Why is Sales the Worst Possible Career? (Reality Check)

Almost 50% of the fresher do Sales or BPO job after college/graduation. Sales jobs are easier to get and they also offer high packages to college freshers.

But a high package job doesn’t mean a satisfactory job. According to surveys, 50% of people left their Sales jobs after 6 months of working. The simple reason behind this is the working environment in Sales companies.

10 Lakh rupees per annum doesn’t mean 80,000 rupees per month. Here 50% of the salary is dependent upon your performance. If you are able to achieve the targets then only you will get 80,000 rupees salary.

6 reasons why people say that sales is the worst possible career

1. Pressure of achieving the targets

The job responsibility in a Sales job is to generate huge Sales from the data given by the companies. Salesmen have to do 200-300 calls every day to convince people to buy their product, service or course.

The manager assigns a particular number of targets to every member of the Sales team for the whole month. For example- A salesman needs to generate a minimum of 10 Sales in a month to sustain their job and 15 Sales to get the full Salary.

It looks very easier that you have to convince just 10 people by the data given by the company. You can even generate Sales from your own network as well. But the real game is that you have to generate huge sales of 50,000 or 1,00,000 rupees.

A person working 25 days in a week and still able to generate only 10 Sales in a month is a very disheartening part of a Sales journey. There is a possibility that there are 15 days in which you will be unable to convert even a single Sale.

If you are not able to generate the minimum number of Sales then you will be fired. Even after working with full dedication, you are not getting the whole salary. This is the reason why people hate Sales so much.

2. Sales is a very Stressful Job

If you will not able to generate a particular amount of Sales then you will be fired. You will come to the office with a fear that you will be failed today as well.

Customers sometimes abuse the Sales agents that is one of the most difficult parts that a Sales Agent faced in this job. The Sales can’t reply back, they have to stay calm and continue the call.

Sales Jobs will make you feel that you are a failure. You have to tolerate cuss words from the customers as well as the boss.

Still, you come back everyday with a new beginning but end up getting fewer results.

Why Is Sales The Worst Possible Career?

3. Sales Job has no fix time

During the ending of the month, Salesman work till 10 pm to complete their target of that certain month.

You will start promoting everywhere about your course like on Social Media and between a group of friends. This will badly hamper your personal life.

There is no work and life balance in Sales Jobs. Overtime makes your day even worse.

4. Sales job is very monotonous

You will start feeling like a robot that performs the same activity of calling customers everyday. However, the company provides you with the data but you have to repeat the same lines everyday with the same enthusiasm.

In order to break the monotony, Companies organize parties and motivational sessions for their workers to keep the energy high. Still, in the back of your mind, it will always hover that you are not satisfied with the job.

5. Sales Job involves Manipulation

We have listened to a lot of incidents regarding bad relations between Sales agents and customers.

The salesman’s target is just to sell the product even if it is not suitable for the customer’s need. If the customer does not get the utility services then it will lead to frustration of the customer on Sales Agents.

In Sales, you have to treat customers like girlfriends. If a customer shows even a little interest then the sales agents start sending WhatsApp messages or retarget the same customer by calling them again and again.

This is one of the reasons why people start ignoring the cold calling of Sales agents. Consumers immediately cut the phone after listening to the introduction of the Sales guy.

6. Spoiling your 20’s

If you spend your time doing a stressful sales job in your 20s then you will be left with no skills in your 30s and 40s. It is very difficult to manage a Sales job with the pressure of running your family as well.

There are millions of examples in which people doing sales regret later that they should invest their 20s in skills that will benefit them for the next 25 years.

One more aspect is that there is no growth factor in Sales Jobs. Your goal in sales is always Targets! Targets! Targets!.

If you are not growing in your company while doing a job in your 20s then it will be equivalent to destroying your late 20s, 30s and 40s.

Benefits of a Sales Job

There is also a flip part or a good side of a Sales Job.

1. Sales is a highly paid Job

The average package for freshers just after graduation is 8-12 lakh rupees annually. You can earn a performance-based salary in Sales Job. Your income is in your hands basically. The more the Sales, the more will be the income.

2. No higher skills or Qualification needed

A sales job just demands your energy, convincing skills and communication skills. If you are someone who is good at convincing people then Sales job is your cup of tea.

Some people love to talk with random people and explain things with full excitement. People with that kind of nature will work the best in Sales Jobs.

There are no high-order skills required like Finance, Marketing, coding, Research or Inventory Management. You just need to talk to the target audience and pitch your product.

3. Enhances Convincing Skills

If you are enthusiastic in start your own business then sales is one of the key components that you should experience to guide workers in your company.

Sales is considered as a life skill. Everyone does sales in their daily life no matter we do not realize it. Like convincing parents to let you go for trips or even while proposing to your girlfriend, you are presenting yourself or utilizing your sales skills.

My opinion on Sales as a Career

My personal opinion is that something is better than nothing so if you wasted your time till now. Now focus on acquiring skills till then you can opt for a Sales job to gain experience.

You have to develop skills or any side hustle which will ensure a bright career for you in the next 40 years. You have to do extra hard work while doing the sales job.

It may be frustrating to do 2 things together but trust me that experience in a Sales job will be useful in some other sectors as well. It is a possibility that you may have to lead a team of 10 Salesman in the future so you can utilize your experience there.

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  1. As a sales associate I totally agree with this blog, infact I’m a fresher (12th pass) doing this job to support family. But i kind of hate this job want to grow different skills bit stuck with targets, one of the worst sales campaign!

  2. As a sales associate I totally agree with this blog, infact I’m a fresher (12th pass) doing this job to support family. But i kind of hate this job want to grow different skills but stuck with targets, one of the worst sales campaign!


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