Useful Google Meet Extensions for Students

Google Meet is one of the rising platforms during this Pandemic Situation. Here are some of the Useful and interesting Extensions you need to know about Google meet. Unfortunately, these Extensions do not work on Mobiles. I gave the links for the Application in the Images respectively.

1.) Google Meet Enhancement Suite


This Extention of Google Meet is an ‘All in One’ Package. This Extention helps you in doing some time-saving and effort-saving Hacks.

If your Teacher asked you to say ‘Yes Mam’ very frequently and You are so lazy to Mute and Unmute again and again then you can use ‘Push to talk’ feature in this extension. You just have to hold the Space Key to mute and unmute yourself. As long as you hold the Space Key, you will remain unmuted.

If you want to remove the Window which appears before the meeting and asks you for Mute and Turn off Video. You can use the Feature ‘Auto Join’ feature in this extension. It will skip that Join Screen but Remember to turn on the ‘Auto Mute’ and ‘Auto Video Off’ Features for a Better experience of this ‘Auto Join’ Feature.

You can also Pin the Bottom Bar. It is disturbing whenever you move the Cursor so you also Fix that by ‘Pin Bottom Bar’ Feature.

Some other features of this Extention are Background Colour and Hide Name of Participants.

2.) Google Meet Breakout Rooms


Breakout Rooms is one of the best features of the Zoom Application. It is yet to be Introduced in Google Meet. But you can make Breakout Rooms using this Google Meet Extention.

Breakout Rooms are basically Sub-Group in a Meeting. You can divide Teams and do Activities and play games using this Feature. You can Brainstorm with a Particular set of People.

Another Best Feature of this extension is that it adds the Speaker Button on the Bottom Bar.
The use of the Speaker Button is when you are running any other Application along with the Meeting.

This is How the Speaker Button appear on your Bottom Bar-

3.) Google Meet-Automatically Accept Guests


It is very annoying for the Admin to admit everyone one by one. Also, it will break the Speaking rhythm of the Organiser which impacts both the Speakers and Listeners. The Automatic Accept Guest feature enables anyone to enter the meeting who has the Meeting Id(The feature is-‘Turn on Auto Allow’). You can also Turn Off Auto Allow when your work will be done.

The Additional Features of this Extention are also very Interesting-

(a)Silence All-If you are the Admin, You can mute each and every member in the meeting in just one click(By ‘Silence All’ feature)

(b)Remove All-If you are the Admin, You can remove each and every member in the meeting in just one click(By the ‘Remove All’ feature).

Here are the 4 options Bar of this Feature-

4.) Google Meet Grid View


If you want to manualize the Grid View in Google Meet then this Feature is for you.

You can fix the grid on the following Parameters-

(a)Participants with Video On
(b)Participants who are Speaking
(c)Include Yourself in the Grip
(d)Default Grid View
(e)Freeze Grid for taking Screenshots.

5.) Visual Effects for Google Meet


This is the most interesting and Fun extension for Google Meet and it is Sometimes very Useful as well. This extension will work only when you will Turn On the Video.

You can Blur your Backgroud apart from your face. This is very useful when you do not want to reveal your Location or some object etc. The viewer will now easily focus on your Face.
You can also Freeze your Screen to pretend the Network Issues. It is useful if your Exam is conducted on Google Meet. You can also adjust the contrast and color of your Video.

There are also so many Stickers in this Feature like Thug Life Googles, Graduation Brim and Angel’s Halo etc.
I personally recommend you guys to check out this extension once.

6.) Screenshot Tool


Do you face the same problem of taking pictures from your Mobile phone because your laptop didn’t have the Screenshot feature? 

Do you face the issue of making notes along with the lecture going on Google Meet?

Here’s a Solution for that, Download the Screenshot Tool Application from the Google web store.

From this App, you can take the Screenshot instantly. The Screenshot will immediately appear in a new tab. You can download, Crop, and Print the image.

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