T.I.M.E Institute Honest review for MBA Aspirants

T.I.M.E is one of the best institutes earlier but now they are just able to survive because of their brand name. The honest review of T.I.M.E institute from my whole batch.

This blog is not to demean the institute. It is just my personal experience in the T.I.M.E institute. If someone from the institute is reading this then please take it as positive feedback and try to improve the services.

However, the test series (AIMCATs) that T.I.M.E provides is good. So, you can buy the mock test series in the last 6 months. But avoid buying the full courses which cost rupees 70,000 (that they give for 50,000t).

No Personal Attention on every Student

The toppers from the T.I.M.E institute are mostly IITians or someone who is already good at cracking competitive exams. An average student or even a non-engineer student should not join T.I.M.E Institute.

This year, I don’t think so that the teacher will know the name of more than 5-6 students in a batch of 100 students.

The teaching speed is so fast. Even when students ask the teacher to explain the question again the teacher sometimes replies that try to grasp it in the 1st attempt.

I was in the weekend batch in the top T.I.M.E institute (Connaught Place branch). We have 4 classes in 2 days (Sat and Sun) of 2 hours each. They completed the syllabus in 5 months.

The teaching quality is not at all excellent. They explain the concepts so fast and directly switch to questions. It’s more like a recorded lecture in which you can’t watch it again.

You will be confused either to copy the notes or to understand the concept because of their speed. Their intent is to finish 1 topic in 2 classes (4 hours) which include every question related to that topic.

How can a person preparing for the first time can grasp so fast? Even my Maths is strong till 12th. Still, I was facing these kind of issues.

If you are preparing only for CAT then they will not distinguish between the syllabus. 25% of the syllabus that they teach is not a part of the CAT syllabus so keep this thing in mind.

No Recorded Lectures Provided

The major drawback in the T.I.M.E institute is that they have 2 courses.

  1. Online Course (includes Recorded Lectures and AIMCAT, excludes PI preparation)
  2. Offline Course(exclude Recorded Lectures)

This year the whole session went online. Still, they charged the price of the offline course. They did not provide the recorded lectures as well.

Why I will pay the fees of the Offline Course when the whole session went online. They do not even provide us the recorded lectures in the offline course.

If you miss the class then you have to book a backup class through a very long process and the facility in backup classes is very average.

Backup classes are on very odd days and trimmings. For Example- 9 a.m. on Monday. I have taken the weekend batch because I have my college classes on Monday so I have to leave backup classes as well.

In order to sell their Online Course, they are partial to Offline courses. This is all the game of money. They can put a 3-time watching limit if it is a case of multiple people using the same id.

Very High Fees Charged with No Fixed Price for every Student

T.I.M.E conducts a scholarship exam but it’s not worth giving. Even if you have done great in the paper, still you will get a scholarship of only 20%. If your paper goes bad, still you will get a 20% scholarship.

The original fee of T.I.M.E is 70,000 but everyone has a fee of around 55,000 rupees. The twist is that if you join 6 months before CAT then the fees will be reduced to 45,000 rupees.

This is actually very unfair because the duration of the course is same for everyone i.e. 5 months so why different fees is charged from different students.

It is very important for an institute to maintain a fixed price for every student. It should be a subscription system.

Investing 55,000 rupees in such a bad management institute is not at all worth it. No student-teacher interaction, different teachers in backup classes, no recorded lectures, no personal attention, no demo classes and so much manipulation.

T.I.M.E institute prefers Money above Services

T.I.M.E Salespeople are so manipulative. I can’t express, I just have bad words for the Sales team. When I ask for the recorded lectures then they said that I will get it. But after joining, they said recorded lectures are no more a part of this course but you can book a backup class. Why didn’t they tell me that before paying the fees?

They will use the following tricks-

  1. The fees is high because the course is available for 1.5 years. They will never tell you that the course will be completed in 5 months. Then you can book backup classes. Their will be no permanent classes with the good faculties.
  2. You are getting a 20% discount so you have to pay 30,000 rupees instantly. “First of all 70,000 rupees is not appropriate usprr 20% discount dekar koi aaisan nahi maar rahe ho tum”. They are not providing any demo class and directly demanding 30,000 rupees. This is not a coaching institute, its a business.
  3. When it’s time to pay the fees, they will send reminders everyday but after the fees is paid. The Sales Team is no longer responsive for any issue regarding the portal issues or for backup classes.

Better Alternatives are Available

Now, there are so many better institutes than T.I.M.E which have great management and they quickly adapt the Covid Situation. The best institute, in my opinion, is Unacademy. Their teachers also have separate channels where they provide best quality content absolutely free.

They are providing free lectures on Youtube, You can check it out on their Youtube Channel below-

Rodha Sir (Best for Quants)- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHXQiDwicRon0tRuWj6r9HA

For all Subjects (Unacademy Catalyst)-

This is just a token of appreciation for these teachers and this institute. I am not a sponsor of any coaching institute. I just want to be a good guide for you guys. I am not even attaching the Unacademy link by which I can earn a commission. So, there is no personal benefit in making this blog.

This is my personal experience with the best branch of the T.I.M.E. Institute. Hope that the institute will improve itself on the management and cost aspects.

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