What is Internship for College Students: Benefits, Importance and guide

Meaning of Internships for College Students

Internships for College Students are opportunities for the college students to take practical knowledge and deep insights of the Corporate World.


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If you do not have any skill by which you can earn money then you should do Internships in your College life to learn new skills. 

Internships are the best options if you are doing it from a top branded company because there are high chances for you to get the job in the future for the same company.
You will be given a project or a target in an Internship which you have to complete in a specific period of time. 
Internships are the best option for college students because Internships have a limited period with only a few hours of investment.

Importance of Internships for College Students

We know that there is a huge gap between college education and industrial insights therefore Internships are the best way to gain practical knowledge of what we are studying in College. 

The problem of unemployment rise because College Students do not have any Corporate experience therefore they are not useful assets for the companies.

The college student needs to focus on some specific skills rather than acquiring every skill because you will get a job in a particular skill and you have to perform your best in it.

It is not like Schools in which you have to score good marks in every subject to get into top colleges. So, just move in a single path which is your passion and in which you are good as well.

Internships during College life will make you comfortable in the Corporate World. You will have an idea of what to do and how to execute things.   
The hesitation factor will be eliminated because of internships. You will be sitting with different people of different age groups which will help you in getting correct guidance from an experienced person. 

Q.1 What are the Benefits of Internships?

  1. Internships always give you an upper edge over other students. 
  2. Enhance Team Work and Organizational Behavior along with learning
  3. Boost your CV and Cover Letter
  4. Give you exposure about how companies run their operations
  5. Flexible Working Hours and fixed time period
  6. Experience of doing a professional project


Q.2 Do Internships get paid?

Yes, Internships get paid. You should add value to the company and proving self-worth to get high pay. 

To get paid internship, it might be possible that you have to do unpaid Internships first. The unpaid internship will help you gain work experience along with learning.

The best way to get paid Internships easily is Cold-Emailing. In Cold-Emailing, you have to suggest improvement points and the problem of any company or organization then how you can solve the problem and adding value to their company.

Getting an Internship by building the network is an old concept. You can’t wait for the opportunity to come. Instead, make opportunities for yourself and prove your self-worth.

If you are a college fresher then you can get paid internships in Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Content Ideation, Social Media Marketing and Sales.


Q.3 How much Internships usually pay?

Internships pay according to your skills. For the people who are doing an internship for the first time then it may be a free Internship. 

For College Freshers, Internships paid in the range of 1,000 to 20,000 per month according to your roles and skills. 

If you are from top IITs or IIMs then your Internship pay will be higher. Renowned companies visit the campuses for giving Internships in top colleges.  

Some companies will decide your pay by giving you an assignment in which they will test your skills and knowledge based on which you will be get paid.

Some of the highest-paid Internships are Tech, Finance and Digital Marketing.

Sales and Content Writing Internships are also very highly paid but they are often performance-based so the pay depends on your efforts.


Q.4 How many Internships should I do?

There is no limit to do a certain number of Internships but it is advised to do all your Internships in a specific field or two. Atleast do 2 Internships in the field you are specialized in.

Doing a lot of Internships and having a bundle of Certificates are of no use if you are not acquiring the appropriate skills to get a job.

There are so many sources like Internshala and Linkedin.  You can also search for jobs on google or the official website of the companies. 

If you are a College fresher and want to get paid internship then you should apply for Content Writing Internships, Social Media Manager or Graphic Designing. 

The best platform to apply for paid Internships is Linkedin. You can also directly check the websites of the companies that is also an authentic source.

I personally do not like Internshala because posting an Internship on Internshala is free. Everyone is spamming posts for hiring interns on Internshala for no reason. 


Q.5 What are Summer Internships?

Students usually prefer to do internships during the summer holidays in the month of May, June and July. These internships are known as summer Internships.

The benefit of Summer internships is that it will not disturb your college Schedule and student are free to do new things at that time. 

However, there is no time limit for Summer Internship. You can continue doing summer Internships after the Summer holidays if your college allows you to do so. 

Summer Internships are like a legacy but from the pandemic, the trend is changing because of the increase in remote Internships.

Remote Internships means work from home in which there is no need to go to the office. A person in India can do Internships in London, New York and any place in the world because of remote Internships. 

You can get highly paid Internships from countries with high currency rates for example 1 dollar is 75 rupees so doing a 100 dollar internship for 6 months can give you 45,000 rupees.

College also offers In campus internships for Summer Internships. You should apply for them because those companies must be accessible from your college in terms of traveling and there will no extra formalities. 

Q.6 What do Internships look for?

The main motive of the companies to hire interns is that Interns work at a very less pay or for free. For example- If a company can hire an employee for 60,000 per month instead of hiring an employee, the company will hire 3 interns for 20,00 per month. This will increase the productivity of the company.

If the company likes the work of the Intern then they will hire the intern as an employee. This will save their HR cost as well and they selected the most appropriate candidate for the job just because of the Internship.

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The point is that Internships look for the dedication and high-performing ability of the Intern. Therefore, it is preferred to do an internship in the field you have acquired the best skills. 

The internships should be of your interest otherwise you will get bored and lethargic after some time and that will impact your performance and dedication.

Most Internships judge you on the basis of your CV and your Communication skills in the interview which is a partially correct approach. 

Your approach should be to focus on a particular skill and master that skill. This will definitely help you reaching success despite your CV and Communication Skills. 

Companies always want to hire a person who already knows their roles and responsibilities and how to execute them in the best way.


Q.7 Are free Internships worth it?

Free Internships are worth it if there is some learning. You can prefer doing skill-based Internships for free like Finance, marketing and Internships related to Engineering. 

Do not prefer free Internships like Brand Ambassador Internships and Content Writing. This is my personal opinion. I did a Brand Ambassador Internship.

Brand Ambassador Internships mean you have to gain followers of a startup, majorly startups do brand ambassador Internships due to lack of money to spend on marketing. The only good thing about Brand Ambassador Internships is that you will meet new people and make a network of like-minded people.

Content Writing is a very high-paid skill these days and doing it for free is not at all worth it because you can start writing content for yourself on free platforms like Blogger, Reddit, Medium and Instagram etc. 

If you have any other questions regarding Internships then ask in the comment box and connect with me on Linkedin to get updates regarding Career growth.

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