Rahul Chahar Net Worth, IPL Salary, Income (2024)

Rahul Chahar is an Indian Cricketer who plays as a Leg-Spinner. In this blog, We will discuss Rahul Chahar Net Worth, IPL Salary, and Income In 2024.

The major sources of Rahul Chahar Net Worth are International Cricket, IPL Salary, Domestic Salary, List A Salary & Brand Deals.

Rahul Chahar played for teams like India, India A, India C, India Gree, Punjab Kings, Rising Pune Super Giants, Mumbai Indians, Rest of India, Services & Rajasthan. He is also a significant Spinner for Rajasthan in the Ranji Trophy, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, and Vijay Hazare Trophy. His jersey number is 28.

His role in the team is Bowling. His Batting Style is Right Handed Bat. His Bowling Style is Leg Break Googly.

He is the cousin brother of the cricketer Deepak Chahar. He also runs a Cricket academy known as Chahar Cricket Academy.

Rahul Chahar Net Worth

Rahul Chahar Net Worth will be around 26-29 Crore Rupees In 2024. It is estimated that his Net Worth will be 32-35 Crores by 2025. The breakup of the Net Worth is given below-

Rahul Chahar IPL Salary

Rahul Chahar’s IPL Salary is 10 Lakh Rupees in the year 2017 for Rising Pune Super Giants. From 2018-2021 his Salary increased to 1.9 Crore Rupees for Mumbai Indians. From 2022 to 2024, his Salary increased again to 5.25 Crore Rupees for Punjab Kings.

YearIPL TeamIPL Salary
2017Rising Pune Super Giants10 Lakh Rupees
2018Mumbai Indians1.9 Crore Rupees
2019Mumbai Indians1.9 Crore Rupees
2020Mumbai Indians1.9 Crore Rupees
2021Mumbai Indians1.9 Crore Rupees
2022Punjab Kings5.25 Crore Rupees
2023Punjab Kings5.25 Crore Rupees
2024Punjab Kings5.25 Crore Rupees
TotalPK, LSG23.45 Crore Rupees

Therefore, Rahul Chahar’s Total Salary from IPL is 23.45 Crore Rupees.

Rahul Chahar International Salary

Rahul Chahar is a prominent T20 Spinner for India. The match fee for every T20I is 3 Lakh Rupees. For reserve players, The Fee is 1.5 Lakh Rupees.

He also played an ODI match. The match fees for every ODI is 6 Lakh Rupees and 3 Lakh Rupees for a reserve player. Therefore, Rahul Chahar earned around 25-40 Lakh Rupees from International Cricket.

Rahul Chahar Domestic Salary

The match fees of the Domestic league depend upon the Experience of the player. Rahul Chahar is playing domestic cricket since a long time hence we are assuming his Salary to be the highest that an experienced player gets.

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

A Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy player has around 6 matches in which he can earn 18,500 Rupees per match. If a player plays all 6 matches of the Syed Mushtaq Ali then his Salary will be around 1.11 Lakh Rupees.

Vijay Hazare Trophy

A Vijay Hazare Trophy player has around 9 matches in which he can earn 36,000 Rupees per match. If a player plays all 9 matches of the Vijay Hazare Trophy then his Salary will be around 3.24 Lakh Rupees.

Ranji Trophy

A Ranji player has around 9 matches in which he can earn 1,40,000 Rupees per match. If a player plays all 9 matches of the Ranji Trophy then his Salary will be around 12.6 Lakh Rupees.

List A and Other Tournaments

In List A, The number of matches will depend upon the series schedule. There is a difficult criteria to calculate the income for List A player as it depends upon many factors. We are assuming a Salary of around 5-7 Lakh Rupees in a year.

Match Winning Amount

The players get a match-winning amount in every match at the post-match ceremony. The amount will be distributed equally among the 11 playing members of the team. We are assuming that this earning will be around 5-7 lakh Rupees in a year.

Brand Endorsements

Rahul Chahar is the Brand Endorser of several brands like Sareen Sports (SS), Go Noise, Blitz Pools, Cricuru & many more brands through which he can earn around 15-20 Lakh Rupees in a year.

Rahul Chahar IPL Salary

Rahul Chahar Income

Rahul Chahar income will be around 6.5 to 7.5 Crore Rupees annually. The income will lead to higher profitability from Investments and hence high Net worth in the future. His estimated Net Worth after 5 years is estimated as 55-60 Crore Rupees.

Apart from the Income, The cricketers have so many luxuries, popularities, and travel while in a Tournament.

Rahul Chahar Education

In education, Rahul Chahar completed his Intermediate education from Rajasthan.

Rahul Chahar Wife

Rahul Chahar Wife name is Ishani Johar. They got married in the year 2023. Hope the lady luck will go amazing for him in the upcoming season of IPL.

Rahul Chahar Social Media

Currently, he has 690k Followers on Instagram. His Instagram handle- https://www.instagram.com/rdchahar1/

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Rahul Chahar Wife

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