Pizza World Malviya Nagar Jaipur: Menu, Unlimited Offer

Pizza World Malviya Nagar Jaipur is one of the Pizza Chains in Jaipur. We will discuss Pizza World Malviya Nagar Jaipur Menu, Unlimited Offer, Timings, Photos, Contact, and Review of the place.

Pizza World Malviya Nagar Jaipur Timings

The Timings are mostly 12 pm to 11 pm in the night. The everyday schedule is given below-

Monday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Tuesday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Wednesday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Thursday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Friday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Saturday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sunday12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

The timing of the place depends upon the party sometimes. During New Year & Special Events, The party goes till 1 AM in the night.

Pizza World Malviya Nagar Address

The Address is- Gaurav Tower Marg, above Bank Of Maharastra, D-Block, Crystal Court, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017

Pizza World Malviya Nagar Contact Number

You can contact Pizza World Malviya Nagar for a reservation on our Whatsapp then we can add you to the groups that give regular updates regarding the Cafes, Clubs, and price discounts and you can also become a guest entry.

Pizza World Malviya Nagar Unlimited Offer

The price for Pizza World Malviya Nagar Unlimited Offer Buffet is 129 Rupees per person plus taxes. The meal is free for children below 5 years of age.

The items in the Buffet include- 2 Types of Soups, 8 Types of Hot Starters, 18 types of Flavoured Salads, 2 Types of Exotic Pizza, 1 Type of Double Layer Pizza, Garlic Bread, Cold Drink, Packaged Drinking Water and Dessert (Dessert, Cold Drink and Water is Single Serving).

The price for Unlimited Italian Meal is 129 Rupees before 6 pm and 169 Rupees after 6 pm. For Kids from Age 3-10 years, the price is 129 Rupees before 6 pm and 149 Rupees after 6 pm.

The price for Fully Loaded Unlimited Italian Meal is 169 Rupees before 6 pm and 199 Rupees after 6 pm. For Kids from Age 3-10 years, the price is 149 Rupees before 6 pm and 169 Rupees after 6 pm.

The timings for the Unlimited Offer buffet are 12 PM to 11:00 PM. The menu for the Unlimited offer is given below-

@ 129/- (Per Head) INCLUDES@ 169/- (Per Head) (include Taxes) INCLUDES
2 Types of Soups2 Types of Soups
2 Types of Exotic Pizza8 Types of Hot Starters
1 Type of Double Layer Pizza18 Types of Flavored Salads
Premium Cheese Garlic Bread2 Types of Exotic Pizza
Dessert Single Serve: pm 129/- 169/- (Before) (After) 129/- 149/- KIDS 3-9 Years1 Type of Double Layer Pizza (200ml) (Single Serve)
Packaged Drinking Water
(Single Serve)
Premium Cheese Garlic Bread
Cold Drink & Packaged Drinking Water (Single Serve)
Dessert (Single Serve)
Note: Unlimited Italian Meal Not Available on Weekends & Holidays
NEW 2 Types of Soups
8 Types of Hot Starters
18 Types of Flavored Salads
Burger (Aloo Tikki) (Single Serve)
French Fries (Single Serve)
3 Types of Exotic Pizza
1 Type of Double Layer Pizza
Premium Cheese Garlic Bread
Cold Drink (200ml)
Unlimited Packaged Drinking Water Unlimited
Dessert (Single Serve)
Rs 219 (Before 6 PM)
Rs 239 (After 6 PM)
Rs 199 (Before 6 PM, Kids from Age 3-9 Years)
Rs 219 (After 6 PM, Kids from Age 3-9 Years)

The Prices on this menu may change in the future. Please recheck the prices at the cafe whenever you visit the place.

Pizza World Malviya Nagar Menu

Chinese BhelRs 60
Mexican NoodlesRs 50
Chinese NoodlesRs 60
Hakka NoodlesRs 70
Fried RiceRs 60
Mexican RiceRs 60
Veg. RollRs 60
Paneer RollRs 70
Spring RollRs 80
Plain MaggiRs 50
Vegetable MaggiRs 60
Cheese MaggiRs 60
French FriesAMOUNT
French FriesRs 60
Masala French FriesRs 70
Brownie with Ice CreamRs 70
Brownie(4pcs)Rs 50
Brownie with Ice Cream Single ScoopRs 40
Mini Samosa 4 Pcs/8 Pcs
Punjabi Achari SamosaRs 60/80
KolhapuriRs 60/80
Corn Pocket SamosaRs 60/80
Salad BowlRs 99
Unlimited Salad MealRs 139
Soup of The DayRs 40
Package Drinking WaterMRP
Garlic BreadAMOUNT 4 PcsAMOUNT 8 Pcs
Cheese Garlic BreadRs 50Rs 80
Supreme Garlic BreadRs 60Rs 100
Jain BreadRs 40Rs 60
Grilled Vegetable SandwichRs 60
Grilled Vegetable Cheese SandwichRs 70
Aloo Tikki BurgerRs 30
Veg. BurgerRs 50
Cheese BurgerRs 60
Jumbo BurgerRs 70
Pav BhajiRs 60
Extra PavRs 15
ChineseAMOUNT 4 PcsAMOUNT 8 Pcs
Vegetable MomosRs 60Rs 80
Schezwan MomosRs 60Rs 80
Spicy Paneer MomosRs 60Rs 80
Paneer chilly dryRs 70Rs 99
Paneer chilly with GravyRs 80Rs 110
Manchurian DryRs 60Rs 90
Manchurian with GravyRs 80Rs 110
Manchurian with Fried RiceRs 99Rs 120
Regular Flavour Milk ShakeRs 50
Exotic Flavour Milk ShakeRs 70
Cold CoffeeRs 50
Lemon SodaRs 25
Cold Drink (300ml)Rs 30

Pizza World Malviya Nagar Review

Pizza World Malviya Nagar is one of the Best Restaurants in Jaipur. The restaurant is known for its affordable Unlimited Buffet. It is one of the great places for its Lunch & dinner buffets served in an ambiance with indoor seating.

Pizza World in Malviya Nagar is a decent Unlimited Pizza Buffet Restaurant In Jaipur. It is also one of the most cheapest Unlimited Buffet Restaurant in Jaipur. The Pizzas and Italian Starters in this Restaurant are Value for Money.

Pizza World Malviya Nagar Photos

2023 11 24
2024 01 08
2023 05 22

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