indian Direct Selling Association. It should be implemented by all the companies by 2022.

From the above points, you can clearly see that Network Marketing is a big fraud and the agents add innocent people by manipulating them and showing fake dreams of a rich and happening life.

The agents themselves are into this trap because they invest their money into this scam. So, they want others to join so that they can earn money.

If you are still a die-hard network marketing enthusiast then I will suggest you join Modicare or Ok Life Care.

6 thoughts on “Modicare fake company?-Answered with Modicare Products Honest Review”

  1. Woww great you have collected good information but still you need to know many things… 1 more suggestion for you brother if you are not intrested in anything you dont do it but you dont have rites to spoil someone’s life… There are some people trying to do something in their life.. Thank you

    • Dear Mr Rajath,
      What Mr Lakshya has quoted is his views and such views are very much required to be published. I have seen many MLMs where people are investing by borrowing money and then loosing.

      • Very good information sir pore peoples there have no ideas how to cheating marketing companies they hove showing big dreams but he can’t reach that position its call in kannada angaiyalli aramane thorsodu

    • What is that something.. whatever is there he as explained publicly.if the agents of company what ever they are explaining to new people to join.that details should share in youtube by making video’s. I didn’t seen any videos about the sceam like silver , gold , dimond.

  2. It is difficult to say whether ModiCare (MLM or network chain business) is fake or not, but from my point of view it is not that simple to make money and that too
    these people claim to make you rich in few month. Let me tell you my friends there is no shortcut to earn money unless you choose some illegal path.
    Obviously in MLM the people who are sitting at the top will make more profit
    and if one think that they can make this kind of chain my bluffing people and making them join under them (that is the job one needs to do and this is how MLM business work)
    in Modicare then definitely they will make money but again the people who are sitting at the top or baiscally who have started this will earn a lot more than you will get.
    I leave this to one’s own wisdom whether they want to join or not, consider it’s a country with 130+ crores of people if you can get 1000 people join under you,
    then I think you will make good income.


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