Best Pizza Franchise In Gujarat: Cost, Profit In 2024

Pizza is the bestseller fast food in India. Therefore, the demand for the best Pizza Franchises is immense. We will discuss the Best Pizza Franchise in Gujarat in 2024 with their Cost and Profit margin.

The pizza market is still growing as it is the most loved fast food of every age group now. We are there to let you know the best options among the franchises.

Many great brands do not offer franchises so, I do not include them in this list like Ovenstory, Mojo Pizza and Pizza Express Franchise.

Also, it is now almost impossible to get Domino’s Franchise in India due to its high no. of outlets, fewer location availability, and high Investment.

Best Pizza Franchise in Gujarat

Chicago Pizza Franchise

Total Investment- 20 Lakh Rupees (Minimum)
Royalty- 6%
Outlets- 200+

Chicago Pizza is the fastest-growing successful pizza brand in India after Domino’s and La Pinoz Pizza. The USP of the brand is that it requires less kitchen space and optimal types of equipment which will lead to cutting the cost.

The franchise is open for changes according to the requirements of the franchise seekers and good feedback that will help the brand to grow.

The franchise provides premake pizza bases and sauces, therefore, anyone can make the pizzas following their SOP. Every material will be provided by the brand (except basic vegetables).

Chicago Pizza Franchise

La Pinoz Pizza Franchise

Total Investment- 50 Lakh Rupees (Minimum)
Royalty- 4%
Outlets- 300+

La Pinoz Franchise has the best franchise model in India. The brand is known for it’s great quality therefore, its marketing expenditure is the least.

The investment is extremely affordable as compared to Dominos and Pizza Hut. The return on Investment of La Pinoz is much better than Domino and Pizza Hut. Therefore, it is on top of my list (because of the value factor). It is a great option for Pizza Franchise in Gujarat.

La Pinoz Franchise Cost

Domino’s Pizza Franchise

Total Investment- 1.5 Crore Rupees (Minimum)
Royalty- 5.5%
Outlets- 300+ (in India) and 4000+ (Overall)

Domino’s Pizza is undoubtedly the best Pizza Franchise in the world. It’s like Domino’s is ruling the pizza industry. If we compare any pizza brand with Domino’s then it’s unfair for other brands and that’s the monopoly that Domino’s built.

However, Dominos is currently not giving franchises in most areas of India. As very few places are left to give the franchise. The investment is high but it’s worth it.

Domino's Franchise Cost

D Pizza

Total Investment- 30 Lakh Rupees
Royalty- No Royalty
Outlets- 25+

D Pizza Franchise has a powerful brand name in Gujarat. They offer unlimited meals which makes their Sales more attractive.

Not only on Quantity but also focus highly on quality as well. You can see their reviews on Social Media Platforms. It is the most popular option for Pizza Franchise in Gujarat.

The D Pizza Franchise

Pizza Galleria Franchise

Total Investment- 25 Lakh Rupees
Royalty- 3%
Outlets- 50+

Pizza Galleria Franchise is one of the most rapidly growing Pizza Franchises. They have less outlets but in different cities. They are the new and innovative players in the market. The franchise has both the FOFO and FOCO Model of Franchise. A great Foco model Pizza Franchise in Gujarat.

Pizza Galleria Franchise

Pizza Hut Franchise

Total Investment- 1 Crore Rupees
Royalty- 6.5%
Outlets- 200+ (in India)

The Pizza Hut franchise is known for its exotic pizzas. Even though the taste is great but it is still loss-making in India. Many of the Pizza Hut outlets closed down in India in the past few years. Therefore, its a little risky but I am still backing the taste and quality of Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut Franchise

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